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Yahoo! Launches Updated Up for iPhone

There was a time not so long ago – less than a year – that most had written off Yahoo! for dead.  What a difference a few months and a new CEO can make for a company.  It seems as if Yahoo! under Marissa Mayer has made some great strides as a company and if their iOS apps are any indication, it seems the company is starting to get their sexy back.

The flagship app from Yahoo!, bearing the company name, was updated yesterday to version 3.0 and it is impressive.  Leveraging a completely new user interface, Yahoo! brings you topical news and information based on your interests, a new search experience and a heavy emphasis on visual information.  In fact you can set up the new Yahoo! app to be

The New Yahoo! app has nice eye appeal

The New Yahoo! app has nice eye appeal

essentially photo driven instead of text driven as you look for news stories.

Have used the new Yahoo! app for a few hours now I have to say that the new app is fantastic, taking after the awesome

update the company did to their Flickr app and the new Yahoo! Weather app.

In the Release Notes, there is a good summary of what is new in the Yahoo! app with this release.

– Personalized stories based on your interests
– Beautiful article pages
– Endless visual stream of stories
– Summaries by Yahoo!
– Ability to select topics you want more stories about
– Revamped web search experience

The Yahoo! app is free and available in the App Store.  Unfortunately it is not a universal app and is aimed at the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It would be great to see Yahoo! come out with an iPad version as it seems this release would work great n the larger display.

Yahoo! – Free – Download Now

Apple Acquires App Discovery Company Chomp – Part of an App Store Makeover?

Apple today spent some of its $100 Billion in the bank to purchase Chomp, a company who has a powerful app search and discovery app in the App Store.  Chomp uses a proprietary algorithm to find apps based on functionality not just their titles.  If you haven’t tried it out go to the App Store and get it.  It is impressive.

Get Chomp by Chomp, Inc in the App Store

The purchase of Chomp could be part of a larger strategy – and rumored – makeover of the App Store and iTunes in general.  The algorithms that Chomp has fit well into that plan if that is the case.  Their search function is far superior to the one in the App Store and could revolutionize how you find apps.  It could also play a part in improving the Genius search function in iTunes and the App Store app on iPhone and iPad.Chomp Screenshot

Chomp’s technology also could help cut down on the recent rash of “copy-cat” apps that have similar names to popular apps but are essentially scams by developers trying to make a quick buck on you searching for something and getting their app.

There is no official word on what Apple paid for the 20 person company and technology nor how or when we could see Chomp technology integrated into the App Store and the Mac App Store.

For more information, check out the TechCrunch source article

Google Search updated with improved UI and swipe controls

Google has just released a new version of their Google Search app in the App Store that brings an improved user interface and swipe controls among several other smaller updates to the popular search app.  The app, which is a universal build for iPhone, iPad and iPad 2 has now added support for the iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G as well.

The new UI brings minor updates that really support the two new swipe controls that are in the app.  After doing a search, if you swipe right across your iPhone or iPad you will be brought to a more specific search function without having to completely start the search again.  Further, if you swipe down, you can access Google Search settings as well as your Google account directly from within the app.

Like all of the Google apps in the App Store – and there are plenty – Google Search is free.

[Link to Google Search in the App Store]