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MyFitnessPal HD Update Brings Updates to Mirror the iPhone Version

MyFitnessPal HD for iPad has received an update today that brings the larger format version of the popular calorie tracking and weight management app on par with its smaller iPhone/iPod Touch version.  MyFitnessPal is the app that both I and Tricia (as well as our respective spouses) use for weight management, diet tracking, exercise tracking and everything related to our health.  It is the app that has helped me lose nearly 80 pounds over the past three years and keep it off.

The update has an extensive list of improvements and updates, most of which have been in the iPhone version but were not ported over to the HD version until now.  Now you get all the latest features from the app as well as getting to use

MyFitnessPal HD for iPad

MyFitnessPal HD for iPad

their fantastic native iPad UI.

  • Sign up and log in with Facebook
  • Add and invite friends from your Facebook contacts
  • Add and invite friends from your iPad Contact List
  • Connect to your favorite apps and devices like FitBit, Withings, Endomondo, Runtastic and more through our App Gallery
  • Type-ahead food filtering
  • Repeat Last Meal
  • Default to Multi-Add for diary entries
  • Enable passcode lock protection if desired

MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps when it comes to linking to other services or exercise devices.  In my case, my daily steps and exercise from my FitBit are automatically synchronised with MyFitnessPal to both track it as well as give me calories back as I burn them.  There is a long list of apps that will synchronise with the service, all of which can be found here.

The MyFitnessPal HD app is free but does require a MyFitnessPal account which is also free.  Once you have the app installed on your iPad or iPad Mini, you can have it search Facebook for friends to follow and share diet successes.

MyFitnessPal HD – Free – Download Now

Fireplace HD+ Gets Crackling For Christmas

App developer Rory Buckley is happy to announce the recent version update release of Fireplace HD+ 1.1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This update compliments and progresses the app forward into the fast approaching holiday season, where the virtual fireplace is at its most popular.

Fireplace HD+ brings many characteristics of a typical Yule Log Christmas fireplace. The app was originally inspired by the original Yule Log TV channel which brought many cosy Christmas comforts with it’s visually warm appearance and seasonal music. This festive comfort is carried forward in the app, as the user has the ability to either play built-in Christmas audio or listen to the Christmas radio stream (while still watching & experiencing the soothing crackle of the fireplace).

While many consider the typical ‘fake’ fireplace app to offer little but silly entertainment, Fireplace HD+ has been developed to offer a lot more. The vision that Rory Buckley had, was to fuse a combination of light entertainment and mix in an element of a typical relaxation app, not forgetting the extra appeal that such an app would have over the holiday season.

Noteworthy highlights in this version update include the addition of two more fireplace scenes, one being a glowing log fire and the other being a more modern romantic scene. The app has also been optimized for the iPhone 5’s stunning display and works perfectly when mirrored via airplay for those who have Apple TV. Radio support also is now offered to iPhone and iPod touch users (along with iPad users), this requires a data connection.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 85.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Fireplace HD+ 1.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

Fireplace HD+ (Universal App) – .99 Cents – Download Now

New Cloud Nine iPhone App Puts Happiness In The Palm Of Your Hand

In an age of hyper digital inter-connectivity, mobile phones manage their owners’ lives by keeping them organized, plugged in, entertained and informed. However, for as tethered as everyone is to these modern mechanical marvels, are they doing anything to help anyone live a measurably happier life?

Cloud Nine – Combining iPhone Technology With Positive Psychology:
That’s precisely the question that prompted an Emotional Intelligence expert and a former tech CEO to create Cloud Nine. Now, smartphones can also act as centers for balance and well-being by combining iPhone technology and research of positive psychology in one simple happiness fostering iPhone app. Cloud Nine tracks 12 different elements related to well-being, including measurements of achievement, gratitude, kindness, exercise, sleep, mood and meditation. Plus, the app automatically and privately charts complex correlations between these traits and offers touch button tools such as a gratitude log and techniques to dispute pessimism and manage exercise – all in a user friendly package that takes little time to use.

Pyronyx releases iQila 1.0 for iOS – App for Interior Design Enthusiasts

Karachi, Pakistan – Pyronyx Pvt. Limited proudly announces today, its innovative iOS app, iQila – an app for collaboration, idea sharing, discovering and advice for all levels of interior designing enthusiasts. Anyone who wishes to get his/her house designed, they can use this app to ask questions, share ideas and get feedback from a community of fellow iQila interior design enthusiasts.

Interior designing is a multifaceted profession that incorporates the many facets such as conceptual development, liaising with the project stakeholders and the management and execution of the design. All this requires collaboration, brainstorming, breeding of ideas and seeking advice. This app does service to the design community by bringing together ideas, questions and their answers between both, professional designers and beginner-level enthusiasts, through digital medium.

iQila is an iOS based solution for those individuals in the design community who either use an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch and wish to have their place/interior designed by themselves but need a bit of advice, guidance and feedback through the interior design process.

Recipes Genius 2.1 for iOS – Mobile Cookbook Free till Sunday

Falkensee, Germany – Jourist Publishing House is offering their successful Recipes Genius cookbook app free of charge till Sunday. Now that days are getting shorter and evenings come much earlier it is the perfect time to spend a peaceful evening with family and friends. Especially during the Christmas season it is truly enjoyable to get back to making some homemade baked goods, or a more elaborate meal.

The universal app Recipes Genius from Jourist Publishing House offers 480 recipes. They can be looked up on the screen and are easily implemented in the kitchen. The app displays a starter photo for each recipe, lists of ingredients and it guides the user step by step through the preparation process. A special feature: the app shows a picture for each action to indicate exactly how the intermediate step works and what the outcome should be. This helps to eliminate mistakes and get a handle on preparing more complicated dishes. Over 3,500 images are available in the app.