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Apple Seeds OS X 10.9.3 to Developers


Apple has released the 6th beta of the next major update to Mavericks, OS 10.9.3.  The update, known as Build 13D38, was released less than a week after the previous seeding.  If history is any indicator, the rapid release of beta builds indicates either Apple has found a major bug in the update or is rapidly approaching the completed point for the update.

The update focuses on the same major areas and according to our developer insider, asks that Graphics, Audio, Mail and Calendar & Contacts sync over USB to iTunes be tested.  The Calendar & Contacts sync is returning after being removed in earlier releases and developers will need the beta of iTunes (11.1.6) to test this functionality.  OS X 10.9.3

OS X 10.9.3 Build 13D38 Notification

OS X 10.9.3 Build 13D38 Notification

also will bring support to 4K displays for Mavericks at improved refresh rates.  Equally as important, the build contains no known issues which is a good indicator that Apple and their developer community are progressing the update.

As with every Apple beta release, it is only open to developers in their developer network.  There is no indication on when the public will see OS X 10.9.3.  For more information on the Apple Developer network, you can check out http://developer.apple.com.  Joining the OS X network is $100 annually and the iOS developer train is an additional $100 per annum.


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Dogalize, the First Ever Veterinary Telemedicine and Social Network App


Do you have a four-legged friend? Are you constantly sharing stories and pictures of your dog? Are you always on the hunt for dog-friendly places? Are you looking for people to connect with that share your passion for dogs? Do you wish you could speak to a veterinarian whenever you have questions about your dog’s health? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to download Business Competence’s latest app, Dogalize.

Dogalize is a social network for dog owners. Users can create a profile for themselves and include information about their four-legged friends such as Name, Breed, and Character. The app then allows users to connect with other dog owners and see how they take care of their dogs.

However Dogalize is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill social network. The application is also the first to feature veterinary telemedicine. If your dog is in need of an immediate veterinarian consultation, Dogalize will connect you with an available vet via video call. This communication feature is also available for friends on your social network, meaning you can show off your dog’s talents in real time.

Here is a trailer of how the app works and what it offers to dog owners

YouTube Preview Image

Dogalize (Universal App) – Free – Download Now


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iBank for iPad now half price through April 10 only


GG Software, Inc. today announced the release of iBank for iPad 2.1, a significant update to its powerful personal finance app for iOS 7. Free for users of earlier versions, the update delivers an all-new search function, auto-complete for data entry, and improvements to account handling, category management and investments, as well as over 20 fixes. Available from the App Store immediately, iBank for iPad 2.1 will be half-price – $10 off – through April 10 only.

“This is iBank for iPad’s most significant release since version 1.0,” says IGG’s president, Ian Gillespie. “With fast search and faster data entry, it’s better than ever for seeing your complete financial picture: to know where your accounts stands, to plan ahead for expenses, to budget for more savings and to invest for a more comfortable future.”

iBank for iPad 2.1 now allows users to:

  • Search all transactions globally or by account
  • Adds type-ahead functionality to auto-fill transactions with payees, as well as categories and amounts
  • Introduces new sections to manage Categories, Securities and Payees

iBank for iPad – SALE $9.99 – Download Now


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iOS 7 Adoption Rate at 87% according to Apple


Apple has posted on their developer website an impressive statistic.  By measuring the iOS version of users coming to the App Store, Apple has determined that 87% of all users are using iOS 7 or iOS 7.1.  That is stunningly impressive when you consider where the latest version of Android is 5.3% according to Google’s developer site.  iOS 7 has been out for consumers for 7 months now and through the free upgrades and essentially one-tap upgrades, the vast majority of iPhone and iPad users have taken the plunge.

Here at AlliOSNews, we could hardly disagree with Apple’s findings.  In reviewing our statistics, a whopping 90.49% of

iOS 7 Adoption Rate

iOS 7 Adoption Rate (Source: Apple, Inc.)

visitors to the site on a mobile device were on a derivative of iOS 7 over the course of the past 10 days.  Even more interesting, iOS 7.1 accounted for 51.99% of that traffic while iOS 7.0 was only 1.52%.

