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LPD Interactive Introduces Mobile To-Do App Adoo

LPD Interactive, LLC today launched its to-do list and task management app Adoo in an effort to solve a major problem … check marks are old and no longer useful. Complete with new productive to use advancements such as the swipe-to-done feature that allows users to swipe their task to the left to complete or swipe to the right to do later, Adoo is well on its way to bringing the task list into the mobile age.

Furthermore, Adoo was made to help people across the world not only keep up with their daily to-do’s, but easily organize, set priorities and take action to become more productive. To do so, Adoo has several useful features that helps people input their to-do’s and get out of the app as fast as possible to start doing them, including:

* Swipe-to-done: As mentioned above, enter your to-do’s and complete them by swiping them to the left, which reveals a

Adoo To-Do Swipe to Complete Makes Task Management Easier

Adoo To-Do Swipe to Complete Makes Task Management Easier

green slider with a white checkmark. Awww, it’s easy being green. Sorry Kermit.
Swipe to do later: If you have items that don’t necessarily need to be done now, the swipe them to the right to do next or swipe even further to do later.

* Set reminders: If you have a hard date on which a to-do needs to be done, just add a notification to remind yourself later so it pops up on your mobile device. This is great for when you need to pick up the kids (don’t be that parent that forgets to pick up your kids …) or for reminding yourself to pick up a card for mom’s birthday.

* Prioritize: There are a few ways to prioritize … either set “now,” “next” or “later” when you create a to-do list from the pop-up menu after pushing done, swipe the task to the right if you’ve already created the to-do, or simple tap and hold the to-do to rearrange it from top to bottom, bottom to top or right in the middle. By default,

* Color coding: Categorize your to-do’s by color … green for finances, purple for home, red for office, etc.

* Take a picture: Ever been to the grocery store and forget what brand of soap your spouse told you to get? Don’t want to call to sound insensitive for forgetting? Just snap a photo and pull it up at the store and you’ll be a hero.

* Reactivate Tasks: Accidentally swiped to complete a task? Tap the menu button in the upper left and then tap on completed items to move it back. You can also completely delete all of your completed items from this list.

Adoo 1.0 is available as a free download on the App Store and is a Universal App. Premium features are available via In-App Purchase for an introductory price $.99 (USD).

Adoo To-Do List and Task Manager (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Star Wings 2 – The Space Adventure Continues

Arphix Games today announces that the brand new game Star Wings 2 for iPhone and iPad is available to download worldwide for free today. Star Wings 2, also available for Mac OS X, is a new interstellar arcade game where the player explores the universe by controlling a spaceship across several missions.

Completely redesigned and touch friendly, Star wings 2: A space adventure! shines like never before. In this game, the player has to guide a spaceship to the target portal and deal with the gravity of planets, stars, black-holes and a variety of interstellar bodies.

Its spaceship launching mechanism is very intuitive and well know for being used in other successful games like Ultimate

Star Wings for iPad

Star Wings for iPad

Ball and Angry Birds Space. After launch, the user can control the spaceship simply by touching the screen where the spaceship should go.

But the simplicity stops there! The starfleet of flying bugs will do everything to stop the spaceship to get in its final destination. Star Wings 2 introduces a new variety of enemies and hazards, including explosive spacemines, shooting turrets and flying bugs that will hunt the spaceship until death.

In order to complete the missions and destroy as many enemies as possible, the player counts with lots of add-ons that can be used to equip the spaceships. Also, always exists the possibility to get a new, faster, bigger and powerful spaceship anytime from the command center.

Star Wings 2 Comes to iOS Featuring:
* Several challenging levels across beautiful retina-display scenarios
* Earn gold by solving puzzles! Use it to upgrade your spaceships
* Physics-based elements: planets, asteroids, black holes, stars and more
* Hazards like space mines, shooting turrets and flying seekers
* Lots of achievements to complete and then challenge your friends
* Addictive and exciting play, for both novice and advanced gamers

Star Wings 2 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. It is a Universal App for iOS

A Mac OS X version is also available from the Mac App Store.

Star Wings: A space adventure! (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Star Wings: A space adventure! for Mac – Free – Download Now

Real Racing 3 – The Ultimate Racing Game for Any Platform [Review]

Real Racing 3, one of the most anticipated game releases for iOS for some time, has finally hit the App Store for download.  The photorealistic tracks and cars are real courses, brands and models respectively, making this version of Real Racing the most realistic racing game for iOS available.  Having been a long time racing game player on Xbox – F1 2012, Forza, etc – Real Racing 3 in many ways is better than a console game purely from a graphics perspective.

Interestingly, Electronic Arts has made Real Racing 3 a “Freemium” game meaning that the game itself is free but there are limitations in the game which you have to make in-app purchases to get around those limitations.  This model is nothing new – most of the top games in the App Store have this exact same model and, having played Real Racing 3 for a few hours now you can do a lot of racing without making a single in-app purchase.  But you have to be patience for things like repair times or when a car can become available after you purchase it, etc.

Let’s start with the basics:  Real Racing 3 is a whopping 750MB download.  Yes, all those pretty graphics come at a price, namely storage space on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch.  EA recommends that you have at least 2GB free space on your device to play the game as it will need to do a lot of graphics caching to work properly (i.e. frame rates).  You will have to download it via iTunes or via WiFi from your device directly.  The game is supported on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, iPad 2, iPad 3rd & 4th generation, iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation, and iPad Mini.  The afore in-app purchases range in price from $1.99 to $19.99.

Racing Circuits of Real Racing 3

One of the big changes to Real Racing 3 over previous versions of the game is the inclusion of real racing circuits.  These race tracks include some of the most famous from around the world and the FireMonkey development team of EA spent hundreds of hours at the actual tracks to get the details right.  That work paid off – for you.  Now you can race on circuits such as Mazda Raceway Leguna Seca (USA), Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), Silverstone (England), Indianpolis Motor Speedway (USA), Suzuki Circuit (Japan) and Hockenheimring (Germany) just to name a few.  Having these real course pulls you even further into the racing experience where you get to figure out how to control the car through the almighty

Real Racing 3 has real tracks from around the world

Real Racing 3 has real tracks from around the world

Eau Rouge turn at Spa for example.  If you are a Formula 1 fan, ALMS or World Endurance fan, you will smile when you get to race around one of these circuits.

The work the FireMonkey team put into getting these circuits accurate is evident the first lap you turn at them.  The textures of the circuits are superb and the surrounding backgrounds of the circuits are accurate to the finest level.  Once you see one of the tracks you will quickly figure out where the bulk of the 750MB download came from on the install.  But it is worth it.

There are other little detailed improvements to the game like a working rear view mirror in the cars.  This is thanks to the Mint 3  Engine that is being used to render the graphics being able to keep up with the game play.