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Foursquare App Undergoes Radical Change

We can debate on direction that Foursquare is trying to take but make no mistake:  Foursquare wants to be the app you use to discover places and things no matter where you are in the world.  The updated Foursquare app for iPhone reflects that in a dramatic, new user experience that will take long time Foursquare users a while to get use to using.  In fact if you are anything like me, you may find it a bit frustrating.

When you update or install the new Foursquare app you will be prompted by the app to let it know your tastes and preferences.  You do this by tapping provided keywords that reflect things around you or things that you have rated in the past.  These keywords help Foursquare determine what discoveries to provide to you when you use the app.  These can be very broad in nature (like “Spanish Food”) to very specific (“Chicken Paella”).  Once you have tapped in these keywords, the Foursquare app then presents its new and radically different user experience.

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Dear Foursquare, I hate Foursquare Swarm

Dear Foursquare,

I have had the pleasure of writing reviews and opinions on all things mobile for over 10 years now.  I’ve enjoyed it and for the most part, it has been a positive experience.  Apps have come a long way in that time and when I started, social networking didn’t even exist.

When you came out with your service in 2009 it took me a while to jump on admittedly but once I did, it became my addiction.  I checked in everywhere and the fun of earning that mayorship or getting a new badge made it all the better.  Then earlier this year you decided to launch Foursquare Swarm.  And in one shot you made Foursquare less fun.  And after several months of using Swarm, I’m here to tell you that I positively hate it.  With vigour and passion.  I. Hate. It.

Facebook Messenger Finally Comes to Your iPad

It has taken well over a year but Facebook has finally launched Facebook Messenger for iPad.  The update to the instant messaging app came today as an update to the app already in the App Store, making it a universal build for both your iPhone and iPad.  Even better, Facebook Messenger for iPad has all the features and fun you have had on your iPhone to this point.

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Facebook Paper Gets A Big Update

Facebook Paper, the content centric app from Facebook, has been updated with a big update.  The v1.2 build was released yesterday but this almost feels like a 2.0 release.  The list of features that have changed in the app is impressive and it shows quite clearly that Facebook is listening to users and reviewers on how to improve the app.

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Skype for iPhone Gets Major Update

The leaks of an updated Skype for iPhone started earlier this week and now we see that the rumours of an impending update to the social networking app are indeed true.  Microsoft has revamped the look & feel of Skype, bringing a cleaner, slimmed down look to the app, taking full advantage of iOS lighter weight UI.  But more interestingly:  Skype for iPhone looks and functions exactly like the Windows Phone version.

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Socializer App Updated for iOS 7 Support

The Socializer app is your daily dose of social media in one hand. With Socializer you can post simultaneously to unlimited, Twitter & Facebook (Pages & Timeline) accounts without ever leaving the app. Save your typed message as a draft and reuse it later whenever you wish, add or take photos from your iPhone you want to post, and more.

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