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ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine – iPad mini ready and optimized

With up to 4 hours of streaming Mac and iOS HD video tutorials in each issue, ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine is one of the most popular magazines in the Apple Newsstand, and is already iPad mini ready! Ideal for both new and existing iPad owners, ScreenCastsOnline Monthly brings you a selection of some of the top video tutorials from ScreenCastsOnline, as well as articles, hints, tips and how-tos from some of the top Mac and iOS experts.

With over 180 five star reviews worldwide, ScreenCastsOnline Monthly is already a hit with existing iPad users and is optimised for viewing on the smaller display of the iPad mini. With a clean design, easy navigation and outstanding readability, the magazine contains high resolution, HD video tutorials that can play in full screen on your iPad or iPad mini.

Install the free ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine application from Newsstand and download the free sample edition to check out some of the content. Individual issues are available for purchase, or readers can save up to 40% off the usual issue price by subscribing to a monthly, six monthly or annual subscription. Subscriptions also include an optional months free trial.

The November issue (004) is now available in advance of the iPad mini launch, so you can download it, and be ready to view on your iPad mini on launch day.

This month’s new issue includes nearly 4 hours of HD video tutorials, covering two top Mac utilities – Fission and Leap, a look at Shared Photo Streams on the Mac and some handy mini Mac tutorials. On the iOS side, we cover the remaining headline features of iOS6 including Shared Photo Streams Mobile Safari & Mail, plus a look at a great iPhone and iPad app to keep you in shape – MyFitnessPal . If you’re new to the Mac or iOS, take advantage of a new beginner tutorials series, as well as the usual articles, hints & tips and comments from all your favourite Mac luminaries!

MLB At Bat Released as Universal App for iPhone and iPad

As expected, Major League Baseball as released the MLB At Bat app in the App Store this morning.  This year the app is a universal build so you download it one time and it works on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  The app itself is free this year unlike the last two years where you had to pay $14.99 for the iPhone and a separate $14.99 for the iPad version.  This is a huge savings already for baseball fans.

The app now supports in-app subscriptions and MLB has provided two ways to subscribe in addition to the subscriptions (which give you MLB At Bat Splashscreenlive streaming video of every game – so long as you are not in the blackout area).  The first is a $2.99 monthly subscription and the other is $14.99 for the entire season.  If you are new to the app and are not sure if it is right for you, subscribe to the monthly one to try it out during Spring Training.  If however you do not want to subscribe, you will have access to the Lite version of the app (the free version you downloaded).

There are some big advantages to doing either the monthly or season long subscription in MLB At Bat.  With the Lite version you will only have access to scores from the games throughout the league.  With a subscription you get scores plus:

Game Day:  A screen that gives you the match ups and games for that day throughout the league

Audio:  Stream the game broadcast – visitor or home – for every game throughout the season

In-Game Highlights:  Get highlights from key plays while the game is still in progress

Live Game of The Day:  Watch the MLB’s Game of The Day (subject to blackout of course) as it streams directly to your iPhone or iPad

MLB At Bat Subscriptions

MLB has released At Bat just a few days before the start of Spring Training games which should give everyone plenty of time to download it and check it out.  During Spring Training MLB will be streaming many games so you can really give it a good try out before the season gets underway.

I will have a review of MLB At Bat posted here on AlliOSNews in the coming days.

MLB At Bat is free and is a universal app that is available today in the App Store

Get At Bat (Universal App) by in the App Store

[Updated] MLB At Bat 2012 Release Slated for February 29: Free with MLB TV Subscription

For baseball fans this is an exciting time of the year.  Teams are starting to report to Spring Training and my hometown team the Texas Rangers have their first game in just a couple of weeks on March 4th.  This also means that the 2012 version of MLB At Bat is just around the corner.

I’ve reviewed MLB At Bat the last two years (2010 Review, 2011 Review) and it is one of the best sports league apps available for iPhone and iPad.  The graphics are stunning and the ability to stream highlights and game play-by-play radio is fantastic.  You can be sure that when MLB At Bat 2012 is released on February 29th I’ll be one of the first making the purchase.

This year Major League Baseball has added a new twist.  If you subscribe to the Full Season Premium package on for $124.99 ($119 if you are a returning subscriber) you can get the app for free.  Last year the app was $14.99 each for the iPhone and iPad versions (these are not universal builds) and the subscription was $124.99 for the full season.  So effectively this year the price is $30 less than if you bought both apps and the subscription.  While MLB hasn’t come out and stated a price for the stand alone app without the subscription, I suspect it will be the same $14.99 as it has been the last two seasons.  In addition to the app you will also be able to stream MLB games from your XBOX 360 with a Premium subscription.

For more information on a subscription, go to this link.

[Update 2.28.2012]

A few more details have come to light on the MLB at Bat 2012 app which is expected to drop tomorrow in the App Store.  First, this WILL be a universal app!  No separate downloads for iPhone and iPad.  This is great news!

Second, you will be able to do either a $3 monthly in-app subscription to get all of the features of MLB At Bat from last year including in game highlights, pitch-by-pitch, etc.  Check out my review of 2011 above.  There will also be a $15 one-time purchase to get all this content for the entire season.

[Update 2.29.2012]

It is released!  See my post