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Review of the Just Mobile AluBolt

I’ve always been a fan of docks for my iPhone but have never been thrilled with their look.  Apple’s own dock for the iPhone 5 and 5s is functional enough but it certainly is not the most stylish of accessories you can buy.  That is why when I saw the Just Mobile AluBolt I immediately was drawn to it.  It was sleek, stylish and I was confident it would look better than any dock I’d seen on my desk.  When Just Mobile sent one to be review, I was certainly not disappointed and I don’t think you would be either.

The Just Mobile AluBolt is a desktop charging dock for your Lightning connector devices.  While aimed at the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c, it can also charge your iPad Mini and yes even your iPad Air fits comfortably on it.  It’s black polycarbonate and brushed aluminium look makes it a great looking accessory that MacBook Pro and iMac owners will find matches nicely to the look of their devices.  At $49.99 it is more than the Apple iPhone 5 dock but it easily beats it in functionality and looks.

Apple Sales of PCs and Tablets Lead The World in Q4

Apple’s continued growth in the personal computer market continued in Q4 of last year according to research group Canalys.  Apple sales lead the market over Lenovo, Samsung, HP and Dell by accounting for 19.5% of all PC sales during Q4 2013.  If you really dive into this report there a lot of interesting facts about Apple and their competition to be found.

On the whole, PC sales grew by 17.9% year over year which is great but a little misleading.  Table sales, which are lumped into PC sales, were up 65.2% year over year and represented 48.3% of the total PC market.  Why is that important?  If you take out the tablet sales, the PC market actually shrank by 6.9% year over year.

From an Apple sales perspective, things look pretty rosy.  Overall the company shipped just over 30 million units in Q4 of which 84.3% were iPads.  The company increased their tablet marketshare from 27.3% to 34.1% in Q4.

New MailDeck App Brings the Robustness of a Desktop Client to iPad and iPad mini

Remember earlier in January of this year when we here at AlliOSNews encouraged you to take part in the Crono Kickstarter program for their new mail app for iPad?  While it was a long and winding road, that Kickstarter plan evolved into MailDeck and the MailDeck app for iPad and iPad Mini has launched.

Oh it is so worth the wait!

MailDeck is touts as being a balance between beauty and robustness and in my short time of working with it, I think they have hit the mark spot on.

Here is the Press Release announcing the MailDeck app:

MailDeck, the latest and perhaps the most unique in a crowd of fresh email apps, launches today in the iPad App Store. Redesigned from the ground up, MailDeck is the product of a fine balance between beauty and robustness. In other words, this isn’t your grandma’s email client— although the founders will be quick to tell you, she could easily figure out how to

MailDeck Advanced Searching

MailDeck Advanced Searching

use it.

Utilizing the plethora of information contained within your inbox, MailDeck cleverly groups relevant bits of information together, bringing into view the associated contacts, messages, tasks, and attachments at the touch of a finger. The new application also employs an impressive search function with 11 available filters, effectively ending the days of generalized search terms and scrolling endlessly for a long lost email.

With the power of a desktop email client and portability and finesse of a quick moving mobile app, MailDeck has officially upgraded mobile email. Add to that the different view modes, personalized color schemes, and multi-account sharing capabilities, email starts to seem more like a charm than a chore.

MailDeck currently supports all IMAP accounts and is free to download.  It is Ad supported but you can make an In-App purchase of $4.99 that removes those adverts plus gives you the ability to create custom signatures.

I’ll be working with the MailDeck app for the next few days as I prepare a review for you but don’t wait for me:  Go to the App Store and download it and try it yourself.

MailDeck – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

You can get more information about the MailDeck app on their website at http://www.maildeckapp.com or follow them on Facebook or Twitter

Review of Noreve Leather Case for iPad Mini

If you go into your local Apple store or really any retailer big or small you will see dozens of cases for the iPad Mini.  While some are great and functional, a lot them lack style.  And if you find one that does have style it lacks functionality it seems.  It’s hard to find the balance.  Noreve, a France based company has seemingly found the balance and every time we get a chance to review their cases here at AlliOSNews, we jump at the chance.  Recently they sent us the Noreve leather case for iPad Mini to review and it is the perfect balance of style – couture – and functionality.  The supple leather is pleasing both to the eye and the touch and the snug fit of the iPad Mini into it makes it feel secure.  But the beauty of the Noreve leather case is beyond just looks: This is a very functional case.

For this review Noreve sent us the black leather traditional leather case that retails for $89.64 (price adjusted for the

The Noreve Leather Case for iPad Mini Box and Dust Bag

The Noreve Leather Case for iPad Mini Box and Dust Bag

exchange rate).  As you would expect from from a company that has “Haute Courture” (High Culture) in their tagline, the presentation of the case by Noreve is just as exceptional as the case itself.  The case comes in a sturdy red box with a black lid and the case it self is snuggled into a red dust bag for protection.  This presentation immediately sets apart the Noreve leather case apart from others on the market.  You know this is going to be special just by the attention to detail they have put into the box and a dust bag.  It sets the mood if you will for when you open up that dust bag and handle the case for the first time.  Luxurious should come to mind almost immediately.