To be clear, Apple is basing their stats on the number of visitors to the App Store.  It’s a pretty solid number to go on but it isn’t foolproof.  If, for example users only get new apps and updates from syncing with iTunes, it may not count the numbers correctly – so it could be higher or lower.  But no matter how you slice it, Apple is seeing a nice adoption rate for their latest version of iOS.


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How To View Open Web Pages on Your iPad From Your iPhone


Here is the scene:  You have your iPad upstairs/downstairs in your home office and you were on a website looking up a gift for a family member.  Your wife/husband/partner asks you about it and you open up Safari on your iPhone… but then remember that you were looking at it on your iPad.  Dilemma:  Do you trot upstairs/downstairs to get your iPad or do you try in vein to remember the site you were searching?  The correct answer is neither.  Through the beauty of iCloud you have all of the open pages on your iPad right at your finger tips on your iPhone and in this AlliOSNews How To, I will show you how to quickly and easily get to those pages.

There are a lot of things that iCloud can do for you, one of which is synchronising your open websites between your iPhone, iPad and Mac.  On your iPad or on your Mac you simply tap the iCloud icon in Safari and you are shown a list of all of the open pages across your devices.  This allows you to quickly and easily open them from another device.  But for iPhone under iOS 7.1, Apple made it that much easier and frankly I’d love to see this on iPad.


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Crossword for You Features 60+ Exclusive Theme-Based Puzzles


Puzzle lovers of all ages around the world who are bored of repetitive, ordinary and unexciting puzzle apps, can now enjoy endless hours of challenging fun by downloading Skeelo.net GmbH’s new digital puzzle magazine Crossword for You Issue 01 – Popular Puzzles and Mind Games.

Designed specifically for iPad, Crossword for You Issue 01 – Popular Puzzles and Mind Games features over 60 theme-based puzzles with enhanced graphics, which have been created exclusively by editorial staff and not available anywhere else. Some of the app’s brilliant puzzle themes include:

Crossword for You for iPad

Crossword for You for iPad

  • Arrowwords
  • Crosswords
  • Wordsearch
  • Grid Work
  • Brick by Brick
  • Sudoku
  • Spot the Difference
  • Image Slide
  • Codebreaker
  • Find the Pairs

All puzzles are completely solvable offline, which is ideal for users who don’t have a wifi connection, or who simply want to reduce bandwidth usage. Users can also save their progress in any puzzle, and there’s even a convenient hint function.

Furthermore, unlike many other puzzle apps, all of the puzzles in Crossword for You Issue 01 – Popular Puzzles and Mind Games are available immediately, with no extra in-app purchases or fees of any kind.

“Studies show that puzzle solving is a great brain workout,” commented Jens von Berg of Skeelo.net GmbH. “And so in addition to enjoying hours of challenging fun, users of all ages can train their brain and raise their performance. And best of all, users can experience all of this on their iPad anytime and anywhere, without having to look for a pen or an eraser!”

Crossword for You Issue 01 is available now in the App Store for .99 Cents.  It is designed for iPad and requires your device be running iOS 6.0 or later.

Crossword for you Issue 01 – .99 Cents – Download Now


Krashlander – Ski, Jump, Crash! – Major Update to 2D Physics Ski Game


Farseer Games has released Krashlander – Ski, Jump, Crash! for iOS, a major update to their 2D, platform-style, physics-powered ski game. Evil robots have destroyed the world and the player must ski down large mountain slopes and soar over gaping crevices to attack the robots and exact revenge. Utilizing a physics driven control mechanic from an abandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator, Krashlander challenges players to destroy robots by crashing into them. It is a skill-based game with 40 progressively more challenging levels.

To navigate the game, the player uses a touch surface on the right side of the screen to control the physical posture of the skier. Adjusting the posture will help the skier avoid obstacles, increase speed, or jump off cliffs to take out the robots. Some levels may require multiple runs to destroy the target.

Here is the official trailer to give you a flavour of how Krashlander is played.

YouTube Preview Image

“The great thing about Krashlander is you can play each level a little differently,” says Phil Eaves of SlidetoPlay (20 Feb 2013). “You can do flips off of cliffs if you want, or you can play it safe. It’s a game that makes you feel cool when you pull off all the right moves.”

