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Edit the Carrier Name on your iPhone and iPad

If you follow me on Instagram you saw yesterday a post I made with the title “My new carrier”.  Gone is my Vodafone UK branding and it has been replaced with an Apple icon.  It use to be that in order to change the carrier branding on your iPhone or iPad you had to jailbreak your device, something that I’ve personally not done and really don’t have an interest in doing.  Now a couple of developers, Kevin Ko & Daniel Levi, have created an app that runs on your Mac that quickly and

iPhone 5 with Apple Carrier Icon

iPhone 5 with Apple Carrier Icon

easily allows you to change your carrier name with an app he has created, CarrierEditor.

CarrierEditor is a Mac-based app that allows you to create a small IPCC file that you can restore to your iPhone or iPad and it will change the carrier name to a selected set of icons – an Apple icon, an Android icon, a Batman icon, Transformer icon, etc.  The app comes with several pre-built icons to chose from so selecting one is quick and easy.  The instructions on how to do this are super simple and Ko & Levi have done an excellent job of walking you through step-by-step on how to modify your carrier name.  They are also very clear that this

Carrier Editor

Carrier Editor

doesn’t jailbreak your device nor does it void the warranty.  It is simply a software overwrite.

There are some carriers that are not supported, most notably Sprint in the US, as they do not use an image for the carrier name.  The list is rather exhaustive of carriers that are supported worldwide so you will likely find your carrier with no problem.  If you don’t find it however, that means you won’t be able to change the carrier name.

For more information including the downloadable executable to make this change, head to the CarrierEditor website.

First referenced on Cult of Mac