Just Mobile AluBolt iPhone and iPad Mini Stand Announced

Just Mobile has been churning out some outstanding looking accessories for iPhone, iPad and Mac users lately and today’s announcement is nothing short of what has become expected from the San Mateo company.

Today they announced the Just Mobile AlueBolt stand for iPhone and iPad Mini and it looks sleek, stylish and flat out awesome.  It will be available in December and will be $49.99/£39.99/€49.99.

Here is the Press Release from Just Mobile

AluBolt for iPhone and iPad Mini

AluBolt for iPhone and iPad Mini

Just Mobile AluBolt™ is the high-design dock for Apple iPhone and iPad Mini. With its stylish curved backrest and sprung Lightning connector, AluBolt™ is designed to allow total control of your docked device – even if it’s in a case.



The iconic AluBolt™ is finished in high-grade aluminium and features an integrated USB cable to keep your precious device charged, synched and ready to use – whenever desire strikes.


  • Made for iPhone certified
  • High-quality aluminium construction
  • Fully sprung Lightning connector
  • Lightning-to-USB cable built in
  • Compatible with iPhones with Lightning Connector and iPad mini
  • Works with most iPhone cases

You can check out more high resolution photos of the AluBolt – and other Just Mobile products – on their Flickr stream

For more information on the Just Mobile AluBolt, check out the website


Apple Special Event Video Now Available

For those who missed the Apple Special Event, there are now two ways for you to view the special event video from your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone.

First, you can stream the video directly from your AppleTV by going to the Apple Special Events section.  This will allow you to stream the video directly from Apple without having to actually download it.  Likewise, you can stream the video in HD from YouTube on the Apple YouTube channel.  For Apple fans, this is a channel to subscribe to as you can see all of the Apple special events and adverts in one place.

YouTube Preview Image

Second, you can subscribe to the Apple Special Events podcasts in iTunes.  This will allow you to download the SD or HD version of the broadcast to your PC or Mac then use iTunes to copy it to your iPhone or iPad for viewing on that device.  Likewise, you can setup the Podcast app on your iPhone or iPad to automatically download the latest videos Apple posts to the podcast straight on your device and bypass iTunes synchronisation.

Here are all the links that you need in order to view the Special Events video on your iPhone or iPad:



Apple Live Stream of Today’s Event

Unlike the iPhone event, there is an Apple live stream of today’s event where the new lineup of iPads are expect to be announced.  You can follow the event live from Apple at http://www.apple.com/apple-events/october-2013/

In order to view the stream you will need the following according to Apple:

Live Streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

As we posted yesterday, there is a lot of things expected to be launched at today’s event including the 5th generation iPad, the 2nd generation iPad Mini, Mac updates, iWorks apps updates and likely a surprise or two.

What We Expect From The Apple Event on October 22nd

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for those of us who use and love Apple products.  The Apple event scheduled for tomorrow promises to bring a lot of new products to us including new iPads, OS X Mavericks and perhaps even a new MacPro.  In fact you could argue that the event on Tuesday could be one of the most important ones that Apple has held in some time – even more important than the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch just 6 weeks ago.  This event should give us the full breath of products that the Cupertino company is going with into the holiday season.  Here then is what we at AlliOSNews expect to see on Tuesday.  As we have done in the past, we will bring up the topic and our prediction of if that will really happen in the event.  For the iPhone 5s event we were 90% spot-on, not bad if we say so ourselves.  Let’s see how we fair this time!

iPad (5th Generation) – Chance of Happening:  100%

The star of the show will be the next generation iPad.  In fact I would contend based on conversations with friends and colleagues that there is more anticipation for the new iPad than there was for the iPhone 5s.  I for one have every intention of updating my 3rd Generation iPad as soon as possible.

We can expect that the new iPad will have a iPad Mini inspired design with a smaller bezel around the display, a slimmer design and of course a Lightning connector.  If that does happen it will be the 2nd major design change of the iPad line up after the change from the original iPad to the iPad 2 (which was virtually unchanged for the 3rd and 4th Generation).

We can also expect to see Touch ID come to the iPad along with the news A7 processor and 64-bit architecture.  We would not be surprised if the iPad also gets the new M7 motion co-processor if for nothing more than the battery saving potential it brings.  Colour wise we expect to see the Space Grey, Gold and Silver that were introduced with the iPhone 5s to come to the iPad and a wave goodbye to black or white with a brushed stainless steel backing.

We expect that the normal improvements will be made to the iPad that you would expect including improved front and rear cameras.

