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The Daily calls it a day – shutting down December 15th

The Daily, the iPad centric daily news app that was launched with much fanfare in February 2011, is shutting down effective December 15th.  The move is part of a larger restructuring from News Corp, the parent company of The Daily.

The move was announced in a lengthy press release from News Corp where other significant changes to the organisation were also announced.  Jesse Angelo, The Daily Editor, will be moving to the New York Post as a part of the announcement.

I’ve been a big fan of The Daily and personally I’m sad to see it go to the digital graveyard.  While some argument could be made on if the idea behind The Daily was correct, there is no question the concept of digital news and magazines has succeeded.  Just look at Newsstand and see the hundreds of publications available.

So long The Daily – I for one will miss you.

The Daily updated with significant user requested features

For a while it seemed I was all alone in my liking of The Daily.  The original newspaper-style daily news app was launched over two years ago and it took a while but has been steadily growing in readership.  Now it seems that it is more popular than ever.

One thing that has remained true in the time The Daily has been around has been the constant improvements that have been made to the service and the app itself.  Most of those updates have been around performance improvements but a large percentage have also been improvements suggested to them by readers.  The update that was released today by The Daily team is no exception.

The single biggest feature added in the new version released in the App Store today is a back button.  It seems simple and frankly I think it is simply but it has never been there until now.  This feature was driven by customer requests so take heart:  Developers do listen!

Here is a run down of the other major features or improvement changes in the latest version of The Daily

  • New Feature! By popular demand: a back button! *
  • Added an alert for auto-solving the Crossword and Sudoku – no more accidental solves! *
  • Improved sharing to Facebook and Twitter
  • Easier in-app access to Support
  • Removed landscape view, improving performance
  • Various bug fixes

The one feature change that may catch some off guard is the removal of landscape viewing support.  I don’t know about you but I’m perfectly fine with this being gone as it seemed that if The Daily app was going to crash, it was going to be while I was viewing it in landscape.  In my testing this morning, performance is dramatically improved so I’ll chalk it up to The Daily now being portrait viewing only and be satisfied.

The Daily app is free to download in the iTunes App Store.  Subscriptions are purchased via an in-app purchase and are either .99 cents per week or $39.99 for a year.

The Daily – Free App – Download Here

The Daily Updated for new iPad Support

The Daily, the iPad-only daily news app has been updated in anticipation of the new iPad being available tomorrow.  The new 1.2.5 version is available in the App Store now and brings an all HD experience for those using the new iPad.  For all iPad users, the navigation has been updated with the saved pages button moved to the top right of the display to be easier to find and the carousel for navigation has been removed.  Having downloaded the new version, even on an iPad 2 the quality of images is dramatically improved.

The Daily has had a somewhat lukewarm reception since it’s release back in February 2011 but I personally am a big fan.  The content is great and I’ve found the app to be easy to use and navigate.  Subscriptions are .99 Cents per week.

Get The Daily by The Daily Holdings in the App Store

The Daily Gets Big Improvements in Latest Update

This morning The Daily released an update to their app that brings some much needed improvements and feature enhancements.  The new 1.2.2 version addresses some bug issues around performance, most notably the one that caused load times to take what seemed like a day at times.  The biggest improvement though is the support of multitasking.

Since the release of The Daily, if you minimized the app and went back to it, you were taking to the start of that days edition.  It was a real pain, especially if you were well down into that days news.  Thankfully they have fixed this in this release so if you navigate away from The Daily on your iPad then go back, it will bring you right back to where you were before you left.

The Daily is a free app in the App Store but does require a weekly (.99 per week) or a yearly subscription ($39.99 per year) to get daily content.  The Daily also supports the new Newsstand function in iOS 5.

Get The Daily in the iTunes App Store

Another week, another update for The Daily app

You have to hand it to News Corp.  They are working very hard to make The Daily, the new news subscription app for iPad, the best it can be.  While I’ve had zero issues with the app, many iPad owners who have been trying it out have experienced crash issues or poor navigation with the carousel navigation in the app.  To that end, The Daily app was updated last week and has now been updated again.

The main improvements in this latest update (version 1.0.2 for those keeping score) circle around the speed and performance of the app, stability and an improved navigation experience using the app’s carousel navigation.  They have also improved the Twitter sign in function for article sharing.  From a feature perspective, there is no real changes noted in the release notes.

If you have The Daily installed on your iPad you will need to uninstall the 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 version prior to doing this update.  Just tap-and-hold it on your iPad until you go into jiggle mode, tap the X to delete it, then sync with iTunes to reinstall it.

The Daily is a free app in the App Store and you can try it out for free until February 14th.  After that it will be .99 Cents per week or $39.95 per year to subscribe.

[The Daily in the App Store.]

The Daily iPad app gets stability and performance updates

A week ago News Corp launched their new iPad only daily news app, The Daily.  You can read my review of The Daily here.  Now, a week later, the company has released a new update for the app that all readers of The Daily should download via iTunes.

The update addresses performance issues and stability issues with the app.  The app also has improved Twitter login and posting support, an area that was a bit weak in the original release.

Having downloaded the new 1.01 version of The Daily, the performance improvements are easy to see.  The carousel navigation is much smoother now than in the original build.  This was one of the bigger complaints when the app was released.

If you have The Daily installed on your iPad you will need to uninstall it from your iPad prior to updating to 1.01.

The Daily is a free app in the App Store and daily updated content is free now through February 16th.  After the 16th, regular subscription prices will begin which are .99 Cents per week or $39.99 per year.

[The Daily in the App Store.]

Review of The Daily

Today’s launch of News Corp’s The Daily for the iPad is the first of what hopefully will be a long list of magazines and newspapers that bring subscription applications to the device.  While apps like The Wall Street Journal and the Economist have done a great job working on getting current content to readers without a subscription service, having spent just half a day with The Daily, it is clear this is the direction of the future.  With continually updating content, videos, photos and a huge array of information, The Daily is nothing short of impressive.

The Daily subscription newspaper for iOS devices coming February 2nd

The much anticipated subscription based newspaper from News Corp and Apple is coming to us on February 2nd (next Wednesday).  Invitations for a joint launch event of The Daily were sent out yesterday where News Corp Chairman & CEO Rupert Murdoch will be joined by Apple’s iTunes and App Store VP Eddie Cue to launch the first daily newspaper app for iOS devices.

There are a couple of things that are interesting about the announcement and the timing.  First, the invitation does not state anywhere if this is an iOS app, an iPad only app or an iPhone and iPad only app.  The assumption many have made – including me – is that it will be an iPhone and iPad app as it makes the most sense.  The announcement doesn’t say which it will be so we will have to wait until next Wednesday.

Secondly, subscription services are set to be a part of iOS 4.3 which I posted yesterday I think will be launched on February 10th with the iPhone 4 on Verizon (which will have iOS 4.3).  Existing Verizon customers will be able to order the device on February 3rd, the day after the launch of The Daily.  I think that leaves really only two options for News Corp and Apple:

  • They announce The Daily and the availability of iOS 4.3 in the same event
  • They announce the launch of the Daily but that it will not be available until after February 3rd/10th/mystery date when iOS 4.3 is launched

I personally think it will be the former rather than the latter.  News Corp and Apple both have seen a subscription newspaper as a key offering for some time now and I would be surprised if they announce it but don’t launch it for another week or more.

The event is 11:00 AM EDT on Wednesday and I will cover all the details of the launch after the event.