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iBank for iPad now half price through April 10 only

GG Software, Inc. today announced the release of iBank for iPad 2.1, a significant update to its powerful personal finance app for iOS 7. Free for users of earlier versions, the update delivers an all-new search function, auto-complete for data entry, and improvements to account handling, category management and investments, as well as over 20 fixes. Available from the App Store immediately, iBank for iPad 2.1 will be half-price – $10 off – through April 10 only.

“This is iBank for iPad’s most significant release since version 1.0,” says IGG’s president, Ian Gillespie. “With fast search and faster data entry, it’s better than ever for seeing your complete financial picture: to know where your accounts stands, to plan ahead for expenses, to budget for more savings and to invest for a more comfortable future.”

iBank for iPad 2.1 now allows users to:

  • Search all transactions globally or by account
  • Adds type-ahead functionality to auto-fill transactions with payees, as well as categories and amounts
  • Introduces new sections to manage Categories, Securities and Payees

iBank for iPad – SALE $9.99 – Download Now

Bought App is a Beautiful New Expense Tracking App for iPhone

Expense tracking apps should be simple and delightful to use. No forms to fill, no complicated budgets or categories to configure. The Bought app is expense tracking that is quick, easy and finished in just a few steps!

The Bought app has a beautiful interface that’s easy to use – There’s no need to mess around with budgets or long forms to fill up. With a gorgeous, minimalist design, optimised for iOS7, Bought is one of the most beautiful expense tracker apps out there.

Bought – $1.99 – Download Now

Get Your Financial House In Order with Light Budget for iPhone

GoltApps has announced the release of Light Budget: Personal Financial Analyzer for iOS. Light Budget provides a total and a breakdown of expenditure in these categories as a proportion of the total spend. It can show whether a household is living within its means or not, allowing for the planning of future reductions in expenditure. Personal Financial Analyzer a simple and easy to use Personal Budgeting Application to assist you with tracking expenses, payment types, items types and more!

The Light Budget app allows users to quickly and easily track all business expenses, with different expense types, payment types and item types. Use built in reporting services to analyze payment methods, expense types or item types and track your spending over time.

Light Budget – $4.99 – Download Now

MileBug App Updated for 2014 IRS Mileage Rules

Independent app developer, Izatt International has announced the launch of the new MileBug app for iOS. This new release for the New Year contains the new 2014 IRS mileage rates and sorting options for Favorite Trips. The Favorite Trips list can now be sorted alphabetically A-Z or Z-A, as well as a custom, user-defined order.

The award-winning and highly ranked Finance mileage log app, MileBug, can be found in the Finance section of both the iPhone and the iPad App Store. This iPhone trip log lets users track miles driven for business use and get their deduction or reimbursement.

Compatible with the markets most popular mobile devices, MileBug is the perfect electronic mileage logger and expense tracker generating logs that export beautifully for ease of use come tax time.

The MileBug app is not only the perfect companion to keep track of the miles you drive for your business, charity, personal or medical reasons – it also aids you in keeping track of your expenses. With MileBug you are not only helping the environment by conserving paper, you also spare yourself from grief and calculating headaches as the app includes a plethora of great features, all wrapped in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

MileBug (Universal App) – $2.99 – Download Now

Plans App Helps You Keep Your Financial Goals in 2014

The Gamma Project has announced the release of “Plans – financial plans with sync” for iOS, a fresh financial app which not only looks great but it’s also ridiculously easy to use. The Plans app is the best choice for anyone new to personal finance apps, and anyone who wants to get started, and keep at it, with as little effort as possible.

Just set up your budget and you are ready to go – the app requires no personal information or complex setup to get started. Adding income and expenses can be done in very few steps, which makes entering things on a regular basis painless. There is a pre-defined set of income and expense categories, but you can create custom ones if you wish.

The Plans app’s main page shows at a glance how your budget is doing. It works like a financial thermometer which turns from green to red as you’re nearing the predefined limit. You are not limited to tracking a single budget: the app allows you to track specific areas of finance instead of just one as most other apps do. You can create as many different financial ‘plans’ as you wish – whether it’s about bill payments, expense claims, budgeting for vacation and holidays and so on. You can even use the app to count calories when you are on a diet.

