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Real Racing 3 for iOS Update Brings New Ferrari’s and Events

Electronic Arts has released a significant new update to Real Racing 3 for iOS that brings a host of changes including the Enzo Ferrari to the car line up.  The update, which is available now in the App Store, is just over 1GB in size so it is something you will have to update to over WiFi.

The Enzo Ferrari joins the ranks of the extreme performance cars in Real Racing 3 for iOS and joins with the 458 Spider and 599 GTO for all you Tifosi out there.  In addition to the cars there are now Weekly Time Trial Tournaments in the game.  This allows you to test your best lap against others around the world to win R$ (the “cash” of the game) and Gold

Real Racing 3 Time Shifted Multiplayer

Real Racing 3 Time Shifted Multiplayer

(The “special cash” of the game).

For those who like to view your race dominating wins, there is now a Race Replays option for you.  Here you can view your race with camera and playback controls so you can see just how out-of-shape you were going through Eau Rouge at Spa.  Finally there are four new Events series in Real Racing 3 for iOS which brings you over 100 new individual events for you to compete in with your cars.

If you have read AlliOSNews for any amount of time you know that I’m a huge fan of Real Racing 3.  This is by far the best racing simulator out there for iOS and when you combine this game with the likes of the new iPad Air, it is all-singing-all-dancing.  It is better than a console based racing game in many ways and graphically it is nothing short of impressive.

Real Racing 3 for iOS is a Freemium game so the initial download is free.  You can make in-app purchases for R$ or Gold to speed up your car development, hire mechanics and so forth.  Those in-app purchases range from $1.99 to $19.99.  Note however that I’m up to level 20 in the game and I’ve yet to make an in-app purchase so the game can absolutely be played without making purchases to a large extent.

Real Racing 3 (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Real Racing 3 Gets Bentley and Mercedes-Benz Cars Added to The Lineup

Arguably the best racing simulator game for iOS is Real Racing 3 and it has just received another massive update to bring new cars, features and events to the game.  The most significant part of the update is what is being dubbed the Prestige Cars update.  Now you will have access to Bentley and Mercedes-Benz.  This brings the car lineup to over 55 – and remember, this is a mobile platform game.  It’s impressive by any measure.

In this update the Time Trial mode is available with global leaderboards and ghost racing.  This was one of the most

Real Racing 3 brings Bentley and Merc to Players

Real Racing 3 brings Bentley and Merc to Players

requested features by players of Real Racing 3 and will be a welcome edition for all who like to play multiplayer.

There are other updates like getting R$ when you race each day or when you run a clean race, new porgression system to help you unlock cars throughout your career and improved graphics.

Yes, they managed to improve the graphics.

Here are the full Release Notes:

The Prestige Cars Update is here! Bentley and Mercedes-Benz join Real Racing 3’s extensive stable of manufacturers, while the highly requested Time Trial mode arrives with global leaderboards and ghost racing!

• New manufacturers – Bentley and Mercedes-Benz join an exciting line-up of over 55 licenced cars
• New event type – Time Trial! Race against yourself, your friends and the world for the top leaderboard position
• Bonus R$ – Get an R$ boost for the first race of each day, earn bigger bonuses for consecutive days of play
• Clean Race Bonus – Drive cleanly and fairly to receive R$ bonuses
• New progression system – Unlock cars and events as you progress through the new career
• Improved graphics – Per-pixel shadowing on high-end devices!
• 180+ new events!

Real Racing 3 is a Universal App and is a free download in the App Store.  The game offers in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $19.99.

Real Racing 3 (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

The Official FIM Speedway GP 2013 Game Races onto iOS

Independent European developer, Vivid Games, and BSI Speedway today announced the release of the Official FIM Speedway GP 2013 v.1.0 racing game on the App Store.

Official FIM Speedway GP 2013 is the latest addition to the successful series of official FIM Speedway Grand Prix mobile racing games which have collectively achieved over 1 million downloads. This latest game features all the tracks and riders for the 2013 season as well as new graphics and enhanced gameplay features.

As in the real thing, Official FIM Speedway GP 2013 game lets players compete in the dynamic and compelling world of

Play from 1st person perspective in FIM Speedway GP

Play from 1st person perspective in FIM Speedway GP

speedway, the no brakes, one gear, motorbike racing sensation. Set during the 2013 FIM Speedway Grand Prix season, players will attempt to leave their opponents in their dust as they veer and power-slide round 12 real-world circuits, battling against 15 superstar speedway riders to be crowned World Champion.

