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TrendyDigital Releases Camera Friendly Waterproof Case for Apple iPad 2

TrendyDigital Design, a subsidiary of MZ Services Inc. announced new line of accessories designed for the Apple iPad 2. The first line-up is the adaptation of their highly successful waterproof case for iPad 2. The front and back cameras of iPad demand accessibility to both lenses while the iPad 2 is inside the waterproof case. WaterGuard waterproof cases have been redesigned to accommodate this camera feature. The transparent, camera-friendly material of the waterproof case yields uncompromising clarity while photos are taken by the iPad 2 while it is housed inside the case.

The PadGear Case for the iPad 2 protects the device from daily wear and scratches. There are two models for this series: The PadGear Lite and the PadGear Plus with Apple wireless keyboard compatible housing and viewing stand. The Dimension series for iPad 2 is a further extension of TrendyDigital’ innovative multi-position, multi-orientation viewing platform for the iPad. The Dimension includes both M Series and V Series. The M series use magnet as the attaching mechanism. The V series use industry strength Velcro band as the attaching mechanism.

The WaterGuard Waterproof Case Series features two models: the WaterGuard Lite and the WaterGuard Plus. Both models feature TrendyDigital’s original double waterproof sealing closure, press-and-fold seal, and button fasteners. This multi-tier sealing mechanism provides excellent protection when the iPad 2 owners use their gadget in an aqueous environment. Both models are made of camera friendly, transparent material. The photos taken while the iPad 2 is inside the case have the same crispness and clarity as those taken while the iPad is not in a case. There is no resolution compromise for the front or back lenses. In addition, the WaterGuard Plus version has padding for extra bump protection. Furthermore, the padding has been customized for back camera access. The WaterGuard PlusWaterproof Case is the world’s first and only waterproof case with padding designed exclusively for the iPad 2.

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Plus

The PadGear Folio Case for the iPad 2 protects the device from daily wear and scratches. The PadGear case is a folio case that includes storage pockets for pens, business cards or USB Cables. The PadGear Folio case features a fitted form for the iPad 2 in the right compartment. The iPad 2 is anchored via a T structure. All the sockets on the iPad2’s side panel are fully accessible. The case is secured via a non-scratch double zipper when the iPad2 is not in use. It is both a convenient and durable solution for housing your iPad 2. For iPad 2 owners who prefer to use the Apple wireless keyboard when using their device, the PadGear Plus Folio provides an ideal solution. This case has side pocket to store the Apple Wireless Keyboard and a support stand. When the user is ready to use the iPad2 with the keyboard, simply take out the keyboard from the side pocket, open up the folio case, put the keyboard inside the folio case side panel, pop up the stand and you are ready to go. This is the only solution in the market place to incorporate both the Apple wireless keyboard and viewing stand for iPad2.

The Dimension case incorporates several original designs elements to accommodate the most natural way for different users to interact with the iPad. From the outset, it looks like a slim and well-crafted jacket for iPad. The iPad is protected in a frame case at the right side of the jacket. The frame case has openings for all the access points in the iPad. Users can interact with the iPad in this jacket setting. However, if users want to have a more intimate interaction with their device, they can easily separate the frame case from its base cover and hold the frame case at hand and interact with their device through this slim, elegant frame case. When a user is tired of holding the iPad with frame case at hand, the user can easily and securely attach the frame case to its base cover. If stand viewing is desirable, the case can be converted into a viewing stand once the frame case is attached back to its base cover. The viewing stand can be adjusted to different angles so that the most comfortable viewing position can be achieved for different people. If you prefer portrait viewing, the frame case can be attached in portrait orientation. If landscape orientation is what you prefer, the frame case supports this feature as well.

The Dimension line has two variations. The variations differ on how the attachment mechanism is implemented. The M Series use magnets as the attachment mechanism. The thin, durable frame case magnetically attaches to the base cover. The V series use industry strength velcro band as the attaching mechanism. The selected Velcro band has been rigorously tested and provides the optimize hook-and-loop combination for attaching and separating the frame case from the base cover.

“We are excited about the iPad2’s release. The rapid growth of tablet computer provides huge opportunity for us to develop new and innovative protection solution. Leveraging from our experience working with other eReader and iPad, we are able to rapidly develop a suite of protective gears for the iPad2″ noted Mark Zheng, vice president of sales and marketing. “We would like to provide a broad range of stylish and protective cases when people use their devices in different environments. The WaterGuard Series for the iPad2 are built on our successful waterproof platform for Kindle and iPad and will become one of the “must have” accessories for the iPad2 owner. The PadGear and Dimension series, on the other hand, provides ideal portable solutions for iPad2 owner’s daily interaction with their favorite gadgets.

