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Wrap Camera HD for iOS updated with extended Functionality

Power APP has released an update of Wrap Camera HD, an update to their very popular picture editing app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. With the previous major jump to version 3.0.0, a new user interface was introduced. Version 3.1.0 introduced new functions like face tune and smoothing filters. The newest update contains free rotation control for images and improved crop functions with simplified use while extending the functionability of the app in general.

Wrap Camera HD (Universal App) – $1.99 – Download Now

Photo Studio HD for iOS now with Face Swap and 64Bit Power

Photo Studio HD is an impressive photo and image editing tool to create stunning pictures and artwork. The update has the version number 1.4.0 and contains new functions as well as bug fixes and some code changes to take advantage of the 64Bit architecture.

 Photo Studio HD – $1.99 – Download Now

Distort Photos Easily With The Elasticam App for iOS

Turn any photo into a surreal masterpiece with Elasticam. Stretch, squeeze, pinch and prod your prints to create magical effects with ease. The Elasticam app features a simple yet powerful toolset to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary.

Elasticam (Universal App) – $1.99 – Download Now

Review of Layrs – Simple Yet Sophisticated Photo Layering App for iPhone

Photo editing on iPhone and iPad’s has continued to grow in depth of ability and easy of use.  Nowhere is that more exemplified as it is in Layrs for iPhone.  Layrs brings a simple, easy-to-use interface with dozens of filters that you can layer onto your photos.  While not as sophisticated as other layer editing apps available in the App Store, Layrs will meet the needs for a large portion of iPhone users without requiring a massive investment.  Or like zero investment.  Layrs is one of the best values in the App Store at the price of Free.

layrs – Free – Download Now

Add Text To A Photo in Any Shape with Patext

We all have photos that we want to personalise with text.  They may be creating special memories or perhaps poking a bit of fun at family or friends.  Photos may be worth a thousand words but adding a few words never helps get your point across.  Enter Patext, a universal app that allows you to add text to a photo in any shape on your iPhone or iPad.

Patext for iOS, its new photo app that lets users create text on photos or backgrounds that follows any path or shape. After typing in the desired text, users simply drag a straight or curved path for the letters, which appear successively while dragging. Featuring a large selection of razor-sharp, vector fonts, users may easily adjust all the following: font, font size, font color, drop shadow, shadow direction/opacity/blur, shadow color, kerning, and looping. Completed photos or decorative messages can be saved or shared via integrated email or social media connectivity.

Patext (Universal App) – $2.99 – Download Now

Auto Colorize Pro – New Photo Coloring App for iOS

Auto Colorize Pro 1.0 for iOS, a photo recoloring software with unique automatic scribble-based image colorization. It features advanced image processing algorithms that allow you to change colors on photos in a semi-automatic mode previously available only on desktop computers. A fast and accurate colorization technique simplifies the entire recoloring process.

Things that you can do easily with Auto Colorize Pro:

Change the colour of a part of a photo quickly with Auto Colorize Pro

Change the colour of a part of a photo quickly with Auto Colorize Pro

* Change the color of clothes, walls, cars or furniture
* Gray out everyone in a photo except for a single person
* Add colors to old black and white photography
* Change hair and eye color
* Make the sky purple
* Create a sepia tone effect

Feature Highlights:
* Automatic and manual coloring modes
* In-app quick interactive scribble-based colorization tutorial
* Multiple levels of undo and redo
* Hint window
* Advanced color picker with real-time colorized RGB and HSV sliders
* Load photos from photo library or camera
* Save to photo library

Auto Colorize Pro – $2.99 – Download Now

SymbolGram – Shape your Photos Like No Other Apps

Appovision is proud to announce the release of SymbolGram 1.1, an iPhone application for users to shape and share photos like no other apps. SymbolGram enables users to crop their photos with different shapes including stylized text, hearts, balloons, and geometric patterns such as circle and triangle. After editing the photos, users can share the photos on Instagram and Twitter or save them to camera rolls.

SymbolGram is easy to use. User can choose to either take a photo or pick one from their gallery once the app is launched. There are a wide range of cropping frames available for users to apply to their images. All of the frames differ in styles to

SymbolGram Screenshot

SymbolGram Screenshot

a large extent. There are text-based frames, abstract and geometric patterns, balloons, hearts, thumbs-up symbols, etc.. Users can change the colour of the cropping frames to fit in better with their photos!

Moreover, users can edit their imported images with a simple tap on the top bar of the app. An Aviary-powered photo editor will help to enhance the photos with options for removing red-eye, changing orientation of images, making adjustments and applying effects.

When the cropping frame is chosen, users can resize, rotate and adjust the position of the image by dragging it within the frame. Users can save the cropped image to camera roll or share it over Instagram and Twitter once the cropping and editing is done; hit the camera icon to start a new editing and cropping session.

