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Review of FIFA 12 for iPhone & iPad

FIFA 12 SplashscreenWhether you call it football, soccer, the “beautiful game” or something else, the most world wide watched sport in the world is Soccer (or football).  An estimated 19.4 million people in the United States watched the World Cup final last year even when the US team had been eliminated in the round of 16.  Compare that to the 19.1 million who watched the Super Bowl and the 18.4 million average for the World Series and you get the pictures – and this doesn’t even count more soccer crazy countries such has England, Italy, Mexico and Brazil to name just a few.

Capturing the game play of soccer in a video game is difficult but EA Sports has managed to do this with FIFA 12 for iPhone and iPad.  The FIFA franchise for Electronic Arts has done well for them on a variety of platforms and they have had an iOS version for a couple of years now.  Last years FIFA 11 was good but FIFA 12 is all-that-much-better.  With smooth game controls, great graphics and the ability to play in multiple game modes – Quick Play, Daily Challenge and Manager Mode – this is a game every soccer fan should have and even the casual fan will enjoy.

All those fantastic graphic come at a price in the size of the download – a whopping 1.06GB.  To get FIFA 12 you really need to download via iTunes if you can or have your iPhone or iPad connected via WiFi.  But if you are patient I think you’ll find it well worth the time and space on your iPhone or iPad.