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MyFitnessPal HD for iPad Gets A Beautiful Update

I have been quite public about my weight loss over the past 4 years.  After reaching a morbidly obese 275 lbs in 2010, I’m now a work in progress at 185 lbs.  Yes, I’m half the man I use to be. :-)

Part of that loss of 90 lbs has been through diet and exercise changes that I have religiously used MyFitnessPal to track almost since the beginning.  I’ve tried others out there but keep coming back to this app and service for its massive food database and simple, easy-to-use interface.  That interface for MyFitnessPal HD, the version for iPad, has just been updated with an all new look and feel that is similar to the iPhone version that has been out for a few weeks.  It adopts many of the menu and stylings that you have come to expect in iOS 7 enabled apps but they have done a fantastic job of taking full advantage of the larger iPad canvas with this update.  Whether you are looking at your daily food diary or your nutritional charts for the week, it all looks beautiful in MyFitnessPal HD.

MyFitnessPal HD – Free – Download Now

MyFitnessPal HD Update Brings Updates to Mirror the iPhone Version

MyFitnessPal HD for iPad has received an update today that brings the larger format version of the popular calorie tracking and weight management app on par with its smaller iPhone/iPod Touch version.  MyFitnessPal is the app that both I and Tricia (as well as our respective spouses) use for weight management, diet tracking, exercise tracking and everything related to our health.  It is the app that has helped me lose nearly 80 pounds over the past three years and keep it off.

The update has an extensive list of improvements and updates, most of which have been in the iPhone version but were not ported over to the HD version until now.  Now you get all the latest features from the app as well as getting to use

MyFitnessPal HD for iPad

MyFitnessPal HD for iPad

their fantastic native iPad UI.

  • Sign up and log in with Facebook
  • Add and invite friends from your Facebook contacts
  • Add and invite friends from your iPad Contact List
  • Connect to your favorite apps and devices like FitBit, Withings, Endomondo, Runtastic and more through our App Gallery
  • Type-ahead food filtering
  • Repeat Last Meal
  • Default to Multi-Add for diary entries
  • Enable passcode lock protection if desired

MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps when it comes to linking to other services or exercise devices.  In my case, my daily steps and exercise from my FitBit are automatically synchronised with MyFitnessPal to both track it as well as give me calories back as I burn them.  There is a long list of apps that will synchronise with the service, all of which can be found here.

The MyFitnessPal HD app is free but does require a MyFitnessPal account which is also free.  Once you have the app installed on your iPad or iPad Mini, you can have it search Facebook for friends to follow and share diet successes.

MyFitnessPal HD – Free – Download Now