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Review of AP Mobile for iPhone and iPad

AP Mobile, the iPhone and iPad app for Associated Press, has just received a major update.  In reality, it is a brand new app with a completely new user interface, features and embedded videos.  And the update was needed.  I personally found the old AP Mobile app for either iPhone or iPad to be almost completely unusable.  It was hard to navigate and equally as difficult as to figure out how to set up to get the news and information you wanted.  That is no longer the case.  The new AP Mobile almost gives you the impression that AP did a complete reboot of their mobile efforts.

I am impressed!

To start, the new AP Mobile is a universal app.  This is a huge time saver and with iCloud automatically installing apps you download from the App Store (if you have it configured to do so), when you install AP Mobile it will be on both your iPhone and iPad.  AP has also kept the price at the low, low price of free.  This is a big win for them.  To do the amount of rework of this app and still offer it at no cost really points to them wanting to get their app out there and get it used.

For this review I’m mainly concentrating on the iPad version as it is the version that has seen the most rework over the previous version.  However, as you read through the review, keep in mind that all of the functionality I’m sharing is there for iPhone as well.