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Socializer App Updated for iOS 7 Support

The Socializer app is your daily dose of social media in one hand. With Socializer you can post simultaneously to unlimited, Twitter & Facebook (Pages & Timeline) accounts without ever leaving the app. Save your typed message as a draft and reuse it later whenever you wish, add or take photos from your iPhone you want to post, and more.

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Twitter App Update Focuses on Improved Photo Tweeting

Twitter has released a nice update to the Twitter app for iOS that almost exclusively focus’ on your ability to share photos on the social networking service.  The company has provided several new features and tools within the app that make finding photos on your iPhone or iPad quicker and easier.

The most notable change in the Twitter app is the new gallery icon when you are composing a Tweet or replying to a tweet.  Now when you reply to a Tweet you have a gallery icon at the bottom of the reply page which with one tap allows you to share a photo from your camera roll.  Twitter has also made it easier to mention other users when you Tweet a photo.

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Twitter for Mac Update Brings Timeline Image Viewing

Having gone from an unloved app to one now receiving somewhat reasonable updates, Twitter for Mac has been updated to version 3.0 with several improvements and feature enhancements.  These updates bring the OS X version of the social networking app more in line with the look and user experience of their iOS counterparts.

There was a period of time last year where Twitter for Mac didn’t receive an update for, well, nearly a year, and it had all but been abandoned by Twitter.  While the Mac version still lags behind its iOS brethren, it has received several of

Twitter for Mac

Twitter for Mac

the big feature changes over the course of the last six months that have brought it back to being a serious Twitter app for Mac users.

The biggest change in this update for Twitter for Mac has come in the preview of photos on your timeline.  Like the iOS version, you

can now view images without having to click on the Tweet itself.  You can of course disable this (Preferences>Image Previews) but personally this is one of the things I love about the iOS versions.

According to the Release Notes, here are the other big changes in this update of Twitter for Mac:

  • Check out the tweet detail pane to see the conversation around a tweet as well as favorite and retweet counts.
  • Profiles now show header photos to display the unique personality of every user. Learn more about them by seeing who they follow and are followed by, their lists, and their custom timelines.
  • We’ve refreshed the overall look and feel of the app.

Twitter for Mac is free and this update is available now in the Mac App Store.  You will need to be running 10.7 (Lion) or later on your Mac to use the app.  You will also need to have an account on Twitter which is also free.

If you are not following AlliOSNews on Twitter, you can do so at this link or by searching for @AlliOSNews on Twitter.

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Vinyet App Lets Users Filter and Share Videos on Vine

iPhone users who want to quickly and easily capture, enhance and share their social videos, can now get everything they want and more by downloading the remarkable new Vinyet app from Arqball. Unlike some video creation apps that offer limited functionality, the Vinyet app gives users total creative control, remarkable freedom, and a spectacular array of easy-to-use features that include:

* The option to save videos directly to their device’s camera roll, which can then be posted on Instagram

Vinyet for iPhone

Vinyet for iPhone

* The ability to share videos directly on a variety of networks, or send them to friends and family via email or SMS
* The ability to add audio to their creations
* 22 amazing filters – inspired by the film industry’s most notable styles and directors – for creating studio-quality color adjustments, blurring, and sharpening
* The option of saving videos as animated GIFs
* A powerful stop-motion mode for creating impressive effects – yet without the need to “perfectly tap” the screen to achieve precision control
* A clever segments options for visualizing each video segment in sync with timing guidelines for Vine and Instagram
* A handy real-time preview mode for viewing filtered videos while they’re being shot
* An amazing ghost mode that lets users overlay the last frame of their previous segment, so they can align objects when capturing their next segment
* A versatile video import option that lets users work with any video on their device

“In essence, Vinyet gives users what every director wants: creative control, flexibility, and final cut,” commented a spokesperson from Arqball. “With just a few taps and with amazing speed and simplicity, users can get the look of their favorite films, edit and enhance like a pro, and then share or save their unique social videos!”

The Vinyet app is $1.99 and is available now in the App Store.  The app requires that you have iOS 7 or greater on your iPhone.

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Twitter for iOS Update Brings Improved Search

Twitter for iOS has received another update as the now public social networking giant continues to tweak and improve it.  The latest update focuses on three major areas including a significantly improved search functionality.  Now you can filter searches much easier by selecting the type of Twitter content you want to see such as photos, videos or tags.  With billions of Tweets sent each day, this new filtering should help you wade through everything to find specifically what you are searching for in the service.

In addition to the search improvements, the Discovery section has seen some improvements.  Now you can see what is

Twitter for iOS filtered searches

Twitter for iOS filtered searches

trending on TV as well as things near your location (assuming you have Location Services enabled).  The idea behind this is so you can see what is trending in your city or location so you can get in on that activity or find out about local breaking news, etc.

Finally a new security feature has been added to Twitter for iOS.  Now you can capture a screenshot of your backup login verification code that is generated as part of your double authentication process Twitter introduced several months ago.  This will help you keep your backup code safe in your camera roll (and in your Photo Stream).

Twitter for IOS is a free application and it is a universal app.  Signing up for Twitter is also free and be sure to follow AlliOSNews on Twitter at @AlliOSNews

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Twitter for iPhone Update Brings Timeline Photo Preview

Twitter, you know, that social networking company that is about to float for somewhere around $11 billion, has released a nice new update for the iPhone version of their universal app.  The Twitter for iPhone update brings a new photo preview feature that allows you to see photos right in your timeline without having to tap to open it or tap a link to view it.  This is a feature that other Twitter apps like TweetBot has had for some time but it is good to see that Twitter themselves are bringing this feature to users.

