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OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 Now Available

Apple has released the 2.0 version of the OS X Yosemite Public Beta to those who have joined the program.  It appears to mirror the Developer Preview 6 release that was made to the developer community earlier in the week and it is evident that Apple is nearing completion of the OS as it appears to be stable and fully functional.  I’m personally at the point where I have loaded the beta onto one of my Macs which I use heavily to put it through it’s paces and so far, so good.

I’ll remind everyone that it is still beta code so you do use it at your own risk but I think the risks are lower than ever at this point.

For those interested in joining the beta, go to the OS X Beta Program page from Apple.

How To Change Notification Center in OS X Content & Order

Notification Center in OS X, like its counterpart in iOS, is a powerful tool for keeping you up-to-date with the headlines of your day. Whether it be your next calendar appointment or the latest update from a friend on Facebook, you can find it all in one place with a two-finger swipe of your Touchpad on your Mac.  And, just like in iOS, Notification Center in OS X can be configured to give you the information you want most at the top rather than having to scroll up and down to get it.  It’s quick and easy to do and I’ll show you how to configure Notification Center to your liking.

How To Reset Your Folder Icons in OS X

There are times where we experiment in OS X and we change icons of files and folders.  Or we download an application that changes a folder’s icon.  The challenge though is when we want to get the original folder icon back and it is one of the few things Apple doesn’t come out and say how to do easily.  Fortunately there is a little trick and in this How To I will show you how to reset your file or folder icons in OS X.

WWDC 2014 – What We Expect To See

Next week starts the World Wide Developer Conference for Apple, WWDC 2014.  These event is always greeted with anticipation as it has become the event where we see new announcements around software and every now and again products that Apple will be developing over the course of the next few months.  It’s always exciting for us Apple fans!  WWDC 2014 is no different with a lot of anticipated announcements around a lot of different parts of the Apple ecosystem.  As we always do for these events, AlliOSNews has put together a list of things we think we will see from the event.  Of course we will have a full breakdown after the keynote on Monday of the major announcements.

How To Move Your iPhoto or Aperture Library To An External Disk

If you use iPhoto or Aperture on your Mac for your photo storage and editing app, chances are you have a sizeable library file for those apps.  In my case, I have well over 25,000 images in my library file and it consumes a staggering 131GB of hard disk space on my Mac.  That’s a reasonable chunk of my 250GB SSD drive.  Fortunately external hard disks are cheap and moving my library to my external disk was a quick and simply process.  In this How To I will show you how to move your iPhoto or Aperture library to an external disk so you too can free up some hard disk space on your Mac’s drive.

Apple Seeds OS X 10.9.3 to Developers

Apple has released the 6th beta of the next major update to Mavericks, OS 10.9.3.  The update, known as Build 13D38, was released less than a week after the previous seeding.  If history is any indicator, the rapid release of beta builds indicates either Apple has found a major bug in the update or is rapidly approaching the completed point for the update.

The update focuses on the same major areas and according to our developer insider, asks that Graphics, Audio, Mail and Calendar & Contacts sync over USB to iTunes be tested.  The Calendar & Contacts sync is returning after being removed in earlier releases and developers will need the beta of iTunes (11.1.6) to test this functionality.  OS X 10.9.3

OS X 10.9.3 Build 13D38 Notification

OS X 10.9.3 Build 13D38 Notification

also will bring support to 4K displays for Mavericks at improved refresh rates.  Equally as important, the build contains no known issues which is a good indicator that Apple and their developer community are progressing the update.

As with every Apple beta release, it is only open to developers in their developer network.  There is no indication on when the public will see OS X 10.9.3.  For more information on the Apple Developer network, you can check out http://developer.apple.com.  Joining the OS X network is $100 annually and the iOS developer train is an additional $100 per annum.