Health Trackers


There is resurgence in the amount of physical and software trackers available for the iOS. Today I will review the top 3 health trackers available in the market especially that have integrations with Apple’s health kit or just an iOS app either for iPad or iOS. We may wander off and also review apps that are generally available online as well that can be really handy.

Fitness Trackers

Right off the bat, the apple watch can do a lot in terms of monitoring your health. The only off putting part about the apple watch is it’s price tag which can range up to $10k if you are buying pretty little rose gold watch. The watch is capable and with addons handle and manage information on your blood pressure, your heart rate, the amount of steps you have taken.

Learn more about apple watch’s health features here.

Supplement  (Vitamin + Minerals) Trackers

This one is not an app yet but there website claims that it will be one very soon and we are excited. If you have been living under a rock, the concept of supplement stacks should not be new to you. It is a series of pills, otc, legal, illegal, medical you take to reach your goal, as our old folks use to say, a “regimen”. Now you can see if there is a regimen for your health issues, health goals, health conditions and health symptoms. The app lets you record your experience, adherence, track your daily values to see how well your are doing.

Build your stack today, or learn about different supplements like choline alphoscerate today.

Calorie Trackers

The holy sha bam bam of all tracking when it comes to health, myfitnesspal reigns king but there are many others gunning for the top spot. However we think it’ll be tough as they now have the backing of UnderAmour.