The photo preview feature in Twitter for iPhone works on Twitter photos and Vine videos along with other “Select Content”

Twitter for iPhone Timeline Photos

Twitter for iPhone Timeline Photos

according to the release notes for the version.  Now what specifically “select content” means I’m still trying to sort out.  I know that Flickr photos are not supported in the timeline preview (but you can still tap to open the Tweet and see the photo so nothing is lost either) which is my main photo posting service now (sorry Instagram, just got tired of square photos).  But I’m not sure what else will work in the the preview.  If you discover something please post a comment here or on Facebook to let us know.

The other nice new feature in this release of Twitter for iPhone is the ability to reply, retweet and favourite a Tweet from your timeline.  This means that you no longer have to swipe to the right to get these features – although the More and Trash functions still are a right-swipe away.

Now, throughout this post I’ve referred to Twitter for iPhone and most readers will know that Twitter is a Universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – one download and it is for all your device.  I’m pointing this out because the new photo preview and reply/retweet/favourite features in your Timeline are not on the iPad version.  I’m hoping that this will be coming in a future .dot release (this is after all v5.12) because I use Twitter on both my iPhone and iPad Mini almost equally.

The Twitter app is free and available in the App Store.  You will need to have a Twitter account to use the app which is also free.  And while you are at it, follow AlliOSNews at @alliosnews on Twitter!

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HiCollage Free for iPad – Powerful Photo Collage Creation Tool

Pinssible Labs, creators of Padgram, the world’s #1 Instagram viewer for iPad, today announces HiCollage 1.3.3 free for iPad, an update to its Picture Collage and Stitch Maker with easy export to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The intelligent app lets users import up to 16 photos from their iPad, Facebook, or Instagram, and then generates a variety of collages of overlapping photos, or stitches of non-overlapping photographs. HiCollage features 100+ layouts, 100+ text styles, borders, colors and shadows, 110+ stickers, and 50+ frames and backgrounds. The most intuitive and powerful of all picture collage apps, it allows users to move, resize, reorder, flip, rotate, and layer every picture independently, creating professional photo arrangements with just a few taps.

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Twitter for iOS Update Brings Highlights to Conversations

Last night, ironically, I Tweeted that the Twitter for iOS app had been updated.  According to the Release Notes, the big new feature was that conversations have a new look.

Conversations have a new look! They’re easier to find and fun to join.

Conversation in Twitter

Conversation in Twitter

  • A blue line indicates a conversation between people you follow
  • The first Tweet in the conversation now appears above the most recent reply
  • Tap to see all of the replies

The update came to both the iPhone and iPad versions of Twitter for iOS as it is a Universal app.  The idea is simple right?  Yet last night there was a huge increase in activity on my Twitter timeline as people were trying to see the new feature in action.

The idea is to give you a better organised view of the conversation and it does appear to do just that.  I found myself doing far less scrolling up or down to read a conversation.

While the new conversation look is what most focused on in this update, Twitter for iOS also brought some new Notification settings.  Now you can get really granular on when and what types of notifications you receive from the app such as new followers or Direct Messages.

There are also updates to address issues with Direct Messages and Login verification.

Twitter for iOS is free and available in the App Store.  It is a universal app for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Twitter (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Twitter Update Brings Two-Factor Authentication to iOS

Twitter has released a new update for their iOS app that brings two-factor authentication to the social networking service. Two-factor authentication has been a part of Twitter for some time now but has only been available on the Twitter website.  With this update, version 5.9 for those keeping score, you can now control the two-factor authentication directly from within the app.

With this release, Twitter also brings a new photo gallery function to the app.  Now you can view photos attached to

Photo Gallery in Twitter for iPhone

Photo Gallery in Twitter for iPhone

Tweets in a full screen gallery layout instead of having to scroll through individual photos.  It’s a beautiful but simple feature.

Here is a rundown of all that has changed in this release according to the Release Notes:

Now you can protect your account with login verification. This is a new form of two-factor authentication that you can turn on and manage directly from your app.

  • View anyone’s photos in a beautiful gallery when you visit their profile and tap ‘View more photos’
  • Photo search results can also be viewed in a gallery
  • Enjoy several improvements to lists: create new lists and edit your existing lists; manage titles and descriptions; add or remove members
  • Improved launch times
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Twitter of course is a free app as is the service.  Remember you can follow AlliOSNews on Twitter here.

Twitter for Mac Updated With Notification Center Support

The once dead now resurrected Twitter for Mac has just received a significant update and is available in the Mac App Store.  The new update brings support for Notification Center.  According to the Release Notes:

Notification Center integration: receive notifications when someone mentions you or when you receive a

Twitter for Mac

Twitter for Mac

Direct Message. You can configure this from the app’s Preferences window.

This is the second significant update it Twitter for Mac has received in the last few weeks after being literally left for dead.  I’m glad to see the updates although the app still has a ways to go in many ways.

Other updates included in this release:

* Fix for Growl notifications not working in Lion and Mountain Lion
* Fix for bug that prevented un-favoriting tweets
* Fix for missing account switcher in composer
* Fix for error message when posting a tweet with a pasted image
* Fix for enlarged avatar when dragging a tweet into an email
* Fixes for crashes and various other bugs

Twitter for Mac is a free update and a free app and is available in the Mac App Store

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