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American Airlines update brings improved Passbook and iPad support

American Airlines may be in financial straits but their iOS development keeps on working.  The airline has released a significant update to their Universal iOS app with some nice improvements and feature enhancements along with a shiny new icon.

The update, version 2.0 for those keeping score, brings a completely new look to the iPad version of the app and it fully supports screen rotations from portrait to landscape.  In previous versions this rotation worked… kinda.

The other big improvement is for iPhone users.  Now your boarding time, not just your departure time, appear on your electronic ticket in Passbook.  This will give you the time that you need to be at the gate without having to go into the actual app itself.

There are other minor enhancements and improvements to the app and American has even thrown in an offline trivia game that can be played on the iPad while you are in flight.

The American Airlines app is free.  Registration into the AAdvantage Frequent Flyer program is required for some features which is also free.

American Airlines (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

GloboTrac Releases Two Travel Apps for Americans & Canadians

GloboTrac. com has published two incredible travel applications for both American and Canadian travelers in 2011 and invites you to download and try them for yourself.

U.S. Traveller and Voyage are comprehensive travel apps that provide globetrotters all the necessary information needed in today’s unsecure world. Have you ever lost your passport in a strange country and need to know where the closest U.S. or Canadian embassy is located?  or fall sick and need medical assistance?  Those can be very scary situations in a far away land where the locals may not even speak English or French. These apps can become a life saver for you or a loved one.

U.S. Traveller and Voyage are also packed full of country facts to answer any trivia question. Have you ever been asked the question: What is the captial city of Zimbabwe or Australia? How about more in depth questions like, what is the history or the current  political conditions of a certain country. Perhaps a simple map of where a country like Andorra is located is all you need.

Download or gift U.S. Traveller and Voyage to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch today and stay safe and well informed when travelling or staying right at home.

Device Requirements: – U.S. Traveller
* iOS 4.0 or later
* iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
* 2.0 MB

Device Requirements: – Voyage
* iOS 4.0 or later
* iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
* 2.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Voyage 1.2 is only $0.99 USD and U.S. Traveller 1.1 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

Get U.S. Traveller in the App Store

Get Voyage in the App Store


FlightTrack Pro Updated – Now with iCloud 7 & iOS 5 Support

You can see that iOS 5 and iCloud are getting close.  Over the past 24 hours I’ve seen a lot of apps updated with “Fixes” around iOS 5.  But tonight I saw the first update for iCloud.

Mobiata, the developer of FlightTrack Pro, released Version 4.2 of the app and explicitly states iCloud support.  Here is a screenshot from iTunes:

Flight Tracker iTunes Update Screenshot

Flight Tracker iTunes Update Screenshot (Click to Enlarge)

Throughout the development process of iOS 5 and iCloud, Apple has encouraged developers to embrace the new iCloud APIs to make their apps able to synchronize data across multiple devices.  While I have no doubt others will do this – and my already have – Mobiata is the first I’ve seen do so.

For those who travel, FlightTrack Pro is a must have application as it allows you to easily track your flights and synchronize your flight information with other services such as TripIt.

The app is $9.99 for the Universal app and is available in the App Store

[FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata (Universal App) in the App Store]


Izatt International updates MileBug 2.1 – Full Path GPS Mileage Tracking

The popular iPhone mileage log application, MileBug, now has full path tracking with map display with the latest version 2.1.

When adding a new trip, select “GPS Tracking” under the odometer readings on the Add Trip screen. This will slide on a Map View and show your current location. Simply tap “Start Tracking” and MileBug will drop a pin every time you move more than 1/10 mile. You can return to Add Trip and fill in the rest of the information, save it, and even leave MileBug to open other apps. As long as MileBug is running in the background (which it does by default), it’s tracking your trip.

