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Apple Releases iOS 8 Guides in iBooks

With iOS 8 now out for everyone, Apple has now released their iOS 8 Guides for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  These user guides are designed to help those who are new to iOS or seasoned veterans learn every nook and cranny of the latest version of iOS for their particular devices.  The guides are free and are available now in the iBooks Store.

Each iOS 8 guide is specifically written for a particular device so there are three individual downloads for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Each guide is between 160-180 pages long so they aren’t huge downloads onto your device or Mac running iBooks.  If you have not downloaded these free guides in previous iOS versions I would encourage you to do so.  They are great self-help guides for finding settings or other how to’s in iOS.

iPhone User Guide For iOS 8 – Apple Inc.

iPad User Guide For iOS 8 – Apple Inc.

iPod touch User Guide For iOS 8 – Apple Inc.

iOS 8 Deployment Reference – Apple Inc.

Apple Drops The Price of The iPod Touch Lineup

Apple has made some significant changes to the 16GB iPod Touch and has lowered the price across the board on all of the iPod Touch lineup.  The new pricing was announced yesterday and should help slowing sales.  The 16GB iPod Touch has been updated to the array of colours that have been available on the 32GB and 64GB versions of the device since this latest generation was announced last year.  Now you can get the entry level unit in pink, yellow, blue, silver, space grey and (PRODUCT) RED.  a 5MP iSight camera has also been added to the 16GB unit and the price has been lowered to $199 (£149 in the UK)

iOS 8 Compatible Device List

The biggest question that always comes up after Apple announces a new version of iOS is… Can my iPhone run it?  Can my iPad run it?  What features will I get or not get with my iPhone?  The last of those questions is a bit harder to answer right now but Apple has produced an iOS 8 compatible device list so you can determine if it is even an option for your iPhone or iPad.

Create beautiful art cards with Art Cards – Van Gogh for iOS

Art Cards – Van Gogh will let you create and send real post cards. If you like to send beautiful postcards, you’ll like Art Cards – Van Gogh. The app makes creating unique, beautiful art cards really easy. 4 x 6 inch postcard that will be printed and shipped anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Choose as many contacts as you like, directly from your address list.

Art Cards – Van Gogh (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Disappearing Beside Clock for iOS Updated

Disappearing Bedside Clock keeps you in the dark – except when you want to know the time. The clock display disappears automatically after an adjustable time interval, letting you (and the device) rest peacefully. Touch the screen to check the time, which will again disappear after the adjustable duration interval.

Disappearing Bedside Clock (Universal App) – .99 Cents – Download Now

How To Change The Name of Your iPhone or iPad

If you are new to iPhone or iPad you will notice pretty quickly that the default name of your device is “My iPhone” or “My iPad”.  That’s fine for many but when you have multiple devices that you are synchronising with iTunes or using Personal Hotspot and you see several “My iPhone”, it can be hard to figure out which one is your iPhone.  In this AlliOSNews How To I will show you the easy process of changing the name of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a more personalised and friendly name that you can easily identify both in iTunes and as a Personal Hotspot.

Explorer Earth In a Unique Way with Elevation Earth App

Exploring the earth is a dream of many but thanks to the incredible Elevation Earth app – anybody can explore the planet like never before and learn about earth’s terrain from the depths of the oceans to the highest elevations of mountain range peaks!

Users can explore every section of the planet and manipulate an exaggerated 3D terrain model of earth. Additional features include being able to control water levels and land/sea colors and zoom, pan, tilt and rotate without limit to create stunning images and views!

More Elevation earth features:-

  • Tour over 300 different elevation relevant locations from the highest and lowest points on the plant to islands,
    Titanic Shipwreck on Elevation Earth

    Titanic Shipwreck on Elevation Earth

    cities and even shipwrecks!

  • Users can adjust the sea level and amount of water on earth – watch it flood or drain areas of the terrain based on elevation
  • Info window to display the area of land and area/volume of water – watch it change dynamically as the user alters the ratio
  • Watch the colors change dynamically with the rise and fall of the ocean water level
  • Full Social Media sharing of images via email, messaging, Facebook and more
  • Direct Wikipedia links for more information on chosen locations
  • View a number of different climate change scenarios from the past, present or future or create your ownFull documentation included in the app – no need to go online and look for help!

Elevation Earth (Universal App) – $2.99 – Download Now

MyFitnessPal App Goes Universal

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I’m a big advocate for MyFitnessPal.  The app and service allows you to easily track your diet along with your weight and other measurements to help you live a healthy(ier) lifestyle.  Now if you really have been following me a while then you know that I use to weight 290lb (131kg) about 5 years ago and today (as of 4:30 this morning) I weigh 180lb (81.6kg).  It’s taken a lot of work and part of that effort has been through diet tracking.  That’s where the MyFitnessPal app comes into the equation.

Yesterday the company updated their iOS app to be a universal app across all devices, eliminating the HD version for

MyFitnessPal QUick Tips

MyFitnessPal Quick Tips

iPad.  While data had already been synchronised across devices in previous releases, the new universal app should make it easier for everyone to download the free MyFitnessPal app once and it is on all their device.

In addition the MyFitnessPal app now has a new related foods suggestion in your diary.  Now when you add food to your diary, the app will give you related items that you have paired with that food previously.  It makes adding items you eat regularly easier and quicker.  Throughout the app you will also find Quick Tips that pop up or are integrated into your timeline.  These tips are designed to give you ideas on how to use the app better or more efficiently.

The MyFitnessPal app is free as is the service and this new update requires your device be running iOS 6.0 or later on your devices.

MyFitnessPal (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Powerful Calculator App CALX Updated for iOS 7

Leviteo presents an easy to customize tool, simple in design, rich in functions and fast in calculations. Easy, fully editable iPhone, iPad and iPod touch calculator. Great for students, professionals or anybody in need of Smart Calculator. Control your business with CALX – Easy Personal Calculator. Your math will become easy, elegant and pleasant. Press Colour button to change CALX skin.

STAR Mode (personal mode):
Personal mode is especially designed for professionals who know exactly what they need and for those who value their time the most. This mode will give you a quicker and easier access to the most needed and recent functions. It includes additional mathematical operations such as Logarithmic functions, Trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan), Random Number Generator, Mathematical Constant, Pi Constant and many more.

CALX (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Notebooks 7 – Redesigned for iOS 7, Cleaner Interface and New Features

Alfons Schmid has announced the release of Notebooks 7 for iPad and iPhone, a major upgrade to his text processing app, which organizes notes, documents and projects in multiple hierarchies and integrates task management. This unique combination ensures an uninterrupted train of thoughts when creating documents, consulting supportive documentation, producing ideas, breaking them down into tasks and assigning them to their designated lists.

Notebooks 7 appears with a new, clean interface inspired by iOS 7, adds support for iOS 7 features like AirDrop and provides new methods to turn selected documents or whole hierarchies of documents into eBooks in ePub format. The eBooks can easily be shared, opened and read in eBook Readers like Apple’s iBooks and others.

Notebooks, originally designed to do away with paper notes, has evolved into a powerful productivity app and includes a text processor for plain text, rich text, and Markdown text, provides space to store and organize files and documents, and supports complex task management. Despite its power, Notebooks strives to be light weight. It allows users to selectively turn functionality on and off, which keeps the user interface as simple or as complex as the user wants.

Notebooks 7 (Universal App) – $12.99 – Download Now