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PDF Connoisseur on iPhone Offers President’s Day Sale for Business Users

Kdan Mobile has launched President’s Day Sale and is offering a 30% discount on PDF Connoisseur – Kdan Enterprise iPhone Edition, its full-featured mobile reading application designed to meet growing business demands. The discounted period will last until February 20th, giving business users a chance to experience the convenient mobile working environment at a price of $6.99.

Building upon the established fundamentals of the company’s much-praised PDF Reader series, PDF Connoisseur has differentiated itself from myriads of competitors with its reliable rendering engine that supports all major file formats, easy file download and upload through cloud service

PDF Conoisseur Screenshot

s, convenient built-in PDF converter, and the text-to-speech feature that enables its users to utilize both the eyes and hears to handle multiple tasks at a time.

“We’re certain that PDF Connoisseur is the ultimate solution for mobile business users,” said Kenny Su, CEO of Kdan Mobile. He carried on, “It is equipped with a powerful blend of features that aim to optimize users’ work workflow and productivity. This is the only reader app users will need.” According to the company leadership, Kdan Mobile has a plan to expand its product line by offering more innovative applications to celebrate its upcoming three year anniversary in March.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* 84.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
PDF Connoisseur – Kdan Enterprise iPhone Edition is $6.99 USD for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category.

Get PDF Connoisseur – Kdan Enterprise iPhone Edition ($6.99) by Kdan Mobile Software in the App Store

Get PDF Connoisseur – Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition ($9.99) by Kdan Mobile Software in the App Store

AlarmMate reads your weather, email, calendar events and more with TTS

Mother Tucker, LLC today is thrilled to announce the release of AlarmMate 1.0, a speaking alarm clock with Text-To-Speech (TTS). Designed originally for iPhones and iPods, Alarm Mate gives users an alarm clock that reads their date, email, weather, calendar and horoscope when they wake up using iSpeech TTS. It will also play any Music on your device. AlarmMate 1.0 is the first release.

Main Features:
* Full-screen digital display
* Snooze the alarm by tapping anywhere on the screen (choose 1-30 minutes)
* Stop the alarm by double tapping anywhere on the screen
* Voice type option for Text to Speech (“US Male”, “US Female”, “UK Male”, “UK Female”)
* Multiple alarms with a customizable playlist

Alarm Playlist Features:
* Date: Reads the current dateAlarm Mate Screenshot
* Weather: Reads the current weather for a specified location
* Calendar: Reads all events in your calendar for the next 12 hours
* GMail: Reads your unread email messages
* Horoscope: Reads the current horoscope for a specified sign
* Text: Reads any text you can enter (iSpeech speech recognition can be used to enter text on iPhone 3GS and later)
* Music: Plays the music on your device

* Requires an internet connection for downloading content and playing TTS *
* You should plug in your device when you use it overnight to prevent draining your battery **

* iSpeech powers the Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition

Device Requirements:
* iPhone (3GS or later), iPod touch (2nd Gen or later)
* iOS 4.0 or higher
* 2.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
AlarmMate 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

Get Alarm Mate by Mother Tucker in the App Store

Intellipad 2.0 Released With Major Customer-Driven Updates

Intellipad’s creators listened to their users and have translated consumer feedback into updates that will significantly enhance its functionality.

These updates include: English, Spanish, French and German Text-to-Speech Acapella voices, word prediction and spell check. Text can be spoken as you type and the whole sentence can be spoken after each sentence is completed. Intellipad 2.0 offers bigger speaker and clear buttons for easier access. Additional pages can be added to the notepad to easily create and edit books, picture stories or sequential lessons. The keys on the keyboard can be merged horizontally and vertically and any images saved on the iOS device can be added to the keys, allowing for unlimited configurations. Keyboards in the same folder can be linked to one another with the next keyboard appearing when a finger is swiped from right to left on the pad.

At a fraction of the cost of other existing systems, Intellipad makes advanced assistive technology solutions and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) more widely available. The fully customizable keyboard and notepad enhances accessibility to all individuals with a focus on helping people with learning difficulties to achieve increased independence in communication and written expression. As an Augmentative Communication tool, it provides a voice to those who are unable to speak. For students who struggle with writing, it offers auditory, visual and text-based supports.

The benefits of text-to-speech software, along with word prediction make typing on the iPad faster, easier, and more accurate. The text-to-speech technology provides immediate auditory feedback as each word or sentence is typed. Hearing the words read back, exactly as written, helps the student identify and correct their errors. These features strengthen grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary skills, which in turn help students, become more self-directed and independent writers.