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Touchlook HD for iPad 2 Gives Design Professionals a Sale

Touchlook HD, a hugely successful application available for the iPhone and iPod touch, has made photo editing available and accessible to a large and varied group of users. It is with great pride that Colortive – the geniuses behind the application and its development – are now broadening the audience as well as the amount that the application is able to do, by offering the application for iPad. Even better, for a limited time, the iPad application is available for an incredible sale price of $.99.

Since its inception, the application has been able to turn any iPhone or iPod touch device into a high-tech but easily Touchlook HD Screenshotaccessible editing studio. Given any photograph and a few minutes, the user could transform their picture into a work of art. Using geometric shapes like the circle, triangle, and rectangle, and easily manipulated elements like a sliding color bar, the user can maneuver and manage any number of components in a photograph. By changing the brightness, saturation, shadow, hue, mid-tones, and even vignette controls, the user is able to not only correct, but enhance and improve the pictures that they take.

Having the opportunity to use this application on the iPad is revolutionary; while the iPhone is a great way to utilize the app, the iPad opens up a whole new world of editing potential. The sensitivity of the app is user-adjustable, and the larger surface area allows the user to increase the sensitivity, therefore increasing the varying degrees of manipulability and the exactness of the results. In more general terms, being able to see the results on a bigger screen is both more helpful, and more gratifying as well.