The AlliOSNews Review of iOS 7 – The Best iOS Yet

[Note: The AlliOSNews review of iOS 7 will remain at the top of the home page for several days.  Newer news, reviews and information will be available below this article]

With the release of iOS 7, Apple will have developed its 7th major release of its mobile operating system that has powered the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  While the evolution of iOS has been steady since it’s initial release with the iPhone in 2007, it could be argued that this latest release is revolutionary on many levels.  While most have focused on the dramatic visual changes in iOS 7, there are plenty of powerful and significant changes under-the-covers that make a big update for the Cupertino company.

In this review of iOS 7 we will look at all of the major changes that come in operating system, looking at both the visual changes along with the system changes that will improve the performance or functionality of your iPhone and iPad.  The most logical place to start such a review is with the powerful visual changes to iOS that come in this release.

The Flat, New Look of iOS

The most significant change is the one that everyone has been talking about since iOS 7 was previewed in July at the Worldwide Developer Conference.  The visual changes, like them or not, are in stark contrast to every previous release of iOS and mark the significant divergence in attitude towards look, function and feel that was between former iOS director Scott Forstall and new director Sir Jony Ive.

With Ive’s taking over of both the hardware design – which he already had responsibility for in Apple – and the User Experience, the look and feel of iOS 7 was a marked departure from iOS 6.  Gone were the Skeuomorphic designs in Calendar, Game Center and in many other parts of iOS.  They have been replaced by a lighter, cleaner and more straightforward way in this release.

Along with the streamlined apps come streamlined and notably “flattened” icons for virtually all of the default applications in iOS.  During the WWDC conference, a video introducing iOS 7 was presented in which Sir Jony Ive spoke of the symmetry and balance of the new icons.  It was clear that the almost Zen approach to minimalism and balance would be felt throughout iOS 7.

Beyond the icons, iOS 7 introduced a new layer concept to the UI.  These layers bring depth to the user experience and each layer is effectively a functional layer.  For example, with an iPhone 5, as you tilt your device side-to-side, the icons appear to float over your wallpaper and allow you to see around them.  This shifting around your icons gives an incredible sense of depth to the device.  These layers also bring depth when using different functions within iOS.  When you bring up Notification Center or the new Control Center, you will see the colour of whatever is in the background like your wallpaper or a photo you are viewing in iMessage.

Twelve South Introduces HiRise for iPhone/iPad Mini

Twelve South unveils HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini, an adjustable stand designed to work exclusively with the Apple Lightning Cable — and most every case on the market. The beautiful metal pedestal elevates iPhone for FaceTime chats, hands-free calls, desktop charging, viewing apps and streaming music without blocking iPhone’s speakers, mic or headphone port. HiRise for iPhone 5/iPad mini is available now at twelvesouth.comfor just $34.99. More info and images can be found at twelvesouth.com.

Why use an iPhone stand? Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South explains, “We love HiRise because it provides such a great home for your iPhone when you’re not on the go. Park your iPhone on HiRise to keep it fully charged, display

Twelve South HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Twelve South HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

incoming messages and alerts, and video chat, hands-free, with FaceTime or Skype with your camera facing right at you. It’s a simple device, but once you use it, it’s hard to live without it.”

Using one of three different adjustable clips and your Apple Lightning Cable (not included), HiRise positions the Lightning connector at a raised height to connect and charge your iPhone 5 or iPad mini. This allows HiRise to work with most cases, including cases with recessed connections no other dock can fit, like the OtterBox® Defender, Speck CandyShell and, of course, the BookBook for iPhone. The rear support also adjusts forward and back to accommodate the different thicknesses of various cases and shells.

“Twelve South already makes some of the best Apple stands available, like our Compass for iPad and BookArc for MacBook,” says Green. “But we always wanted to make the ultimate iPhone stand. We wanted one that worked perfectly with cases like our BookBook and that would not  block the headphone port or speakers. The HiRise achieves all of these goals…and does it with supermodel good looks.”

All smaller iOS Lightning devices including the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th gen.) and even the iPod nano (7th gen.) look gorgeous perched atop HiRise. Voice calls, Skype and even music sound crystal clear because, unlike other docks, HiRise does not block or interfere with the downward-firing speakers at all. While working at your desk, HiRise keeps favorite apps front-and-center, displaying news, weather and sports alerts as they happen. HiRise fits in great in the office and anywhere else you park your iPhone, like a bedside table or kitchen counter.

Remember when speakers had docks and charged your iPhone? HiRise brings that handy functionality to your favorite Bluetooth speaker. Set iPhone on HiRise while streaming music to display the current track, while keeping your battery charged and ready to go when you are. Elevate the way you use iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Get your own HiRise for iPhone/iPad mini today. It’s available now for just $34.99 at twelvesouth.com.