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Expedia App Goes Universal

The popular Expedia Hotels & Flights app for iOS has been updated this week and it now comes in a universal build for both iPhone and a new, beautiful iPad version.  The Expedia app leverages the Expedia service you are likely familiar with and makes finding hotels and flights to destinations around the world quick and easy.

The new version has a completely revamped interface for both iPhone and iPad but it is the latter that is really eye popping.  Now you can simply tap and swipe your way to finding hotels and flights and you don’t even necessarily have to put in travel dates.

Expedia (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

OneDrive for iOS Update Brings Photo Viewer

Microsoft continues to show they are serious about being a mobile and cloud centric company through their nearly universally supported OneDrive service.  The OneDrive for iOS app is no exception and yesterday received a healthy update that brings a new photo viewer to the application for your iPhone and iPad.  Now you can have a timeline-like view of all the photos that you have stored in OncDrive in one, easy-to-navigate page.

OneDrive for iOS (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Star Wars Commander for iOS Review

Star Wars Commander is the latest in the Star Wars franchise of apps from Lucas Arts that brings a tower defence style game to the Rebellion versus Empire universe.  Like many such games, the object is to keep your own base safe and secure while also leading attacks on your enemy bases to collect currency and materials to further upgrade and build your own base.

This is where the game takes a twist.  In Star Wars Commander you can choose if you want to fight for the Rebel Alliance or if you want to take up arms for the Galactic Empire.  Depending on the site you select will determine the weapons at hand and your mission objectives.

I have to say that personally I’ve grown a bit tired of the tower defence style games as there are so many of them.  But Star Wars Commander, while certainly in the genre, has been a great amount of fun to play partly because it is in the Star Wars universe (and really, what’s not to love about that?) and the fact I can pick my side in the game.  It’s kinda nice being on the Empire side and commanding TIE Fighters. :-)

Star Wars: Commander (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

MoviePro for iOS Brings Powerful Videography

Mirage Labs today is pleased to announce a major update version 3.0 to MoviePro for iOS. This update leverages powerful iPhone 5s 64 bit hardware and supports recording at 3072×1728 resolution & capture full resolution images at the same time. This is the only app that supports Bluetooth headset input when recording video on all compatible iOS devices. 

This update makes MoviePro for iOS super powerful video recording and film making app for amateurs as well as professional videographers, and is a universal binary supporting all iOS devices. The app interface is simple and powerful enough for all classes of users, whether a professional videographer looking to capture stunning colours and detail in the scene in 3K resolution, or an amateur videographer who records his kids soccer match, or a musician or journalist who uses bluetooth microphone for audio input while recording video. 

MoviePro for iOS (Universal) – $4.99 – Download Now

My Data Manager for iOS App Review

There was a point not so many years ago that there were data plans from mobile providers that were unlimited data consumption.  Then the Internet got big and apps came into being and suddenly the mobile providers were having their networks crushed under the onslaught of data being pushed to mobile devices.  The solution was to limit the amount of included data or, in some cases, cap at a certain level.  That is where an app like My Data Manager for iOS comes in handy for iPhone or iPad users.

My Data Manager is an app that allows you to set your weekly or monthly thresholds on your data plan and keeps track of how much data you are using.  But it even smart enough to monitor how much WiFi you are using (because there are places you still have to pay for that for some reason – you reading this airports and hotels of the world?) and even your roaming amounts which can be really expensive if you over use while abroad.  It’s an impressive little app that is easy to use and configure and gives you alerts when you are getting close to your data limit.  If you have a limited amount of data you can use each month, My Data Manager for iOS should be an app on your iPhone.

Night Cam App Updates and Free This Week

The Night Cam app from Lucky Clan has been updated this week and for a limited time you can get this great, low-light photo taking app for free.  It is normally $1.99 for the universal app.  Having tried many of these types of apps in the app store, I have to say that this one from Lucky Clan is one of the best.  It does exceptionally well, especially when I use it on my iPad Air.

Night Cam app (Universal App) – SALE! Free This Week – Download Now

NFL Now App Launches for iOS

The National Football League pre-season is underway and the NFL wants fans to have a great experience no matter where they happen to be:  Home, Work, Stadium or on-the-go.  Today the NFL Now app has launched in the app store and it brings all the action of the NFL and your favourite team to your iPhone or iPad.  The app isn’t a streaming app but rather a repository of content and video to help you enjoy the NFL experience more than just simply watching the game itself.  But, with the NFL Now Plus in-app purchase you can get real time highlights of games in progress.

NFL Now App (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

MyFitnessPal App for iOS Updated with Improved Navigation

The universal MyFitnessPal app has been updated with several improvements around navigation and entering food into your daily food diary.  I am a big fan of MyFitnessPal (my current daily diary logging streak is now at day 510) and it is one of the apps that has helped me lose and keep off 100lbs (45kg) over the course of the last 4 years.  If you want to follow me on MyFitnessPal, you will find me as ClintonAlliOSNews (original, I know).

The biggest change in this update of the MyFitnessPal app is around navigation.  Gone are the menu driven entries and navigation and in comes a more icon-based menu with a large, in-the-centre, Add button so you can quickly and easily track food, exercise, weight and water consumption (did you know that you should consume 2L of water per day?  Water consumption can aid weight loss and improve stamina).  This change makes it far easier to add information to the app to help you keep track of things.

MyFitnessPal (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Letterspace App Makes Note Taking Easy

Independent developer Sittipon Simasanti has released the Letterspace app, his new text editor for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The Letterspace app is a note taking app with an innovative swipe-to-move cursor bar above the keyboard. By swiping left to move back and swiping right to move forward, users can quickly and easily edit text.

Letterspace App (Universal) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Mind Tree for iOS Brings Easy Mind Mapping

i2e Consulting has released Mind Tree for iOS, a mind mapping app to build and visualize ideas and concepts. It is the ultimate solution for mapping ‘thoughts and ideas.’ Mind Tree for iOS is a app for anyone who wishes to capture ideas and work on it. Starting from a central topic, quickly branch out to sub topics in a organized and structured manner. Take notes, add links and images as you evolve your concept. The complete map gives a informative overview and provides key insights into the way your central topic has evolved.

Mind Tree for iOS (Universal) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now