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Apple Releases “Misunderstood” Holiday TV Advert

In what has become an annual thing, Apple has released a new TV advertisement for the holiday season.  This year it is entitled “Misunderstood” and it is really, really good.  If any of you AlliOSNews readers have teenagers who have their faces buried in their iPhones regularly, be careful.

They could be up to something very good.

And yes, this was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s

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Artist Paints Photo-Realistic Portrait of Morgan Freeman with his iPad and Procreate

There is talent and then there is this…

Visual artist Kyle Lambert has posted the most incredible video of him producing a photo-realistic painting of a portrait of Morgan Freeman and he used his finger, an iPad and the app Procreate.  Mr. Lambert spent over 200 hours producing this incredible piece of digital art and if this doesn’t show you the power of an iPad and a built-for-purpose app in the right hands, nothing will convince you.

Take a look…

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I’ve posted a few times on Procreate here on AlliOSNews and it is unquestionably one of the best painting applications for iPad today.  If you are looking for such an app look no further.  Clearly it is up to the task.

Apple Posts Two iPhone 5S Videos to YouTube

With the official launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C done yesterday, Apple has been posting several videos to their YouTube channel.  Apple has posted two iPhone5S videos highlighting a new feature and an improved feature.

The first video highlights the all new Touch ID.  This is the fingerprint scanning technology built into the Home button which allows you to unlock the iPhone 5S as well as make purchases through the App Store without having to enter in your password.  The demonstration of this yesterday was quite impressive given that you can access your iPhone with up to five different fingers and can do so from virtually any angle of touch on the Home button.

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The second video covers the improvements that Apple made in the iSight camera in the iPhone 5S.  With an improved sensor and lens quality, the photos from the iPhone 5S should be even better than the already outstanding iPhone 5.  Apple has also increased the size of the pixels on the sensor to improve the picture quality and with the dual LED flashes – one white and one Amber to help with making flash photos more natural – there have been some big steps forward.

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If you are interested in seeing the entire keynote video from yesterday, you can subscribe to the free Apple Podcast in iTunes.

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Apple Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.4 Beta to Developers

Coming just a few weeks after the public release of 10.8.3, Apple has seeded the latest beta build to developers today.  Mountain Lion 10.8.4 is available only to those belonging to the Apple Developer network and the build version is 12E27.

Mountain Lion 10.8.4 came with the standard issue of release notes according to our insider but those notes did not contain anything specific as to what was addressed or updated in this release.  The only things mentioned in the focus areas of the notes were WiFi, Safari and Graphics.

As expected, there is no indicated date of when Mountain Lion 10.8.4 will be available to the public.  In the case of 10.8.3, there were over a dozen revisions to the build over the course of 5 months developers had access to it.  That was a long beta cycle even by Apple standards so it is difficult to say if that will be the case again on this release.

It is also worth noting that February marked the one year anniversary of Mountain Lion being announced.  10.8.4 could very well represent one of the last major builds of Mountain Lion as anticipation of a new OS X, 10.9, is expected soon.  How soon and if this is indeed one of the last updates for 10.8, only time will tell.

Mountain Lion 10.8.4 is available through the Apple Developer network which is $100 per year to join.  More information can be found on the Developer site.

Apple Releases “Alive” TV Advert for iPad and iPad Mini

Apple has released another television advert on their YouTube channel by the name of “Alive”.  You can view it below.

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The advert points out the wide range of apps that are available on the iPad and iPad Mini and covers a range of apps from Entertainment to Education.  As you would expect, it is a pretty polished advert that hits the heart of the matter early and often:  You can do anything with an iPad.

Shortly after posting the Alive advert, Apple posted a second one entitled “Together”.  You can view that one here:

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Apple posts ill-timed “Dreams” ad featuring Do Not Disturb

The good news:  Apple releases a brand new advert highlighting the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone 5

The bad news:  Apple releases a brand new advert highlighting the Do Not Disturb feature on a day when it failed for many

Yeah, so chalk this one up to someone not paying attention.  Apple released a new advert for the iPhone 5 today featuring Venus and Serena Williams.  It’s actually a great ad, one that makes you chuckle a bit, and it highlights how easy it is to use the Do Not Disturb feature.  See for yourself

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The problem is that many users experienced problems with Do Not Disturb not waking up properly with the calendar rolling over to 2013.  The fix is easy:  Just turn it off then back on again.  But the timing of this advert was not so great on Apple’s part.

In their defence, Apple has not come out with any official statement regarding the Do Not Disturb issues on 1 January 2013 so from there perspective, no problem with iOS or this advert.  Still, for many, this was a grown and #facepalm moment.

Google updates YouTube app to make it a universal app

Google has released an update to their YouTube app that brings much anticipate native support for the iPad.  The update, which is available now, has been optimised for the larger display of the iPad & iPad Mini and also brings optimised support for the iPhone 5.  The update also brings support for streaming videos via AirPlay on your AppleTV and the ability to add and remove videos from your playlist on YouTube.

This is the first significant update to the YouTube app since it was released as a standalone app back in September.

YouTube is a free app and available in the iTunes App Store

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