MileBug Screenshot

At any time, you can open the Trip and return to GPS Tracking and see your path on the map. Your path is drawn on the map, with dragable pins every 1/10 mile. To edit your path, you can drag pins around, remove pins, even add new pins. If you happen to forget to turn off GPS tracking when you arrive at your destination, you can easily trim your path to the correct pin when you do remember.

Full Path GPS Tracking is in the full version only. MileBug Lite GPS is only “as the crow flies” and does not include map display.

Since the 2.0 version, Lite users may transfer their data the full version via iTunes File Sharing. Easy to follow instructions are included in the Backup tab inside the MileBug app.

Back in 2008, just 2 weeks after the iPhone SDK was announced, plans were started for the development of MileBug. It eventually went live in the App Store on August 25th, 2008 as one of only 2500 apps then available in the store.

Over the past 3 years, MileBug has enjoyed some recognition:
1) In January 2010, MileBug was highlighted in the What’s Hot section of 57 App Stores worldwide.
2) Also in January 2010, MileBug rose to be the #1 Finance app in Ecuador and #2 Finance app in the United States.
3) Featured in the Apple’s WorldWide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) banners both in 2009 and 2010.
4) The MileBug logo appeared in the front window display of the Apple stores in San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

Popular on the iPhone and iPod touch, MileBug was released for the Android and Nokia/Symbian platforms in the summer of 2010, and Nokia/Qt in Spring 2011.

To make next year’s taxes that much easier, and the tax returns that much larger, MileBug helps those driving their own vehicles for business, or other reasons receive their reimbursement and/or tax deduction. From small to big business, from realtors to direct sales consultants, MileBug continues to serve those needing a mileage tax break.

Inside the MileBug app is an option to select kilometers instead of miles. From within the Presets, users can define custom rates for business, charity, medical, and other categories. If you get one rate from your employer for reimbursement, and another rate from the IRS for your side business, you simply create two different business rates.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
* 1.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
MileBug 2.1 for iOS is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.

[MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker in the App Store]

my Travel Assistant 1.3 for iOS – The App for Global Travelers

The Gamma Project today is pleased to announce an update to their popular productivity/travel iOS app, my Travel Assistant. my Travel Assistant 1.3 is a professional app for global travelers that integrates into a single, convenient package a smart, multi-currency expense tracker with automatic currency conversion, a 156-currency monetary exchange rate converter and a 36-language translator.

In addition to easy-to-use expense management at home and abroad, the app features: appealing user interface, auto-refresh of exchange rates; eMail expenses as a formatted HTML document, and/or a CSV file; easily edit, reorder or delete trips and entries; and a built-in, multi-function calculator. Designed as an intelligent assistant for international travelers, the app stores all expenses in both the local and converted, home currencies.

New in Version 1.3:
* Dates assigned to trips and expenses
* Editing trips made more intuitive
* Possibility to reorder trips and expense entries
* Usability improvements

With a high-end, dark wood-grain GUI, the app includes no instructions for use; all operations are intuitive and trouble-free. One-time set-up includes entering the user’s language, home currency, and the frequency of exchange rate updates. The designers have paid great attention to human factors. For example, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German appear in their respective places in the scrolling list that appears by touching “Your Language”, but the group of five most common languages also appears at the head of the list. Similarly, the app defaults to US dollars, with the yen, euro, swiss francs, british pounds and Canadian dollar leading an alphabetical list of 156 different currencies.

My Travel Assistant Screenshot

Set-up complete, the home page displays four buttons: Travel Expenses, Currency Converter, Translator, and Quick Add. A summary of the last expense is also shown on the main screen for convenience. The quick add function allows fast expense entry, and goes straight to the entry page of the last trip.

Travel Expenses is the heart of the app, and the Travel Expenses page contains an artfully designed scrolling list of all trips ordered by date by default. Since version 1.3, the order of trips and expense items can be customized. The user may substitute any photo or graphic for the generic icon displayed with each travel expense listing, which includes the trip’s label (i.e. the country or city), the description of the expense (e.g. work, personal, etc.), the date and the total amount of all expenses, automatically converted to the user’s home currency.

