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Word Slug is a New Social Word Game with a Puzzle Twist

Word Slug, the first publicly released game from Altered Edges, LLC, is available now. The app offers an interactive word game experience with quirky slug characters and head-to-head play. It mixes standard build-a-word play with point bonuses based on the composition of the word. Often the number of tiles played is less important than finding words that match the revolving bonus criteria. Players find the game easy to play yet challenging to master, giving it lasting appeal.

Game Features:

Head-to-Head Game Play – Players can challenge random opponents or friends

Easy to Play, Hard to Master – Mixing standard build-a-word play with the Game Slugs makes for a simple game to pick up and play – Maximizing points takes a bit more skill when a shorter word can be worth much more than the longer option by meeting the Game Slugs’ criteria for point bonuses.

Word Slug (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Yes, Drill Sergeant App Brings Fitness to a New Level

es, Drill Sergeant is a drill sergeant themed fitness app available for iPhone. The free and full featured mobile app comes bundled with engaging content and challenging missions. The app, developed by CodeKiwi Pty Ltd., is initially being distributed on Apple’s iTunes store.

The Yes, Drill Sergeant app is built with the primary goal of making fitness training a little more enjoyable, employing the use of audio training coaches in the form of drill sergeants. Offering both encouragement and entertainment the sergeants keep things interesting. Simply select your sergeant, mission and favourite music; the sergeants will issue ‘orders’ and track progress made. Feedback on both complete and incomplete missions provides motivation to push that requisite bit harder.

“The app is ideal for motivating people like me between sessions with a live personal trainer,” says Josh Bondy, the lead developer. “Running and park exercises are effective but boring. So we came up with the idea of Yes, Drill Sergeant. It’s a fun way to keep motivated while exercising in the park.”

Launching in time for the holiday season and is ideal for holding off weight gain and keeping those New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. The app supports training missions of various lengths, so even with limited time, it’s a matter of grabbing the phone and starting a stimulating and beneficial workout.

Yes, Drill Sergeant! – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Dock Themes App Lets You Customise Your Time Bar and Dock in iOS 7

YoungGam has released their Dock Themes app, its themes app for iOS 7 devices. Do you still use typical and dull Time bar & Dock? “Dock Themes” is the finest wallpaper app you have found yet.

“When we began work on the New Wallpapers, we considered every element that defines a iPhone iOS7 Wallpapers,”explained Feel Kim, CEO. “Home screen and Time bar, Dock, Icons. And we challenged ourselves to find the best. The result was something that provides an extremely Aesthetic argument against the status quo.”

The app doesn’t change the design of Dock & Time Bar. It gives you the best way to customize your wallpapers with a great Dock & Time Bar look instead. Look at our screenshots and see why people will be mesmerized.

Dock Themes – SALE .99 Cents – Download Now

Hauntingly Beautiful 3D Puzzler – Lost Toys released for iOS

Barking Mouse Studio has released Lost Toys for iOS, a groundbreaking new 3D puzzler that has already garnered numerous awards including Best Game Design at the Tokyo Game Show Sense of Wonder Night. The mentally engaging Rubik’s-cube style gameplay comes alive in three dimensions, revealing a haunting world of hope and profound beauty, depth, and challenge. Lost Toys is available exclusively for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on the App Store.

Players progress through a surreal room populated by discarded, mixed-up toys beckoning to be reassembled. With the flick of a finger, players manipulate, examine, and reconstruct the toys in order to reveal their original forms. Only a precise sequence of skillful rotations will allow puzzle fans to progress through the 4 chapters and 32 levels of this gothic masterpiece.

Lost Toys (Universal App) – $3.99 – Download Now

Help Curb The Junk Food Cravings with CraveMate App

Primitive Response Technology, LLC (PRT) wants 2014 to be the year everyone skips New Year’s resolutions, replacing them with realistic, long-term goals using their CraveMate app, PRT’s health and mindful assistant apps for iPhone.

Designed to help anyone set realistic long-term goals, monitor progress and communicate wins and losses with the world or a few good friends, the CraveMate app remind and support users to make the lifestyle changes that, over time, turn into healthy habits.

“Many of us think we can change our lives simply with a resolution, but it’s exceptionally difficult to do. Plus, resolutions are shortsighted. Positive, lasting lifestyle change requires a focus on realistic, long-term goals that you can manage and achieve,” said Thomas DiGiacinto, PRT’s CEO.