Plans – .99 Cents – Download Now

Amounts for iPhone brings a new way to take control of personal expenses

Swift Fox Software is introducing Amounts for iPhone, a personal expense tracker designed to make users more aware of their spending. The app features a clean interface designed specifically for iOS 7.

Users can add new transactions in seconds with the streamlined entry system. A receipt photo and description can be included to keep track in greater detail. The app can be personalized to individual spending habits with custom categories. Users can select from 70 different icons and 16 different colors to put a personal touch on the interface. Track coffee shop visits, Christmas gift spending or see grocery costs over time with specific categories.

YouTube Preview Image

Amounts for iPhone – $2.99 – Download Now

Loan Calculator Loantune for iOS Released

Pixolini has announced the release of Loantune for iOS, an elegant and simple Loan Calculator to save money on interest and reduce length of loans by “What If” scenarios. Chart your savings to visually see the impact of extra monthly/yearly principal payments versus current status. The loan amortization schedule shows a timeline of money savings and time cutting from your loans. View different interest and time saving scenarios by making extra “What If” principal payments per month and/or per year on your fixed rate loans:

Loantune for iPad

Loantune for iPad

  • iCloud Syncing with iPhone and iPad
  • “What If” scenarios
  • Chart your savings
  • Share savings details and Amortization Schedule

Intuitive User Interface:
Quickly calculate What If scenarios to instantly see money saved on interest and years/months cut from your fixed loans with Loantune for iOS. Enter extra monthly principal payment, yearly amount or both.

Chart summary of the benefits of making additional monthly/yearly principal payments versus current status. Visually see total amount interest savings and how many years/months are shortened from the life of the loan.

Share & Amortization Schedule:
In Loantune for iOS, view amortization schedule to see benefits for each month. Send by email saving details and/or amortization schedule. See month by month interest savings on how the extra principal payments effect the length of the loan.

Loantune for iOS is a universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is available now in the App Store for .99 Cents.  The app requires you to be running iOS 7 or later on your device.

Loantune: What If Loan Calculator (Universal App) – .99 Cents – Download Now

StockWatch App Launches for iOS – Elegant Financial App

Toughturtle has announced the release of the next generation of StockWatch, their award-winning financial App for iOS. StockWatch – Next Gen has been redesigned and recoded from the ground up with a focus on aesthetics, ease of use, and the simplicity of Apple’s iOS7.

For the past five years, StockWatch, both for the iPhone and iPad, have been the most awarded and complete stock tracking App on the AppStore. With StockWatch – Next Gen, Toughturtle builds on the core of the previous versions and

StockWatch for iPhone

StockWatch for iPhone

takes the App into new directions with an expanded set of features and an iOS7 user interface.

“With StockWatch – Next Gen, we wanted to give the StockWatch community all the features they have asked for over the years”, said Todd Barnes, Lead Developer and CTO at Toughturtle. “With the release of iOS7, and all the changes that came with it, we knew that this was the best time to re-create StockWatch from scratch. ”

StockWatch – Next Gen is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and full featured market quote and portfolio tracking App that allows quick and easy tracking of investments with personalized watchlists and portfolios all from the convenience of your iOS device. Built around iOS7 and boasting 100% Retina Display compatibility, this Universal App (one download for all your devices) lets you share your data via iCloud, get stock alerts via push notifications, track over 50 worldwide exchanges, convert to 150 currencies, and so much more.

“Because Apple doesn’t allow upgrade pricing, StockWatch – Next Gen is being offered as a completely new app and not as an update”, said Todd Barnes. “This was a tough decision, but it was necessary given the business model of the Appstore. However, we decided to offer the App at 50% off at launch, so in effect, everyone who acts fast gets heavily discounted upgrade pricing.”

StockWatch (Universal App) – SALE $2.99 – Download Now

AvocSoft Releases My Weekly Budget+ App, a real-time budgeting tool

AvocSoft LLC is excited to announce My Weekly Budget+, available now in the iTunes store. My Weekly Budget+ is designed by the same trusted source as My Weekly Budget (MyWB), which users have reviewed as helpful, reliable, and easy to use. The original app has consistently been one of the top 10 personal finance apps in the iTunes store and the #1 paid app in 6 countries, including the US, Australia and New Zealand. MyWB has also been successful in Google Play for Android as well.