All cases can be purchased on TrendyDigital Design and Amazon.

TrendyDigital Design: http://www.trendydigital.com/
Waterproof WaterGuard Series for iPad 2: http://trendydigital.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=130
PadGear Plus Folio Cass for Apple iPad 2: http://trendydigital.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=131
Dimension series for iPad 2: http://trendydigital.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=127
Purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=trendydigital+ipad+2&rh=n%3A172282%2Ck%3Atrendydigital+ipad+2&ajr=3

Speck keeps pace with the iPad 2

PALO ALTO, CA — March 15, 2010 – Thinner. Lighter. Faster. Better. With the iPad 2®, Apple has seriously stepped up its game—at Speck, we decided we needed to step it up too. So we’ve updated and redesigned some of our favorite iPad cases as gotta-have iPad 2 accessories—like the two-layer hard-shell CandyShell Wrap with a flip-close cover that converts to a stand, and FitFolio, our ultra-lightweight, custom-fit folio case that’s ideal for reading, working, gaming and lots more.

And we’re releasing more amazing all-new cases for iPad 2: Speck’s super-sleek glossy-matte PixelSkin HD Wrap case for iPad 2 ramps up our award-winning, pixel-pattern design to iPad size. And our iconic iGuy makes a triumphant return as a web-only exclusive: this freestanding foam case for iPad and iPad 2 is the perfect way for kids (and wanna-be kids) to give their tablet some personality while keeping it totally protected.

Speck releases wrap around Candyshell case for iPad

Speck Products has released another new iPad case, this time bringing the popular Candyshell look and feel in a wrap around design that is beautiful and functional.

Speck Candyshell Wrap Around case for iPad

Speck Candyshell Wrap Around case for iPad

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The iPad Case Review featuring cases from Proporta, Vaja Cases and Targus

It has been almost six months since I woke up in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, drove to the only Apple Store in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that had an iPad in stock, and purchased it. I was skeptical of how much I would use it at first but quickly found it becoming a key part of my day. I spend about 85% of my day working from my iPad for my day-to-day career so it isn’t just a toy anymore. It is very much a tool.

One of the first accessories I began looking into for my iPad was a case. I had seen the Apple designed case but after meeting up with my friend Jeff Sandstrom and seeing – and more importantly feeling it – I decided quickly not to go that route. My search led me to a variety of different case designs and I’ve put together a review of them here. Some of these cases I purchased and some the manufactures were generous enough to send to me for the review.

Ultimately I looked at two primary types of cases: Slip-Style cases which includes shells. The other type are book-style cases that allow for you to put the iPad in landscape mode to work or view videos (this is the mode that I use my iPad in most of the time – doing so now as a matter of fact as I write this review!). It is hard to say which case style is best because it really comes down to your own needs. However this review should give you a good idea of some of the cases out there as you start your own search for your iPad case.

Speck introduces “Dustjacket” folio cases for iPad and Kindle 3

Speck manufactures a wide range of cases and sleeves for various gadgets out there and they have just introduced their updated versions of the popular “Dustjacket” design for iPad and Amazon’s Kindle 3.  The Dustjacket style was very popular with Kindle 2 owners and it only seems natural for the company to release an updated version for the new device.  For iPad owners, this case offers great functionality along with style.

The case is a book-style case which is lined with microfiber and covered in faux-leather that comes in either black or red.  When you open the front flap of the case, there are several pre-defined slots that you can put the base of the case into (where your iPad is stored) to give you a variety of viewing angles.  So if you need it to stand more upright for typing or viewing on a desk you can easily do that along with a lower angle for viewing on an airplane tray table.

Speck Dustjacket case for iPad

Speck Dustjacket case for iPad

This approach really makes the Speck Dustjacket super useful no matter your location or the desired viewing angle.  Even better, you can get to all of the iPad’s controls and the power connector without having to remove it from the case.

Speck’s CEO Irene Baran phrased the design and idea behind the Dustjacket well.

“Our new DustJackets for the iPad and Kindle 3 give our customers device protection along with a level of simplicity and functionality that’s truly needed from a folio case when paired with these devices,” said Irene Baran, CEO of Speck. “Both iPad and Kindle 3 owners can travel cross town or across the world reading their favorite books and blogs without the worry of dropping and scratching their device.”

The Speck Dustjacket case is $49.95 and available on the Speck website [Link]