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How To make sure your magazine subscriptions in Newsstand download automatically

When iOS 5 was released, Newsstand came with it as a central location for all of your newspapers and magazines on your iPhone and iPad.  One of the big features of Newsstand is the ability to have your subscriptions update automatically when a new issue is available.  For example, The Daily updates every day while my subscription to The Economist updates every week.

To make sure that your subscriptions are updating automatically, you need to make sure you have the feature enabled.  By default this should be enabled when you install a newspaper or magazine app that uses Newsstand but I have found cases where updates to the app disable it for some reason.  Also, if you have had situations where a magazine or newspaper is not updating regularly, you can turn off the auto update then turn it back on and it seems to cure the issue.

Store Settings on an iPad

Store Settings on an iPad

The automatic updating is found in Settings under the Store section.  At the top is the Automatic Downloads section for Music, Apps and Books (this assures that if you buy a new app on your iPhone that it is automatically downloaded to your iPad for example).  Below that will be your subscriptions from Newsstand.  Make sure that each one that you want to automatically download up-to-date content is turned on.

Keep in mind that content is downloaded only when WiFi is available.  If your iPad is a 3G/4G version or if you are using your iPhone, new magazine and newspaper content will not be downloaded using the data network of your carrier.

Also remember that most subscriptions for Newsstand apps also take advantage of Notification Center to let you know of breaking news or updates or if a new edition of that subscription is available.  In some cases this is a little redundant but for some apps, like The Daily, it can be quite handy.   As always, you can adjusted and/or disable the Notification Center settings for each of your Newsstand apps in the Notification Center section of Settings.

How the iPad Saved The Magazine Byways

You know the story. A struggling publication creates its own App, submits it to Apple’s iTunes Store, gets accepted, receives some free publicity, consumers read it, like it, and subscribe. And the publication is saved!

That’s a great story. But it’s not our story.

No, this is the story of a 30 year old travel industry publication that has gone through multiple juggling acts in its time to survive, but came to what everyone agreed was the end with the most recent recession. As its advertisers abandoned ship in a struggling economy, it could no longer pay the printing bill, or the mailing and distribution costs necessary to continue.

“Byways magazine has gone through several transformations in its lifetime,” says editor and publisher Stephen M. Byways ScreenshotKirchner. “We always managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat at the last minute to keep going, but this recession should have been the end.”

The demise of Byways would have been a shame. While other publications focused on the travel destinations of the rich and famous, Byways had built a niche covering the destinations in North America located along the highways and byways of the United States and Canada. Places like Branson and Pigeon Forge, and great American roads like Rt. 66 and the Lincoln Highway, where people drove on vacations, traveled in RVs, rode on motorcycles, or took motorcoach tours.

As the bills mounted, and the advertising disappeared, Kirchner, like so many others in publishing, was desperate.

“We were ready to grasp at any straws,” he says, “and the most logical were the many solicitations we had received for turn-key on-line publishing.” Kirchner decided to give it one last shot, and choose a vendor to put up one turn-key issue and hope for the best.

Crain Communications and PixelMags bring Autoweek to Newsstand

Crain Communications Inc., along with PixelMags, announced the Autoweek iPad edition is now available on Newsstand, a key feature of iOS 5. Newsstand is an exciting new feature that allows consumers to find digital newspaper and magazine products in one dedicated place on the App Store, and organize them in one easy-to-organize bookshelf. Users who are subscribed to Autoweek will receive new issues automatically on their iPad. Latest issues and most recent cover art will simply appear in Newsstand.

„It‚s a great opportunity to be a part of Newsstand, and we look forward to introducing Autoweek to a new, broader audience,‰ said KC Crain, VP and Publisher, Autoweek Media Group.

Ryan Marquis, Founder and COO of PixelMags Inc. said, “It is a great time to be a writer, a publisher and a reader. With more and more magazines going digital, we now have the ability to reach a much larger audience than ever before; and with Newsstand, Autoweek will be able to reach their readers directly.”

For more than 50 years, Autoweek has tested new vehicles, reported the latest car news and trends, and covered auto racing in all its forms. Using PixelMags, Autoweek will be able to deliver its content to Newsstand, reaching millions of daily readers. PixelMags revolutionary (CDS) content delivery software allows publishers like Autoweek, to evolve their content from a static PDF to a fully interactive magazine with embedded video, slideshows and having full HTML5 ads, making the user experience much more engaging.

PixelMags has been developing iOS apps for three years, successfully delivering the content that publishers have created. Through the services that PixelMags offers, publishers can have the capability to reach the over 250 million iOS users through Newsstand.

About Autoweek:
Autoweek Media Group delivers automotive information to car buyers and enthusiasts through the media they use. Its team of car experts share opinion, insight, news and data that guide buyers and enthusiasts in their automotive quests. The group includes Autoweek magazine,, Autoweek Productions, and its newest venture, Shop Autoweek. Follow Autoweek on Facebook and Twitter (@autoweekUSA).

Download Autoweek from Newsstand in iOS 5, from the App Store on iPad.

[Autoweek Mag App in the Newsstand Section of the App Store]