My Weekly Budget has helped Thousands of people save money, and now “My Weekly Budget+” can make the process My Weekly Budget+ Screenshotsetting budget goals and saving money easier than ever. The new app allows for real-time budget updates across devices, so whether users enter information through My Weekly Budget+ on their iPad, iPhone or any iOS device, the entry is sync’d instantaneously through iCloud.

This new feature also allows for multiple people to share and track the same budget- great for couples, families and households! In addition, My Weekly Budget+ now permits users to select currency formats and the budgeting period that best fits their life (i.e. 1 week, 2 week, half month or 1 month). Upgrading to My Weekly Budget+ from MyWB is also easy – no need to reenter pertinent information.

My Weekly Budget+ can help anyone save money:
* Professionals
* Families
* College Students
* Couples
* Teens
* Seniors
* Anyone living on a budget
* Anyone looking to save money

My Weekly Budget+ is a Universal App and is $1.99 in the App Store

My Weekly Budget+ (Universal App) – $1.99 – Download Now

2012 IRS Rates now available in MileBug 2.1.5 for iOS

The popular iPhone mileage log application, MileBug, has been updated to include the IRS 2012 tax deduction rates. The IRS has actually only changed the Medical/Moving rate, decreasing it by one-half cent. The rates for 2012 are as follows:

* 55.5 cents per mile for business miles driven
* 23 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
* 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations

MileBug now incorporates these rates for the period of January 1, 2012 and forward. For those that have different rates due to geography or employment, these rates may be edited in the Presets tab under Types/Rates.

Back in 2008, just 2 weeks after the iPhone SDK was announced, plans were started for the development of MileBug. It eventually went live in the App Store on August 25th, 2008 as one of only 2500 apps then available in the store.

Over the past 3 years, MileBug has enjoyed some recognition:
1) In January 2010, MileBug was highlighted in the What’s Hot section of 57 App Stores worldwide.
2) Also in January 2010, MileBug rose to be the #1 Finance app in Ecuador and #2 Finance app in the United States.
3) Featured in the Apple’s WorldWide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) banners both in 2009 and 2010.
4) The MileBug logo appeared in the front window display of the Apple stores in San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

Popular on the iPhone and iPod touch, MileBug was released for the Android and Nokia/Symbian platforms in the summer of 2010, and Nokia/Qt in Spring 2011.

To make next year’s taxes that much easier, and the tax returns that much larger, MileBug helps those driving their own vehicles for business, or other reasons receive their reimbursement and/or tax deduction. From small to big business, from realtors to direct sales consultants, MileBug continues to serve those needing a mileage tax break.

“I have used this now for a year and it has been a lifesaver.” – customer review

“As a realtor, I am always going somewhere. This program makes it extremely easy to track my miles for tax purposes.” – customer review

“Milebug saves you time and money; and is a MUST have for any business owner.” – iReviewiPhoneApps

In the U.S., the IRS business rate for 2011 (July-Dec) is 55.5 cents/mile. MileBug for the iPhone/iPod touch helps people track their miles and provides emailed reports for easy submission to employers, accountants, and the IRS.

“MileBug is a mileage tracker for your iPhone or iPod touch that makes it super easy to … track your mileage. This is great if you need to report your mileage to your boss … the [IRS] … or for any personal reasons.” – AppStoreApps

“In my job, I need a way to track mileage for work trips around town. MileBug does a great job of providing a really simple (and IRS friendly) method of tracking my trip logs. I really like how I can export the reports to email for reimbursement and reporting.” – The Apple Blog

Inside the MileBug app is an option to select kilometers instead of miles. From within the Presets, users can define custom rates for business, charity, medical, and other categories. If you get one rate from your employer for reimbursement, and another rate from the IRS for your side business, you simply create two different business rates.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later
* 1.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
MileBug 2.1.5 for iOS is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Finance category.

Get MileBug – Mileage Log & Expense Tracker By Izatt International in the App Store