The reason so many resolutions fail is a matter of biology. Making a resolution stick requires willpower and that involves the prefrontal cortex of the brain (the area behind your forehead). But a resolution, such as dropping 10 pounds, without addressing the behavior, overloads the brain without preparing it for the ultimate goal.

CraveMate – .99 Cents – Download Now

Dooing App Helps Manage Team Tasks

Dooing has announced the launch of their Dooing app, its mobile field service management platform for iPhone. It’s difficult to dispatch field operations for businesses that have tasks on many locations. Finding the closest available employee or getting the status updates of the task is challenging.

The Dooing app improves the communication between mobile team members in small to medium-sized businesses. The platform aims to help team managers save time and increase productivity by assigning location aware tasks to the closest available employee.

Dooing – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Track CES Exhibitors New Expo Mate App for iPhone

Available today, the Expo Mate app aims to help you track all the exhibitors you meet at a trade show quickly with the help of business card text recognition and the ability to take pictures with captions for each of the exhibitor’s products or services.

Have you ever found a business card from an exhibitor, months after the expo, but you don’t remember the model number of the product you were interested in? Or how it looked like? The Expo Mate app will have all the information you collected ready to be searched at any moment, including the exhibitor’s contact info, notes or pictures captions.

Expo Mate – .99 Cents – Download Now

Solisqr App Brings Peg Solitaire to a New Level

Parachuting Frog has introduced Solisqr (pronounced SOLI – SQUARE like SOLITAIRE) which is a minimalist and stylish board game and puzzle. Based on the classic one player board game of peg solitaire, the aim is to eliminate squares on the board to leave only one in the central position. Play a relaxing game or against the clock.

Built around the idea of peg solitaire, players jump one square over another to try and leave only one square left on a cross-shaped grid. A square can jump over an adjacent square if there’s a blank square past that adjacent square. This

Solisqr for iPhone

Solisqr for iPhone

eliminates the jumped-over square. There are 32 squares on the board, and the goal is to leave just one remaining.

Main features are:
* 5 different game modes
* Minimalist design ideal for your iOS7 device
* Casual and Timed modes
* Game Center integration
* Compete for the best time across the world
* 7 languages

The Solisqr app is a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.  It requires iOS 6 or greater to be installed on your device and it is free.  There is an in-app purchase available for .99 Cents to remove the embedded adverts.

Solisqr (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Remotix VNC & RDP App Gets Major Update

Remotix VNC & RDP has received a major update from its developer Nulana.   The Remotix VNC & RDP app has fast and secure remote access tool with completely new layout on both iPad and iPhone adapted for iOS 7. The application provides remote access to Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and doesn’t require any additional software installed on remote machines.

Version 4.0 has an improved UI & layout for both iPhone and iPad. Server categories allow users a convenient way to save and organize all of their connections. Master password protects the app from unattended access. iPad users can switch between the Grid and List modes based on which is more convenient at the moment.

Here’s the full list of new features:

  • Completely new UI on both iPad and iPhone, adapted for iOS 7
  • Grid & list modes on iPad
  • Master password to protect from unattended access
  • Server categories
  • Complete hardware and bluetooth keyboard support, including F1..F10 keys, modifiers and Caps Lock on iOS7
  • Middle mouse click support
  • Server search on iPhone
  • New viewer background

 Remotix VNC & RDP (Universal App) – $19.99 – Download Now

New Light Boost App Helps With Low Light Photos

UK-based app developers Interealtime has launched their Light Boost app, a brand new light boosting camera that takes brighter, clearer photos and videos in low light. It’s a universal app that works on both iPhone and iPad. Having built the first night vision app for iPhone with realtime image enhancement (True NightVision) and the first true long exposure app for iPhone (NightCap), their new offering promises the best possible performance in all conditions, from merely indoor to moonlight.

The Light Boost app offers a fine balance of high performance and ease of use. Simply open the app and take a photo or video, and in low light the results are consistently brighter and less grainy than the regular Camera app.

In very low light, the Light Boost app has additional tricks to squeeze every last bit of performance from the camera:

  • Light Mode instantly boosts brightness while preserving image clarity
  • Night Mode puts the camera into a special mode optimised for ultimate low light performance
  • Grain Reduction Mode helps reduce image noise
  • Zoom control (camera-style for easy, smooth zoom)

Light Boost (Universal App) – $1.99 – Download Now