Selecting any entry brings up an itemized listing of each individual expense for that particular trip. When entering an expense in the local currency the user may enter a description using the pop-up alphanumeric keyboard, or choose a category from the Apple infinite odometer display. Included, with appropriate icons, are: Transportation (Flight), Cash Withdrawal, Taxi, Local Transportation, Hotel, Camping, Fuel, Road Tolls, Souvenirs, Food & Drink, Treatment (Hospital), Shopping, Entertainment, Additional Fees, and Other. Sums are entered using the built-in, multi-function calculator. Both the trips and the expenses scrolling list is fully editable, and displays individual expenses in both local and home currencies, plus the date and description. Expense items also display the corresponding category.

The currency converter function features side-by-side odometer displays for going from any one of 156 currencies to another. The large entry keypad also includes a calculator function. Results are displayed in the dual odometer highlight window with the currency listing. For example, entering 1,555 displays “Japanese Yen – 1,555 JPY” on the left cylinder, and “US Dollars – 18.66 USD” on the right.

The translator function employs two text fields, each with a labeled flag beside it. The user selects his native language/flag and enters the word or phrase to be translated in the text field. The translator supports copy and paste functionality, allowing translation of eMails or web pages. Selecting any of 36 languages displays the translation in red type in the second text field.

Feature Highlights:
* Appealing, user friendly interface with Retina Display support (high resolution)
* Easy-to-use expense management at home and abroad
* Easily edit, reorder or delete trips and entries
* Use custom photos as trip thumbnails
* Automatic conversion between the type of currency paid and the user’s native currency
* Share expenses via in-app, eMail function as a nicely formatted table and as CSV attachment; The csv file can then be loaded into spreadsheet applications for further processing
* Universal currency converter supporting 156 currencies
* Translate words and phrases between 36 languages, with “copy and paste” support
* Built-in Calculator
* Auto-refresh of exchange rates (configurable interval from 1 hour to 1 week, or manual)
* expenses stored in both the local and converted, home currencies

The app’s Google Translator powered word and phrase translation function supports the following languages: US English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

my Travel Assistant’s currency converter and expense tracker supports 156 currencies. Excerpt: US Dollars, Euro, UK Pounds, Australia Dollars, Canada Dollars, Japan Yen, Albania Lek, Algeria Dinars, Arab Emirates Dirhams, Argentina Pesos, Bahamas Dollars, Bahrain Dinars, Barbados Dollars,Belarus Rubles, Bermuda Dollars, Brazil Reals, Brunei Dollars, Bulgaria Leva, Chile Pesos, China Yuan Renminbi, Colombia Pesos, Croatia Kuna, Czech Koruna, Denmark Kroner, Egypt Pounds, Estonia Krooni, Fiji Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Hungarian Forint, Iceland Kronur, Indian Rupees, Indonesia Rupiahs, Iraq Dinars, Israel New Shekels, Kenya Shillings, South Korea Won, Kuwait Dinars, Malaysia Ringgits, Mauritius Rupees, Mexico Nuevo Pesos, Morocco Dirhams, New Zealand Dollars, Norway Kroner, Peru Nuevos Soles, Philippines Pesos, Poland Zlotych, Russia Rubles, Saudi Arabia Riyals, Singapore Dollars, South Africa Rands, Sri Lanka Rupees, Swedish Krona, Swiss Francs, Taiwan Dollars, Thailand Baht,
Tunisia Dinars, Turkey Lira, Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes, Zambian Kwacha, and more.

“A personal assistant would keep all your expenses during international travel well documented, clear, and instantly comprehensible no matter what foreign currencies have been used,” stated Developer Karoly Nyisztor. “my Travel Assistant for iOS is the next best thing.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 3.1.3 or later (iOS 4 tested)
* 4.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
my Travel Assistant 1.3 is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category.

