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Apple Launches Two New iPhone 6 Ads

Apple has released two new iPhone 6 ads on their YouTube site and will be coming to your television screen soon.  The two new adds highlight the larger displays of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus while the second advert takes a look at the new Health app built into iOS 8.  It is the first of what I suspect will be many iPhone 6 ads.

The Interactive First Aid App Assistance gets updated for iPhone

Silicon Studios has updated their Medical app, Assistance 2.5 for iOS. Assistance allows users to quickly and easily access first aid information from anywhere using an interactive assistant. The app describes the first aid procedures for more than 200 emergency situations and the user can always count with the interactive assistant for a more specific and direct help. For an even more descriptive information the developers integrated 100 beautiful illustrations in the app.

Assistance also uses the device GPS to provide a quick direct phone connection to local emergency numbers around the Assistance Screenshotworld. The update adds first aid procedures for Asthma Attack, CPR for infants over 1 year, and Recovery Position for infants under 1 year. Assistance has been in the App Store since 2009 and has been in the Top Ten of Medical Apps in the USA.

New in Assistance 2.5 is support for the taller iPhone 5 screen and retina graphics providing clear and crisp graphics on the most recent iOS devices. Full support for iOS 6 is included in the update.

Feature Highlights:
* An interactive assistance that helps the user according the emergency situation
* 100 illustrations
* Uses the device GPS to provide a quick direct phone connection to local emergency numbers
* Integrates Feeds from WHO – World Health Organization
* More than 200 situations are described:

First Aid-
* Choking
* Shock
* Bleeding
* Intoxication
* Trauma
* Asthma Attack
* Electrocution
* Myocardial infarction
* Cerebral hemorrhage
* Sting poisoning
* Sunstroke
* And more

* Recovery Position
* Recovery Position for infants with less than 1 year
* CPR for Infants with less than 1 year
* CPR for Infants with more than 1 year
* Rautek’s Key
* Helmet Removal
* How to evaluate and open the airway
* What to say when calling the emergency number
* Transporting the victim

* Childhood diseases
* Vaccines schedule
* Common infant problems

Assistance is .99 Cents and available in the App Store

Assistance – .99 Cents – Download Now

With Healthy Habits, Success takes Repetition. mHealth apps can help

A desire to create Healthy Habits is top among New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions about weight loss, exercise, eating right, reducing stress and stopping smoking are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions according to It is clear that people want to create healthier habits that improve their quality of life. A growing mHealth movement is focused on helping people live healthier lives with the aid of mobile tools. Healthy Habits is one such app.

Keys to create lasting change:
* Make a specific resolution/goal – write it down
* Come up with a plan. What behaviors do you need to change to be successful
* Track your progress (We recommend using Healthy Habits)
* Stick with it one more day! Every day you stick with it, improves your long term success
* When needed, reset and start again. You don’t need to be perfect, just persistent.

Healthy Habits is a highly rated iphone app that helps people create better health and happiness habits. First released in April 2011 by 2Morrow Mobile, over 78,000 people have downloaded Healthy Habits (or Healthy Habits Premium) in theHealthy Habits Screenshot first 8 months. The app was updated multiple times in the last 9 months including version 3.1 out this week. 2Morrow Mobile attributes frequent updates based on user feedback as a key to the app’s success. 2Morrow Mobile President, Brandon Masterson says that “Building a quality app is like keeping a resolution. You have to keep working on it.”

“We are very responsive to user feedback,” says Masterson, 2Morrow Mobile. “Our users tell us what they like and don’t like and we make adjustments. We constantly improve the app, not only fixing bugs but also adding requested features like backups, quotes, and inspirations. Our goal is to provide users with a fun and effective tool that helps them change their lives.”

Healthy Habits is a health and fitness app for the iPhone focused on helping people change long-term behaviors or habits. The Healthy Habits and Healthy Habits Premium apps have been repetitively featured under iTunes Health and Fitness apps. These apps allow people to identify habits they wish to change, define their motivations, customize goals, track progress and celebrate success. Along the way, they can share their progress with others via email of Facebook, earn badges and reach new milestones. The goal is to reward users for making the changes they wanted to make.Pricing and Availability:

Healthy Habits 3.1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. There is a free version available.

Get Healthy Habits Premium (a health, happiness & wellness app) by 2Morrow Mobile in the App Store