Official FIM Speedway GP 2013 has a wealth of new and enhanced features including ‘Helmet Cam’ that gives players an adrenaline-fuelled first person perspective. For the first time ever, gamers can also play during a live Speedway GP event to earn double points. Official FIM Speedway GP 2013 also features a host of unlockable content and gives the player the ability to earn points and purchase enhancements for their bike and rider. The game also includes 4 bonus circuits from the 2012 season in addition to the 12 circuits from 2013. The game combines stunning 3D visuals and intuitive one-touch controls to deliver the ultimate heart-pounding racing experience.

Feature Highlights:
* Rich 3D graphics and stunning gameplay that puts you right in the heart of the action
* New Helmet Cam gives total immersion
* Race around 12  real-world circuits against 15 riders from the 2013 season
* Earn bonuses for playing during live events
* Play in either Casual or Pro gameplay modes
* Includes 4  bonus circuits from 2012 season
* Purchase upgrades to improve your performance & unlock circuits
* Alternative tap or swipe controls
* Watch your performance in 3D replay mode

Official FIM Speedway GP 2013 is $1.99 and is a universal app for iPhone and iPad.


Real Racing 3 – The Ultimate Racing Game for Any Platform [Review]

Real Racing 3, one of the most anticipated game releases for iOS for some time, has finally hit the App Store for download.  The photorealistic tracks and cars are real courses, brands and models respectively, making this version of Real Racing the most realistic racing game for iOS available.  Having been a long time racing game player on Xbox – F1 2012, Forza, etc – Real Racing 3 in many ways is better than a console game purely from a graphics perspective.

Interestingly, Electronic Arts has made Real Racing 3 a “Freemium” game meaning that the game itself is free but there are limitations in the game which you have to make in-app purchases to get around those limitations.  This model is nothing new – most of the top games in the App Store have this exact same model and, having played Real Racing 3 for a few hours now you can do a lot of racing without making a single in-app purchase.  But you have to be patience for things like repair times or when a car can become available after you purchase it, etc.

Let’s start with the basics:  Real Racing 3 is a whopping 750MB download.  Yes, all those pretty graphics come at a price, namely storage space on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch.  EA recommends that you have at least 2GB free space on your device to play the game as it will need to do a lot of graphics caching to work properly (i.e. frame rates).  You will have to download it via iTunes or via WiFi from your device directly.  The game is supported on the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, iPad 2, iPad 3rd & 4th generation, iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation, and iPad Mini.  The afore in-app purchases range in price from $1.99 to $19.99.

Racing Circuits of Real Racing 3

One of the big changes to Real Racing 3 over previous versions of the game is the inclusion of real racing circuits.  These race tracks include some of the most famous from around the world and the FireMonkey development team of EA spent hundreds of hours at the actual tracks to get the details right.  That work paid off – for you.  Now you can race on circuits such as Mazda Raceway Leguna Seca (USA), Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), Silverstone (England), Indianpolis Motor Speedway (USA), Suzuki Circuit (Japan) and Hockenheimring (Germany) just to name a few.  Having these real course pulls you even further into the racing experience where you get to figure out how to control the car through the almighty

Real Racing 3 has real tracks from around the world

Real Racing 3 has real tracks from around the world

Eau Rouge turn at Spa for example.  If you are a Formula 1 fan, ALMS or World Endurance fan, you will smile when you get to race around one of these circuits.

The work the FireMonkey team put into getting these circuits accurate is evident the first lap you turn at them.  The textures of the circuits are superb and the surrounding backgrounds of the circuits are accurate to the finest level.  Once you see one of the tracks you will quickly figure out where the bulk of the 750MB download came from on the install.  But it is worth it.

There are other little detailed improvements to the game like a working rear view mirror in the cars.  This is thanks to the Mint 3  Engine that is being used to render the graphics being able to keep up with the game play.

Firemint adds 6 new levels in update for Real Racing 2 for iPhone

Firemint has released a new update to their fantastic racing simulator game for iPhone and iPod Touch, Real Racing 2.  If you have not read my review of Real Racing 2, you can do so here.

The new 1.02 version of Real Racing 2 brings six new events along with massive improvements to the multiplayer experience and rankings.

The new events and type of event are as follows:

  • IEJ Blue Ribbon (Cup)
  • Alkeisha Island Dash (Head to Head)
  • Volvo STCC Elimination (Elimination)
  • NRGee 6 Cyl Cup (Cup)
  • Motul Autech Face-off (Head to Head)
  • Twilight Time Attack (Time Trial)

The multiplayer improvements are also impressive:

  • Boast your best efforts with the newly added online multiplayer leaderboard and multiplayer rankings.
  • Multiplayer grid position is now determined based on multiplayer rank.
  • Multiplayer game rooms have been extended with player rank and point rewards.
  • Multiplayer server performance has been improved.
  • New measures have been implemented to prevent malicious driving.
  • Control method E layout has been adjusted to improve the experience for players using this method.

