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Apple Event Set for October 16

The invitations are out and the next big Apple event is only a few days away.  On October 16 Apple will be holding their second major event in as many months with the expected release of a new lineup of iPad offerings as well as a refreshed Mac lineup.  What exactly we will see will be a mystery until the event but these will be the headlines of what is expected.

The event, which will be held at the Cupertino company’s campus, will also be live streamed for those who have Macs and Apple TV.   Here is to hoping it goes better than the iPhone 6 live stream! 😀

How To Do Email Handoff in iOS 8

One of the great new features of iOS 8 is continuity and part of that is handoff.  Handoff allows you to start working on a file, message or email from one device and finish it on another.  Let’s say you are walking to the train station and you start an email on your iPhone.  When you get on the train and you open up your iPad, you can swipe up on the Lock Screen to move that email to your iPad for a more comfortable typing experience.

In this How To I will show you how to do email handoff in iOS 8.  Just remember that like all of the Continuity features, it only works between iOS 8 devices and OS X Yosemite on your Mac when it is available later this year.

How To Get Past The iCloud Terms & Conditions in iOS 8 (Updated)

It is being widely reported that some users are experiencing errors with iCloud after upgrading to iOS 8.  The issue has to do with the iCloud Terms & Conditions which were changed with the new version of iOS.    This is very similar if not identical to the issue that plagued users after iOS 7 was released last year.  Basically what happens is after upgrading, users are prompted to accept the new iCloud Terms & Conditions but when they attempt to do so they get a “Unable to connect to server” error.  This then disables iCloud on their device.

If you have experienced this error here is how I was able to get around the error.  I will note that this has not work for everyone but it seems to work for the large majority.

PhatWare Releases PhatPad 3.0 Note-taking and Presentation App for iPads

PhatWare is excited to announce today the new release of PhatPad for iPad, a note-taking and collaboration app featuring PhatWare’s latest handwriting recognition technology. PhatPad 3.0 has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 and adds many new advanced features that our customers have requested, such as a new file and page manger user interface, an improved handwriting recognition experience including search for handwritten text, the ability to set a custom page size and support for page zoom and scroll, optimized integration with major Cloud services and more.

New Features in PhatPad 3.0:
* New iOS 7-style User Interface
* Faster handwriting recognition and real-time recognizer alternatives
* Handwriting recognition support for multiple languages is now included with the price
* New full screen File manager allows users to preview, export, duplicate, and email PhatPad documents and features simplified synchronization with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and SkyDrive
* New Page manager now allows users to re-arrange document pages using drag and drop
* New document settings including pre-defined and custom page sizes and allows users to zoom and scroll the current document page

PhatPad – SALE $4.99 – Download Now

Word Slug is a New Social Word Game with a Puzzle Twist

Word Slug, the first publicly released game from Altered Edges, LLC, is available now. The app offers an interactive word game experience with quirky slug characters and head-to-head play. It mixes standard build-a-word play with point bonuses based on the composition of the word. Often the number of tiles played is less important than finding words that match the revolving bonus criteria. Players find the game easy to play yet challenging to master, giving it lasting appeal.

Game Features:

Head-to-Head Game Play – Players can challenge random opponents or friends

Easy to Play, Hard to Master – Mixing standard build-a-word play with the Game Slugs makes for a simple game to pick up and play – Maximizing points takes a bit more skill when a shorter word can be worth much more than the longer option by meeting the Game Slugs’ criteria for point bonuses.

Word Slug (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Hauntingly Beautiful 3D Puzzler – Lost Toys released for iOS

Barking Mouse Studio has released Lost Toys for iOS, a groundbreaking new 3D puzzler that has already garnered numerous awards including Best Game Design at the Tokyo Game Show Sense of Wonder Night. The mentally engaging Rubik’s-cube style gameplay comes alive in three dimensions, revealing a haunting world of hope and profound beauty, depth, and challenge. Lost Toys is available exclusively for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on the App Store.

Players progress through a surreal room populated by discarded, mixed-up toys beckoning to be reassembled. With the flick of a finger, players manipulate, examine, and reconstruct the toys in order to reveal their original forms. Only a precise sequence of skillful rotations will allow puzzle fans to progress through the 4 chapters and 32 levels of this gothic masterpiece.

Lost Toys (Universal App) – $3.99 – Download Now

My World for iPad App Updated With Improved Maps

Exploring your world with the My World for iPad app! This app is fun for all ages, and has been updated with new features and improved interactions. This update, one of Laura J. White Mobile Development team’s most popular and most downloaded apps is available now in the Travel category of the iTunes App Store.

Tap around the world to explore coordinates and distances to and between your favorite places or places to plan to go to in the future. This app provides the capability to:

  • Get the coordinates of your location

    My World for iPad

    My World for iPad

  • Get the distance from your location to any other place in the world
  • Get the distance between any two places in the world
  • Get the time it will take to travel those distances by car, by plane, or by a user specified speed

This app provides shortest and equirectangular distances represented in both the Metric System (kilometers) and the US Standard System (miles). Don’t worry if you get lost, you can use the Find Me feature of this app to get back to where you started.

My World for iPad is an iPad only app and is .99 Cents in the App Store.  It requires that your iPad be running iOS 7.0 or later.

My World for iPad – .99 Cents – Download Now

Review of MailDeck for iPad – The Ultimate Email App for iPad

There are a lot of apps in the App Store that promise to helping you manage your email but few bring it alive and making it totally manageable like MailDeck.  MailDeck for iPad is a new app designed to help you manage your email in a unique but logical way by utilising the concept of “Decks” to read, reply, search and store your email.  It is a fresh and powerful approach to the ever growing problem that most of us face: Email overload.

MailDeck for iPad started life as a Kickstarter and was originally under then name of Crono.  I highlighted Crono back in January of last year as I felt it was a worthwhile project to support and I encouraged others to join in.  Unfortunately the Kickstarter program wasn’t able to meet its goal but it did garner enough interested for the company to get the angel funding it needed to develop the app.  Add nearly a year of development, a rebranding & name change (MailDeck) and some serious thinking about solving the email management problem, you end up with an app that I think is one of the best email applications for iPad.

MailDeck for iPad – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Control Your Mac or PC with Your iPad with Actions for iPad

Actions for iPad, the first smart software controller, finally announces its major release Actions 1.1 (codename Woodpecker) and the foundation of a new company around the product (Actions s.r.l.). Actions, known for its revolutionary approach to computer interaction, makes a further step introducing the new “Flows” feature, which brings the ability to create cross-application macros.

With Flows, it is possible to start a sequence of actions, instead of a single one, with just one tap on your finger, eliminating useless repetition and helping users automate their recurrent tasks. Flows comes with several options to accommodate a bigger spectrum of possibilities such as Wait steps, which allows variable inputs in the middle of the macro chains, and more.

Here is a video of Actions for iPad in action and how it can be configured

YouTube Preview Image

Actions for iPad – $3.99 – Download Now

Apps Playground Releases 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids iBook

Apps Playground, the UK-based children’s app reviews site, today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids, its first e-book for iPad, offering parents a guide to the best iPad apps from 2013.

Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids: 2013 Edition breaks down the site’s favourite apps of last year by category: Creative, Education, Stories, Playful and Games. The e-book aims to provide an accessible guide to apps for iPad-owning parents, including explaining their prices clearly and, if they use in-app purchases, how those work and how much they cost.

The selected apps include releases by well-known children’s entertainment brands like Disney, Nickelodeon and CBeebies, apps from new digital brands like Toca Boca, Duck Duck Moose and Sago Sago, and a host of independent developers.

Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids – $2.99 – Download Now