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Apple posts article on Do Not Disturb issue with it being fixed on 7 January

Apple has released an acknowledgement that the sporadic issues with Do Not Disturb are legitimate and are being addressed.  On the Apple Support site yesterday, Apple posted article TS4510 which outlines the problem of Do Not Disturb mode staying on even after the scheduled time for it end has passed.  The resolution to the issue is interesting:

Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.

What makes this interesting is the “resume normal functionality” statement.  Does this mean that whatever this bug is, likely algorithm related, runs its course on 7 January and things return to normal?  Or does it mean that we can expect to see a hot patch of some sort for iOS 6 to resolve the issue on 7 January?  It really doesn’t matter but the blogosphere is alight with the idea that this will be a software patch – I’m not convinced yet. :-)

A deeper question – and I’d like to hear your thoughts – is why does Apple have a difficult time with the calendar rolling to a new year and Daylight Savings Time?  They have been plagued with issues related to one or the other or both in iOS 4, iOS 5 and now iOS 6.

You can read TS4510 here and remember to turn off DND manually between now and the 7th.

Apple posts ill-timed “Dreams” ad featuring Do Not Disturb

The good news:  Apple releases a brand new advert highlighting the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone 5

The bad news:  Apple releases a brand new advert highlighting the Do Not Disturb feature on a day when it failed for many

Yeah, so chalk this one up to someone not paying attention.  Apple released a new advert for the iPhone 5 today featuring Venus and Serena Williams.  It’s actually a great ad, one that makes you chuckle a bit, and it highlights how easy it is to use the Do Not Disturb feature.  See for yourself

YouTube Preview Image

The problem is that many users experienced problems with Do Not Disturb not waking up properly with the calendar rolling over to 2013.  The fix is easy:  Just turn it off then back on again.  But the timing of this advert was not so great on Apple’s part.

In their defence, Apple has not come out with any official statement regarding the Do Not Disturb issues on 1 January 2013 so from there perspective, no problem with iOS or this advert.  Still, for many, this was a grown and #facepalm moment.

Scheduled Do Not Disturb Not Turning Off on Some iOS 6 Devices

There have been some reports via Twitter and a few other Apple centric sites this morning about a bug impacting scheduled Do Not Disturb and the rolling of the calendar to 2013.  I can report that I’ve seen the bug on my iPad (3rd Generation) but my Scheduled DND turned off as normal on my iPhone 5.

Take a look at this screen capture I made this morning from my iPad.  Note the scheduled DND is still enabled even though the time is past the scheduled end time of 08:00.  I had to manually turn of Do Not Disturb instead of it disablingDo Not Disturb Error 01 Jan 2013 itself automatically as it did throughout 2012.

The interesting thing is that I did not see this problem on my iPhone 5.  The Do Not Disturb is set up exactly the same way on it as it is on my iPad and it disabled itself as normal this morning.  Others have reported this being a problem on their iPhone 4S and 5 so it doesn’t seem to be isolated to just the iPad.  In other words, it could be the worst kind of bug:  No method to the madness.

I will update this post as I gather more information or if Apple releases any statement regarding this maybe-or-maybe not bug.

How To setup Do Not Disturb on-the-fly and by schedule on your iPhone and iPad

One of the new features that I highlighted in my iOS 6 review was Do Not Disturb.  Do Not Disturb (DND) allows you to either on-the-fly or by schedule set your phone in a mode that will not disturb you by ringing, alarming or by turning on the display screen.  It is great for meetings or hotel rooms while you are trying to sleep (not mutually exclusive) as it still gets your email and notifications to your iPhone or iPad unlike Airplane Mode.  Plus, you can set up Do Not Disturb to wake you if one of your contacts that you have indicated as a favorite calls or messages you twice in a short period of time to make sure you don’t miss something important.

Let’s start with setting up Do Not Disturb on-the-fly.  This allows you to set your phone up in DND outside of the normal schedule you have set up (see how to do this later in this How To) such as a meeting, while driving, at lunch, etc.  It’s more

Do Not Disturb Manual Switch

Do Not Disturb Manual Switch

effective than Airplane Mode in that all of your email, notifications and updates are sent to your iPhone or iPad but you are not visually or audibly alerted.  To do this, go to Settings and the 4th option down is Do Not Disturb.  Slide the switch to ON and your phone immediately goes into DND mode.  You can tell when you are in this mode as a crescent moon icon appears next to the clock on your iPhone or iPad.

Your iPhone or iPad will stay in DND until you slide this switch back to the OFF position

Do Not Disturb indicator Enabled

Do Not Disturb indicator Enabled

but keep in mind that if you have your display on (i.e. you are working on your device while it is in DND) you will still receive notifications and updates.  Why?  Apple assumes that if you are working on your device then you want your updates as normal.  DND only works when the display of your device is off.

If there is one complaint I have about Do Not Disturb it is the fact that I have to go into Settings to enable it in this on-the-fly approach.  It would be great to see Apple in an update to iOS 6 or maybe iOS 7 (although I don’t want to wait that long) to have this option in the Notification Center.  There it would be a swipe down and slide switch away versus the two or three taps to get into settings.