Last week Firemint also made a significant price drop in Real Racing 2.  It is now only $4.99 instead of the original price of $9.99.  The price drop is good through February 14th.

[Real Racing 2 – Firemint Pty Ltd]

Real Racing 2 gets an update with in game notification – an iPhone first?

Firemint released an update to their super popular iPhone game, Real Racing 2.  If you didn’t read my review, you can do so here but it is sufficient to say that I believe this is the best racing simulation game available on any mobile platform.

The update really is more of a bug fix than anything – addressing some multiplayer issues as well as some crashes when extra trophies are collected.  Here is what I found interesting though:

In game update notification for Real Racing 2

In game update notification for Real Racing 2

When I started Real Racing 2 this afternoon I go this in game notification that a new update was available.  This is the first time I have seen such an update being displayed on the iPhone.  Has anyone else seen something like this in other apps?  If this is indeed something new, I frankly love it.

Real Racing 2 for iPhone is $9.99 and in the App Store [Real Racing 2 – Firemint Pty Ltd]

Review of Real Racing 2 for iPhone – Forza for your iPhone

I will start with the punch line of the review:  Real Racing 2 by Firemint is the single best racing simulator game on the platform – perhaps any platform – today.  It’s $9.99 in the App Store and if you like racing games go get it.

[Real Racing 2 – Firemint Pty Ltd] – $9.99

For those of you who have decided to read on, let me explain why I feel the way I do about Real Racing 2.  Simply put, it is one of the most challenging and realistic racing games for the iPhone available today.  The graphics are stunning to add to the fun and the unmatched 16-way online racing against those around the world makes this game stand head-and-shoulders above the rest.  Frankly it is hard to put into words how impressive this game is and despite the fact that this review is going to have plenty of screenshots in it, you really need to check it out for yourself.  My son said it best, “This is Forza for your iPhone”.  I think he is 100% dead-on, referring to the Microsoft Xbox 360 franchise that has been extremely popular on the console.  If you like racing simulators then there is little doubt you need to have Real Racing 2 on your iPhone today.

Real Racing 2 hits the app store!

It is one of the most hyped game releases for the iPhone in a while and now it is finally available here in the US.  Firemint’s Real Racing 2 has hit the App Store and brings an unmatched online gaming experience to the platform.  With 16-way multiplayer, 30 licensed vehicles and 14 tracks, it is already receiving high marks from reviewers.

It is $9.95 in the App Store

[Real Racing 2 – Firemint Pty Ltd]

Real Racing 2 races onto your iPhone December 16

Firemint has announced that the much anticipated sequel to Real Racing will hit the App Store on December 16th.  Real Racing 2 looks to be such a quantum leap over the first version of the game that it almost deserves a new name.  To start the game has 30 different licensed cars.  Now you will see Corvettes and Mustangs in the mix which always adds a bit of fun to any racing game.  You will be able to do a 16 person multiplayer session with Real Racing 2.  16! This is a first for any iOS game.  Add to this 15 different tracks and you have a true racing game.

And keep in mind, Real Racing 2 is a simulator, not an arcade racing game.  The original Real Racing was challenging and I expect nothing less from Real Racing 2.

Here is a rundown of the features coming in Real Racing 2:

  • 30 officially licensed cars
  • 16 car grid against AI, and 16 player online racing – an iOS first
  • Career mode with well over 10 hours gameplay and a range of event types
  • Earn in-game currency to buy and sell cars, and buy upgrades
  • 5 game modes: Career Mode, Quick Race, Time Trial, Local Multiplayer (8 players), Online Multiplayer (16 players)
  • 15 locations with 40 miles of highly detailed race track
  • Vehicle damage
  • Online Save Game
  • Game Center and Cloudcell integration, multiple profiles
  • Wide range of control options
  • HUD with minimap that can be turned on or off
  • 5 camera angles including fully 3D cockpit view, and TV style replays
  • Powered by Firemint’s exclusive Mint3D™ engine

Real Racing 2 will be $9.99 in the App Store for iPhone when it is released on December 16th.

Firemint releases screenshots of upcoming Real Racing 2 for iPhone – STUNNING!

Firemint (follow on Twitter @firemint) has just posted some screenshots of the upcoming Real Racing 2 for iPad on their Facebook Page.  To say the new images are stunning is an understatement.  Leveraging the graphical power of the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, Real Racing 2 looks just as good as a console game in these screenshots.  Just take a look!

Firemint Real Racing 2 for iPad

Firemint Real Racing 2 for iPad

So here is what you need to do:  Go to Facebook to the Real Racing 2 launch page [Link] and get all the screenshots, videos and get ready for what looks to be an amazingly impressive game!

Second, check out the trailer… enough said… :-)

YouTube Preview Image