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Apple Releases iTunes 11.3.1 Podcasts Fix

Apple has quietly released a minor update to iTunes aimed at helping resolve some lingering problems with Podcasts for some users.  The new iTunes 11.3.1 update is available now for Mac through the Mac App Store (check under Updates) or you can download it from the iTunes site.  If you are a iTunes user on PC, you can use the Apple Software update app to get the latest update.

iPhone 6 Launch Event Anticipated for September 9th

The anticipation around a new iPhone launch every year is always a big news maker and this year is no exception and if anything it is bigger this year.  With anticipation around larger displays, the iPhone 6 launch event is likely going to prove to be one of the biggest news makers for Apple in the last few years.  I know I’m eager to see the new iPhone 6 but I’m not sure if I’m as excited as my partner in arms Tricia.

iMessage with Tricia on iPhone 6

iMessage with Tricia on iPhone 6

All indications, from multiple sources, are pointing out that the iPhone 6 launch date is going to be Tuesday, September 9th.  Those sources include Bloomberg which stated:

The Cupertino, California-based company is set to introduce two new models: one with a 4.7-inch screen, and another with a 5.5-inch screen, people with knowledge of the plans have said.

And not to be outdone, the Wall Street Journal is also saying September 9th is the date:

Apple is expected to hold an event to introduce its new iPhones on Sept. 9, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The timing of Apple’s announcement would fall in line with its recent track record of announcing the new phones in early- to mid-September and then starting sales a few weeks later.

These are two credible sources who, in the past, have been accurate on these types of things.  I would recommend we call circle September 9th in our diaries now.

Russia Asks For Apple Source Code Amid Spying Concerns

The Russian Communications Minister has asked for Apple source code to be handed over to the government in an effort to determine if spying is happening on their citizens with the use of Apple software and hardware.  The request, which has been requested of other companies like Microsoft (in 2003) and SAP and comes in the aftermath of the Edward Snowden revelations about the US government along with public statements made about strengthening intelligence gathering on Russia.  Interestingly, the statement from the Russian government comes on day that the US and Europe consider further sanctions against Russia over the Ukrainian crisis.

Apple Seeds OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 Beta 1 to Developers

In what will likely be its last significant update, Apple has seeded OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 Beta 1 to their developer community today.    The beta is available exclusively through the Apple Developer portal and is accompanied by a beta version of Safari 7.0.6.  As we all know, OS X Yosemite will supersede Mavericks in the October timeframe so this final update is to push forth any minor issues remaining and do any last minute prep work required for a Yosemite upgrade.

The Apple Enterprise Push Quietly Continues Moving Forward

The Apple enterprise push from the consumer realm quietly but steadily continues as evidenced by their latest patent application.  Over the course of the last few months I’ve pointed out that the Apple has started to move the enterprise telephony goalposts with the introduction of  a new mobile security tool along, video and voice integration into Messages and the ability to place and receive calls on your Mac from your nearby iPhone without actually having to touch your iPhone.

Then a couple of weeks ago Apple announced a relationship with IBM in which the two tech giants would work collaboratively to bring IBM enterprise level applications to iOS.  It was a huge step towards the enterprise for Apple as working with IBM to develop some of their 120 applications to the iPad will naturally drive them into places that Apple has struggled to get them into up to now.

Today we see yet more evidence of the Apple enterprise push with United States Patent 8791978 that outlines, by using FaceTime, a multi-person conference room video system.

The Apple Enterprise Play Taking Shape With IBM Deal

One of the killer features of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 that will be coming this fall is the ability to answer a call coming in on your iPhone on your Mac.  I highlighted this in an article I wrote back in June on how Apple may very well move the enterprise telephony goalposts with this feature.  This week Apple and IBM announced an agreement where the two giants will be working together to develop enterprise applications and solutions to get iPads and iPhones more into the enterprise.  Putting the tumultuous history these companies have had in the past aside, it is becoming ever more clear that Apple has their eyes set on the enterprise with this combination of features and this agreement.  We are now starting to see how the Apple enterprise play is starting to take shape.

Aperture & iPhoto for OS X Users – What You Need to Know

As many of you have read by now, Apple announced to 9to5Mac this weekend that they are ending development on Aperture, their professional photo management and editing app, as well as their more consumer oriented iPhoto.  The move comes in the wake of the announcements around OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014 where the new Photo of OS X was announced.  So what does this mean for you if you use either of these apps today?

Apple Drops The Price of The iPod Touch Lineup

Apple has made some significant changes to the 16GB iPod Touch and has lowered the price across the board on all of the iPod Touch lineup.  The new pricing was announced yesterday and should help slowing sales.  The 16GB iPod Touch has been updated to the array of colours that have been available on the 32GB and 64GB versions of the device since this latest generation was announced last year.  Now you can get the entry level unit in pink, yellow, blue, silver, space grey and (PRODUCT) RED.  a 5MP iSight camera has also been added to the 16GB unit and the price has been lowered to $199 (£149 in the UK)