SymbolGram is a free app for iPhone. It offers users experience to shape and crop their photos in a stylish and creative way like no other app!

SymbolGram – Free – Download Now

Paint FX adds advanced and most powerful HDR tools on the App Store

Sprite Labs today is proud to announce the most powerful version of Paint FX yet. The latest update adds the most advanced and flexible HDR effects available on the App Store. Besides an auto HDR effect, there are a couple of HDR Pro effects which include half a dozen controls to provide the right customization and the look in mind for a photo. Adding to the existing capabilities of Paint FX where each effect can be selectively applied to any part of the photo, with any transparency, and the ability to combine and layer one effect on top of another, all with the easy to use interface, makes Paint FX the best HDR editing tool on the App Store, for both advanced and new photography users.

“HDR has been high on our minds for a while and something we have been working on for a long time. We are really Paint FX Screenshotexcited to bring these extensive set of tools to get the right HDR look. We have received some really positive feedback from early high end iphoneographers, and are looking forward to see what users do with these tools”, said Nikita Sawant, Creative Director at Sprite Labs.

The latest update also continues to add to the already rich library of effects in Paint FX, with some new effects including “Flame”, “Cracked Paint”, “Cracked Tile”, “Grunge Film”, “Handmade Paper” and more.

Right after initial release, Paint FX got “New and Noteworthy” and “Staff Favorite” banners thanks to its unique features. Paint FX is the first app on the App Store that gives users the ability to decide whether to adjust the whole picture, or just a certain part of it. The choice is not limited to just one effect – Paint FX also allows applying multiple effects on top of each other. The app is perfect for adding just a little bit of flair or completely re-imagine a photo.

With Paint FX anyone can create professionally looking photos with just a few taps without any special knowledge. Users can easily change the color of the hair and clothes or give themselves a tan. Wide collection of filters and photo effects, which was significantly extended with the update, allows users to express themselves in tons of different ways. Such filters as Sketch, Hue, Cartoonize, and Threshold will easily turn photos into professional looking pieces.

All filters and effects are 100% customizable. Users can customize each effect and apply as many effects as they want on one picture. There is also a possibility to control brightness, contrast, and saturation with pinpoint accuracy. The app is comprehensive and the design is nice and clean and users can easily indulge their creativity and share it with the world. Paint FX will truly enthrall users with its rich feature set and endless possibilities it offers with its customizable effects and filters.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* Universal Application
* 48.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Paint FX 3.1 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

Download Paint FX (Universal App) Now – $1.99

Fantastic Review of Snapseed for iPhone & iPad at iMore

One of the easiest yet full featured photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad is Snapseed.  Snapseed allows you to adjust a photo in almost any way possible but doesn’t require that you have experience or familiarity with photo editing terms.  It is a great app and one I use regularly.

Over at iMore, Leanna Lofte posted a review yesterday of Snapseed and it covers the app in great detail.  She covers virtually every aspect of the app including the use of filters to change the look of a photo (from color to black-and-white for example) along with the huge array of tweaks and adjustments you can make to your photos.

Snapseed is a fantastic photo editor that’s powerful, yet easy to use. Snapseed is best for users who want to play around with adjustments, but who don’t understand (nor care to understand) how to use more advanced and professional tools. Snapseed makes it easy for anyone to beautifully and artistically edit their photos on their iPhone or iPad.

If you have been debating on spending the $4.99 for this universal app, give Leanna’s review a read.  I think you will find it to be a great source of information on why you should have this app on your iDevice.

Snapseed review on iMore


Touchlook HD for iPad 2 Gives Design Professionals a Sale

Touchlook HD, a hugely successful application available for the iPhone and iPod touch, has made photo editing available and accessible to a large and varied group of users. It is with great pride that Colortive – the geniuses behind the application and its development – are now broadening the audience as well as the amount that the application is able to do, by offering the application for iPad. Even better, for a limited time, the iPad application is available for an incredible sale price of $.99.

Since its inception, the application has been able to turn any iPhone or iPod touch device into a high-tech but easily Touchlook HD Screenshotaccessible editing studio. Given any photograph and a few minutes, the user could transform their picture into a work of art. Using geometric shapes like the circle, triangle, and rectangle, and easily manipulated elements like a sliding color bar, the user can maneuver and manage any number of components in a photograph. By changing the brightness, saturation, shadow, hue, mid-tones, and even vignette controls, the user is able to not only correct, but enhance and improve the pictures that they take.

Having the opportunity to use this application on the iPad is revolutionary; while the iPhone is a great way to utilize the app, the iPad opens up a whole new world of editing potential. The sensitivity of the app is user-adjustable, and the larger surface area allows the user to increase the sensitivity, therefore increasing the varying degrees of manipulability and the exactness of the results. In more general terms, being able to see the results on a bigger screen is both more helpful, and more gratifying as well.