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How To Move Your Dropbox Folder


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage applications out for both PC and Mac.  Tricia is a big fan as we discussed in our How We Make AlliOSNews Work post and I use it as well (although I tend to lean more towards OneDrive).  There is one aspect of Dropbox that is brilliant and that is the ability to move the Dropbox folder from a location other than your hard disk.  That means I can save those precious SSD gigabytes for other things (F1 2013 Classic) and have my important, cloud synced files on external drive.

Moving your Dropbox folder is actually very easy to do if you know where to look and takes just a few clicks to make happen.  Now I should warn you that Dropbox does not recommend you move your Dropbox folder from a location other than the same disk as your Operating System.  Their point is if the folder ever became unaccessible, Dropbox wouldn’t work properly.  So this How To is a bit at your own risk.  My answer to this was a non-moving media.  Remember that Nifty MiniDrive Pro review from a few weeks ago?  Yep, that’s exactly what I’m using it for on my MacBook Pro.   The 64GB MicroSD card that is in my Nifty drive is my Dropbox drive effectively.  And because this is never unplugged from my Mac’s SD slot and on flash media, it should never go away.

Apple Releases iTunes 11.3.1 Podcasts Fix

Apple has quietly released a minor update to iTunes aimed at helping resolve some lingering problems with Podcasts for some users.  The new iTunes 11.3.1 update is available now for Mac through the Mac App Store (check under Updates) or you can download it from the iTunes site.  If you are a iTunes user on PC, you can use the Apple Software update app to get the latest update.

Shazam App for Mac Launched

The popular music discovery service Shazam has launched an all new Shazam app for Mac today, bringing easy music discovery to your Mac running OS X Mavericks.  The new app listens for music playing around you and pops up a notification when the artist and song are identified.  It’s a free app and resides on your Mac’s menu bar, working in the background.

Shazam for Mac – Free – Download Now

Take Our Poll – Have You Installed OS X Yosemite Beta Yet?

[Editors Note:  This post will remain at the top of AlliOSNews through 31 July.  Newer news items will be directly below this post]

Last Friday Apple released the public beta of OS X Yosemite, the upcoming version of their desktop Operating System which is due for general availability in September of this year.  The Yosemite beta, the first such public beta since OS X 10.0 (yes, 10 releases ago) so its kinda big news in the Apple world.  Our question is did you install it?

According to our site analytics, many of you have installed it.  Since last Friday, OS X 10.10 has accounted for 17.38% of the traffic here to the site.  Not bad at all given that OS X 10.6 still accounts for 6.38% after all these years.  I suspect that it will continue to grow.

So tell us, did you install the OS X Yosemite Beta?

Have You Installed The OS X Yosemite Beta?

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If you have any comments we would love to hear those too especially if you have run into any issues (it is beta after all) or if you are regretting your decision to upgrade.

By-the-way, Apple still have OS X Yosemite beta downloads available on the AppleSeed site.