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Apple Releases iTunes 11.3.1 Podcasts Fix

Apple has quietly released a minor update to iTunes aimed at helping resolve some lingering problems with Podcasts for some users.  The new iTunes 11.3.1 update is available now for Mac through the Mac App Store (check under Updates) or you can download it from the iTunes site.  If you are a iTunes user on PC, you can use the Apple Software update app to get the latest update.

Apple Releases iTunes 11.3 with iTunes Extras Support for Mac

Apple has released iTunes 11.3 for Mac and PC users today, bringing with it iTunes Extras for all of your HD movies.  For those who aren’t familiar with iTunes Extras, they are often things like behind the scenes videos, short films, director’s commentary, delete scenes and short films.

Apple Releases iTunes 11.2.2 To Fix Podcast Bug

Apple has released iTunes 11.2.2 today to everyone with the express purpose of fixing a bug that was impacting podcast downloads for users.  The update is available now through the App Store on your Mac or can be downloaded directly from the Apple iTunes website.

Apple Releases iTunes 11.2.1 Update to Fix Hidden User Folder Defect

Apple has quickly released iTunes 11.2.1 for Mac users today, addressing a defect that came up after the iTunes 11.2 and OS X 10.9.3 updates that were released yesterday.  This release fixes the hidden User folder defect that many were experiencing after upgrading.

Apple Releases iTunes 11.2 for Mac and Windows

Coupled with the OS X 10.9.3 update for Mac, Apple has released the iTunes 11.2 update for both Mac and Windows users.  The update mainly focuses on improving the Podcast experience in the app.  Additionally, Apple has updated the Podcast app for iOS today as well to help support these improvements.

Podcasts (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

iTunes Update Brings Wish Lists into View

Apple has released a minor update to iTunes for both Mac and PC that brings visibility to your Wish List into the app along with other minor improvements.  The new version is 11.1.4 and it is available now via the iTunes website or through the App Store on your Mac.

Until now, viewing your Wish List could only be done by visiting the iTunes Store inside of iTunes.  You could not see it

iTunes 11.1.4 Update

iTunes 11.1.4 Update

when you are in Library viewing mode.  This has changed with this update, allowing you to see your Wish List while viewing your library.

In addition to this, Apple has also improved language support for Arabic and Hebrew in iTunes and has added the normal mix of fixes and enhancements to the app.  What exactly Apple fixed, as always, is a mystery.

The update is about 128MB in size for Macs so it isn’t a huge update and it installed on my Macs in less than a minute. If you are using a Mac, just go to the App Store and click on Updates and you should see it there waiting for you (unless you have auto install of updates turned on in which case it may already be installed).


App Store Annual Holiday Starts December 21st

Apple has reminded developers that iTunes Connect will be shutdown starting December 21st via email today so any apps they want updated or prices they want changed in the App Store needs to be done prior to this day.  For those who are not familiar, iTunes Connect is the name for the system that allows developers to get their apps in the App Store along with changing prices for sales and the like.  The shutdown lasts through December 27th.

How this effects you & me, users of the App Store is pretty straightforward.  After December 21st you can expect there to be no app updates in the App Store through December 27th.  Developers will not be able to upload updates, fixes, price changes or anything related to their apps during this window.  If you are like me and you check for app updates everyday in iTunes, save a bit of time from the 21st to the 27th.  There will not be any updates.

More importantly however it gives the App Store team who curate and approve these apps much needed time off.  With a million apps now in the App Store, this team is somewhat of an unsung hero in making the whole blinkin’ thing work.  Sure they get time off at other points in the year and sure they will have to do some behind-the-scenes work while iTunes Connect is closed.  The point is they get a break from the day-to-day and that only helps all of us on the consumer side.

X-Men Movies All On Sale for $9.99 in iTunes

If you are looking to complete your X-Men movies collection or to get all of them to start and complete your collection at once, look no further than iTunes.

Right now in iTunes you can pick up any of the four X-Men movies plus the X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 1080p HD for only $9.99 each.  If you don’t have any of the movies then iTunes also has a bundle of the four X-Men Movies for $24.99,

X-Men Movies On Sale in iTunes

X-Men Movies On Sale in iTunes

which is a saving of about $15 if you were to buy them separately.  You can get to the deal in iTunes either on your PC or Mac or on your iPhone or iPad via the iTunes Store.

X-Men – $9.99
X2: X-Men United- $9.99 HD
X-Men: The Last Stand- $9.99 HD
X-Men: First Class- $9.99 HD
X-Men Origins: Wolverine- $9.99 HD


X-Men Quadrilogy (X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: First Class) for $24.99

Apple Updates iTunes for Mac and PC with Equalizer Fixes

Apple has released a minor update to iTunes for Mac and PC that brings a small but important list of fixes and improvements to the media library app.  iTunes 11.1.3 addresses an issue with the equalizer in the app not performing as expected in previous releases.  Apple does not detail in the release notes what specifically the issue was with the equalizer but based on my own experience, it would seem to cause iTunes to lag at times when I had the equalizer enabled.  This morning in my testing I didn’t have such issues.  I do not know if there were other problems users were having that I did not encounter.

Additionally, Apple has address performance issues when switching between large iTunes libraries and the ever popular “additional minor bug fixes”.

iTunes 11.1 launched with the release of OS X Mavericks and has had a couple of these minor updates already.  It seems that Apple is trying to address any issues more quickly than in the past.

There are several ways to get this update for iTunes.  iTunes for Mac users on OS X Mavericks can get the update via the App Store on their Mac by checking for updates (note that Mavericks users who have auto-download and install of updates enabled should already have it installed).  Mac users along with Windows users can go to to get the latest version of iTunes.


Lost Doctor Who Episodes Come to iTunes

Since moving to the UK a year ago I have become a big fan of Doctor Who, the longest running Sci-Fi show in the world.  It’s been broadcasting for – get this – 50 years and there have been to this point 11 different Doctors in the series.  You kinda need to watch it to get it admittedly and there is plenty of cheesy lines and effects in the shows (even the contemporary ones) which is part of the appeal of the show.

Some of the early episodes of Doctor Who were thought to be lost but recently some of these lost Doctor Who episodes were discovered in a BBC location in Africa.  These episodes were thought to have been lost forever and have not been seen in 40 years.  Now those episodes have come to iTunes.  Even better, they aren’t stupidly priced.

You can get the Doctor Who: Enemy of the World series which is from December 1967 and features the second Doctor, Patrick Toughton.  The series consists of 6 episodes, all in black & white and all for $9.99 (or $1.99 individually).

Purchase in iTunes

The second lost Doctor Who series that is now available is Doctor Who: Web of Fear.  This is from 1968 and again features Patrick Toughton as the Doctor.  It also consists of 6 episodes and is $9.99.

Purchase in iTunes

For all Doctor Who fans this is a wonderful find by the BBC and it brings hope that many others can be found.