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Orderly for iOS Gets Major Update

Tekton Technologies today is thrilled to announce the release of Orderly – Tasks and To-Do Lists 2.5, a major update to their productivity app exclusively designed for iOS7, with nice simple gestures, and auto adjustment of fonts based on the amount of content, adding even more convenience and ease of use for users of this App. Featuring awesome themes and location based reminders, the Orderly for iOS app makes sure that a task never goes unnoticed. 

Once a to-do is created, it is displayed on one of three shelves using Apple’s bookshelf metaphor: High Priority, Medium, and Low. Users can instantly view all their To-Dos, expand and contract them with pinch gestures, edit items, change their priority, mark them as complete, or swipe them to delete. The Orderly for iOS app includes two full-screen bookshelves, Home and Work, allowing users to keep To-Dos posted according to priority and location.

Orderly for iOS – .99 Cents – Download Now

Foursquare App Undergoes Radical Change

We can debate on direction that Foursquare is trying to take but make no mistake:  Foursquare wants to be the app you use to discover places and things no matter where you are in the world.  The updated Foursquare app for iPhone reflects that in a dramatic, new user experience that will take long time Foursquare users a while to get use to using.  In fact if you are anything like me, you may find it a bit frustrating.

When you update or install the new Foursquare app you will be prompted by the app to let it know your tastes and preferences.  You do this by tapping provided keywords that reflect things around you or things that you have rated in the past.  These keywords help Foursquare determine what discoveries to provide to you when you use the app.  These can be very broad in nature (like “Spanish Food”) to very specific (“Chicken Paella”).  Once you have tapped in these keywords, the Foursquare app then presents its new and radically different user experience.

Foursquare for iPhone – Free – Download Now

ABC News App Now Streams Live Video

The American broadcaster ABC has one of the better news apps available for iPhone from an easy-of-use and content perspective.  Now the ABC News app has another great new feature: Live streaming video content.  The ability to stream video content has actually been in the iPad version of the app since July but has now made its way to the iPhone version of the app.

To view a live stream simply tap on the Live bar at the top of the display and then slide this bar left and right to select the video stream you wish to view.  The great thing is that all of these streams provided in the ABC News app are free and don’t require any registration or login to view.  Just tap to view and watch.

ABC News app for iPhone – Free – Download Now

ABC News app for iPad – Free – Download Now

Refresh iOS App and Web App Updated With Fresh New Look

Refresh (www.refresh.io), the mobile app that makes it easy to discover common ground and build stronger relationships, announced today the launch of its new web app, along with a significant update for its existing iOS app. Both the web and iPhone app now feature email notifications, recent news and new data sources for insights.  The iOS update also features a new swipeable interface that makes it easy to quickly find the right insights.

Facebook Forces Facebook Messenger App to Users and I’m OK With It

This week Facebook has announced that going forward, if you want to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your friends and family from your iPhone or iPad, you will need to use the Facebook Messenger app.  It is another example of companies separating functionality and services they have into multiple apps that sit on your device.  However, unlike Foursquare and their Swarm app, the splitting out of Facebook Messenger into its own separate app makes sense and I’m okay with it.

How To Close Multiple Apps on iOS 7

One of the great features of iOS is the ability to quickly and easily close apps to save battery power and processing power.  Although the platform is good at multitasking, closing down apps does have its benefits.  It was introduced in iOS 6 and in iOS 7 it was improved with a more gestures-based way of closing apps simply by swiping up on your screen after you double-tap the Home button.  But did you know you can close multiple apps on iOS 7 at once?

Neither did I until I stumbled upon it last week.  It was, as they say, one of those “Where have you been all my life” moments!

How To Add An iTunes Gift Card to Passbook

This week Apple in Australia, Japan and The United States gave iTunes account holders the ability to add iTunes Gift Cards to their Passbook on their iPhone.  It saves you from having to go to a store and purchase them and scan them in to iTunes in order to use them for app, books, movies and music purchases.  Even better, you can go to your local Apple store and add money to your iTunes card in Passbook at any time.  Adding an iTunes Gift Card to Passbook is not entirely intuitive so here is a step-by-step how to guide on how to get it added on your iPhone.

Hurricane Pro keeps you informed with the latest hurricane information

Hurricane Pro is the standard in tracking applications that has spent the last six years helping people prepare for hurricane season and weather the storms with great tips, preparedness information and storm centered details. Hurricane Pro show where the storms are, in a beautifully detailed app that is quick and interactive. 

Hurricane Pro – $2.99 – Download Now