Krashlander (Universal App) – $1.99 – Download Now


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Minesweeper Puzzle Game Released for iOS


iThinkdiff has announced the release and immediate availability of Minesweeper Puzzle Game 1.0 for iOS devices. The game lets anyone put math and puzzle-solving skills to work trying to beat the classic game of Minesweeper. In this game using math and proximity, user have to find and tap another unmarked square which doesn’t hide a mine. The unmarked square will be replaced with more numbers which help user to find more mines. User have to keep searching until uncover the numbers under every unmarked square.

Key Features:

  • Simple interface makes learning the game easy for players of all ages

    Mindsweeper Puzzle for iPad

    Mindsweeper Puzzle for iPad

  • Three difficulty levels help entertain both novices and experts
  • A hint button will help you out if you get stuck, so you never need to make a risky random guess again

How To Become The Ultimate Minesweeper:
User play Minesweeper on a grid of unmarked squares. An easy game has 81 squares hiding ten mines; a medium game has 256 squares hiding forty mines; and a hard game has 480 squares hiding ninety-nine mines.

To start the game, user have to make a random guess by taping an unmarked square. That square, and possibly some adjacent squares, are replaced with numbers indicating how many mines touch that square.

Using math and proximity, user have to find and tap another unmarked square which doesn’t hide a mine. The unmarked square will be replaced with more numbers which help user to find more mines. User have to keep searching until uncover the numbers under every unmarked square. For guess wrong and tap a hidden mine user will lose the game

Keeping players entertained are the game’s excellent graphics (which look incredible on retina displays) and fun sound effects.

Mindsweeper Puzzle is a universal app and is free in the App Store.  It is integrated with Game Center and requires your device be running iOS 7.0 or later.

Minesweeper Puzzle (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

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Create, save and share photo filters with My Camera for iPhone


Indie developer Jens Wikholm, a former full time photography professional and Photoshop artist, today is happy to announce the release of My Camera, an exciting new photography app developed for iPhone. Featuring a huge 188 filters, the My Camera for iPhone app allows users to combine and blend special effects, filters and frames to create extraordinary customised images and filters. From colourful tints and subtle contrast corrections to amazing light leak effects, My Camera app gives users a wonderful chance discover their inner creative genius.

This innovative app features a convenient save function, making enhancing and altering images easier than ever. No

more messing around trying to find the perfect filter combination that worked wonders on the last photo. My Camera for iPhone lets users customise and save their favourite personal filter combination creations to achieve the perfect photo finish time after time.

My Camera is both fun and social, offering users a chance to share saved combinations with contacts. This gives users have the opportunity to build up a varied range of custom filters and share creative explorations with other MyCamera enthusiasts.

My Camera – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now


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Easily print from Microsoft Office apps on an iPad using Print n Share


Print n Share is one of the most versatile and popular printing apps on the App Store and has long had direct integration with Microsoft’s OneDrive (formally SkyDrive). It is because of this tight integration, customers can now quickly and easily print any document or file they make in the Microsoft office apps in just two taps. There is not even the need to download the document or file first – it can be printed directly from within OneDrive on the fly.

All of Microsoft’s iPad based Office apps have a feature that enables customers to auto-save documents, spreadsheets

Print n Share for iPad

Print n Share for iPad

or presentations they create to OneDrive. Once finished editing, all the customer simply needs to do is open Print n Share, tap on OneDrive (SkyDrive), choose their file and tap print!

Print n Share supports printing to all printers, not just AirPrint printers. This means that even if a customer has older model printer, they can still take advantage of being able to print from any of the Microsoft Office apps on the iPad.

Ian Schenkel, CEO of EuroSmartz comments: “Print n Share is one of the top selling printing apps globally and was the original “over the air” document transfer, viewing & management apps. Now with the release of the new Microsoft Office apps for iPad, Print n Share again comes into its own by providing a quick and easy way to print documents & files to any printer. This more than ever means customers can fully utilize the mobility of an iPad and print while on the move.”

Print n Share is a universal app for iPhone and iPad and is $7.99 in the App Store.  It requires your devices be running iOS 5.0 or later.

Print n Share (Universal App) – $7.99 – Download Now

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