[Link to my Travel Assistant in the App Store]

Bing iPhone app update brings Streetside and Social Networking functionality

Microsoft has released a big update to their Decision Engine App Bing for iPhone.  The new version adds a lot of new functionality along with under-the-hood updates that continue to make this my personal search app on the iPhone.  Sorry Google. :-)

The new Bing brings Streetside to the app which allows you to view a panoramic photo of the area where you going so you can view the location and the surrounding area and/or landmarks.  This functions very similar to Google’s Streetview which is on Google Maps, a function that is not in the Google App for iPhone.

The other big news in this update is now you can update Facebook, Foursquare and Windows Live directly from within the app itself.  There is no need to open these other Social Networking apps independent of Bing.

There are other new features which include the ability to set up reminders when you are near a business to remind you of what you need to do there (think picking up the dry cleaning on the way home or stopping by the grocery for the milk and eggs).  Bing has also improved the public transportation information in several cities with more cities to come in the future (Dallas?  Please?)

Bing of course is free and really is becoming a one-stop app for my searching, navigation and travel needs.  If you haven’t tried it you should.  Free is a tough price to beat for all the great functionality you get.

[Bing – Microsoft Corporation]

Avis adds roadside assistance via GPS in updated iPhone App

Avis rental car company has added some help features to the latest version of their iPhone app that makes it stand out amongst other apps from rental car companies.  The new version, which is available now in the App Store, can utilize your iPhone’s location service and GPS to help you in a roadside emergency such as a flat tire or running out of gasoline.  The great thing is that it does all of this directly from inside the app.

If you run into an emergency situation and have rented your car from Avis, the app will use GPS to locate you to route the closest available help to you for your need.  Once the closest help is located, you are sent a confirmation directly in the app to let you know.  No phone calls necessary – it’s all in the App!

For those who travel and rent cars regularly, this added safety feature could really come in handy.  It is very unique amongst travel apps!

The Avis app is free in the App Store but you will need to have an Avis account associated with the app (also free) to leverage these new safety features.

[Avis Reservation App – Roundarch Inc.]

Travel made easier with travel apps for iPhone and iPad

Business Traveler.  Road Warrior.  Frequent Flyer Mile Addict.  Hotel Point Collector.

Have you ever been called or called yourself one of these?

Do you get royally peeved while going through security at the casual traveller who is unlacing their knee-high boots after TSA told them they had to come off to go through the metal detector, completely constipating the process of the whole thing?

Related to this… can you unload your laptop, take off your shoes, belt and empty your pockets while continuing to walk through security pushing your bins along as you get closer to the X-Ray machine in under 30 seconds?

Do you take pride in notifying the airline gate personel of a gate change that you were notified of on your iPhone before they were even notified?

Do trips at the end of the calendar year become “mileage runs” to make sure you keep your Platinum or higher status?

Is the movie “Up in the Air” – minus the affair part – a reflection of you?

If you are honest with yourself and you travel enough in a year to reach the minium status level of any airline you can probably raise your hand to 4 of the 6 questions above.  I know I can.  I know my American Airlines AAdvantage account number better than my Social Security number (and it is debatable which is worth more today :-) )  I know which airport rental car facilities are a complete beatdown in most major cities in the US.

I like O’Hare and LAX.

Speaking of which, I refer to the cities I’m going to by their airport code.  Is that a sickness?

All humor aside, traveling for business is something I do frequently.  I have no doubt that there are many of you who are reading this article in a hotel room somewhere after eating pizza that isn’t on the diet – because you can.  Fortunately, to help you keep track of that next flight, book hotels and rental cars and have instant access to those valuable points, the App Store is full of applications to do these things and more.  When I started thinking about writing this article I wanted to be as generic as possible by not looking necessarily at one app after another but rather point to a few apps and some general items that are available to almost every traveler to make the whole process easy(er).  I’ve split it up in some logical sections and hopefully the apps and tidbits of information I pass along will help make your business travel a little bit smoother next week.

Review of Point Inside for iPhone and iPad

Earlier this summer I wrote an article on that gave a list of apps and tips for those who travel from one – me – who travels frequently.  Indeed I usually introduce myself in business meetings with my name, title and something along the lines of “I’m based in Dallas but it is usually easier to find me on American Airlines you-pick-the-number”.  If you didn’t get a chance to read that article you can do so here.

One of the apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad that I mentioned in that article was from Point Inside.  The full name of the app is Point Inside for Airport & Malls and as the name suggest, it provides detailed information on hundreds of airports worldwide and a massive number of shopping centers throughout the world.  When I wrote the original article I had been using Point Inside for about a month and had really grown to like it and depend on it.  By last count I have been in 37 different airports this year and every one of those were in Point Inside.  With a glance on my iPhone or iPad I could quickly determine where the nearest restroom was located, where the Admirals Club was located or, of often great importance, where the closest Starbucks was to me. :-)  It is an app that I have grown more dependent on each day and really could be a cornerstone app for travelers and for shoppers alike.

Popular Navigation App Point Inside Adds “Wish List” Feature

BELLEVUE, WA — December 6, 2010 — Point Inside, Inc., a leading mobile destination content platform (, today announced the release of its new Wish List feature in its free mobile app, Point Inside for Airports & Malls.  Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, shoppers can now see a product they like, scan and add the product to their Wish List, and then post their List to Facebook for friends and family to use this holiday season.  The Wish List feature leverages Point Inside’s detailed map and directory information, including more than 250,000 points of interest, for over 750 malls and 100 airports around the world.  It is like having a personal wedding registry in any store, in any mall.

“We wanted to do something fun and unique for our users this holiday season,” said Josh Marti, CEO and co-founder of Point Inside.  “Other apps ask you to scan items for product check-in rewards, but you rarely receive the actual item.  Now with Point Inside Wish List, you can scan in products, share a List and make it easy for friends and family to get you exactly what you want.  For the first time ever, the whole mall is your very own personal gift registry.”

The new feature is simple to use.  Shoppers designate the mall, choose an item, select the store, and scan the product – it is all added to their Wish List.  Not only is the product information saved, but also the exact location of the store in the mall where the product was found.  This makes it easier for friends and family to shop, with the added benefit of driving foot traffic back to the retail stores.  If product look-up information is not available, users can add their own item including a product picture, description, price and comments.  This provides flexibility for devices without cameras and allows shoppers two ways to populate their lists, guaranteeing any product can be added to the List at any time.

The Point Inside App with the Wish List feature is available for free from the App Store on iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® devices at  An Android version of the app is currently in development.  For screen shots of the new feature visit and select Media Assets.  The Point Inside App is featured in Apple’s iTunes® store in “Apps for Shopping” and “App Store Essentials – Traveling Home”.

JiWire’s latest Mobile Audience Insights Report bodes well for Point Inside’s location-based mobile app and its Wish List feature.  According to the JiWire survey, 89 percent of the 1,200 consumers interviewed plan to use location-based services for holiday planning and related activities.  Of these, 61 percent report that finding a store location is the most valuable feature of location-based media.

About Point Inside, Inc.

Point Inside, Inc. offers a mobile destination content platform that enables third parties to leverage Point Inside’s maps, point of interest database and search capabilities.  The platform is available for license, and licensees can integrate their own detailed, value-added information on top of designated maps.  Point Inside also offers consumers a free mobile application, “Point Inside Maps for Airports and Malls”, on iOS and Android devices.  Users can quickly find stores, gates, kiosks, restrooms, elevators, escalators, and other guest services in over 850 malls and airports.  Founded in early 2009 and based just outside of Seattle, the company is led by a team of executives with decades of experience developing mobile and Location Based Services (LBS) applications for companies such as Amazon, AT&T, Boeing, and Qualcomm.  Additional details can be found at:; Facebook:; and Twitter: