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Grantwood Technology Ships Mood SimpleShell Case

Grantwood Technology, LLC has announced the Mood Simple Shell for the iPhone 5. Our SimpleShell Case for iPhone 5 has a back coating that will respond with color change with the heat of your fingers. You can make designs all depending on your “mood”. This coating has a wide range of mood colors to be seen. From black to orange to red to green to blue. When its cool, the case looks black, but as heat is applied from your fingers, or by rubbing the case, the color changes. Another

The Grantwood Mood Simple Shell Case

The Grantwood Mood Simple Shell Case

cool and fun case for the iPhone from Grantwood Technology.

This TPU shell is skin is secure, yet flexible and thin but very protective and allows access to all the ports on the iPhone 5. The bottom of the iPhone 5 SimpleShell even accommodates the 30 pin to Lightning adapter, if necessary. The SimpleShell for iPhone 5 is available in a number of colors including the above Mood case, Pink, Black, Green (supports Clinica Verde), and Snow. The Snow, Pink and Green SimpleShells glow in the dark for added effect.

The SimpleShell is also available for iPhone 4/4S with the same Mood coating. The SimpleShell for iPhone 4/4S also is available in Pink, Black, Green, Glow in the Dark, Purple, Red, Teal.  Each case is $19.99.

For more information on the SimpleShell cases from Grantwood, visit their website.



Cygnett has your iPad covered – a Review of three cases

Earlier this week I posted a review of three iPhone 4/4S cases made by the Australian company Cygnett.  Today I’m going to review three cases they offer for the iPad 2 and new iPad.  These cases provide protection for your iPad while giving you good functionality and good looks at the same time.  All three cases are great choices and are just a small sampling of what Cygnett has to offer in their case line up.

The first case is the Lavish Earth folio style case.  This case, which comes in black, sandstone or purple, is made of hard shell that is padded and wrapped in leather.  On the outside the stitching all around the case is uniform and tight showing

Cygnett Lavish Earth iPad Case

Cygnett Lavish Earth iPad Case

a well constructed product while on the inside, similar quality if found in the stitching for the sleeve that holds the iPad.  The sleeve in which you put your iPad is designed to hold it snuggly but also give you access to all of the buttons, camera and headphone jack of your iPad.  The sleeve secures your iPad within it with a strong velcro strap on the inside of the case and leather straps on the top and bottom of the sleeve secure it to the outer shell and keep your iPad in place.

The Lavish Earth case is designed to provide you the ability to view your iPad from multiple angles while in landscape mode.  On the inside of the front cover are three strips of leather sewn into the cover.  These provide a ridge for you to rest the edge of the iPad sleeve to view the screen.  This gives you the ability to view your iPad in the most comfortable position possible depending on your location and the space available.  When you have it set to the lowest angle, I found it is actually very comfortable to view the screen but also to type on the on-screen keyboard of the iPad as well.

Cygnett has done a good job in the design of the Lavish Earth case with a small but important feature.  The case has a magnetic closure thanks to small magnets on the inside edge of the front flap of the case.  This also gives the case the ability to turn your iPad on or off when you close it, much like the Apple Smart Cover and Smart Case.  So not only does it secure the front of the case to keep it closed but you don’t have to remember to turn your iPad off when you do close it.  Not many 3rd party case manufactures have taken advantage of this feature of the iPad 2 or new iPad so it is great to see Cygnett doing it.

The Lavish Earth case is $59.99 and is designed for the iPad 2 and new iPad.  You can get more information on it here.

Twelve South releases the “little black” BookBook case for iPhone

A few weeks ago I posted a review of the BookBook iPhone case from Twelve South and in that review I stated

Do I recommend the BookBook for iPhone?  Emphatically yes.  The styling is second-to-none, it’s highly functional and with the exception of the rear-facing camera, gives you complete access to your iPhone and its various functions.  It is a case that can replace your wallet but also provide solid protection.

I stand by that today a month later.  Having just returned from a month-long trip abroad, my BookBook provided my iPhone protection in style and virtually eliminated me carrying a wallet.  I love it!

Now Twelve South has upped the ante.  They have announced a new black version of the BookBook case.  It, like the Vintage Brown case, is made of hand distressed leather and is identical in function and form.

In addition to having the BookBook for iPhone in Classic Black, you can also get it for your iPad with the recently announced Vol 2. version of the BookBook for iPad.

The BookBook case for iPhone in either Vintage Brown or Classic Black is $59.99 and available online at the Twelve South site.  You can also find them in your local Apple Store.

The BookBook for iPad, Vol. 2 is $79.99 and available from the Twelve South site.

Twelve South introduces BookBook Vol 2 for iPad

Charleston, SC, June 19, 2012 – Twelve South introduces its next installment of BookBook for iPad, exclusively for the New iPad and iPad 2. The completely redesigned BookBook is 33% thinner and weighs just 358 grams. Features include an all-new interior frame that creates a multi-angle display and a built-in typing stand, all while holding iPad securely inside. BookBook for iPad is available in three editions, including a much-requested Classic Black volume, and retains the same vintage style that has turned this case into one of the best iPad cases on the market. BookBook for iPad is available now for $79.99. Get more info and images at twelvesouth.com.

BookBook for iPad has been redesigned, inside and out, with a noticeably thinner profile than its predecessor. Lighter andtwelvesouth_bookbookipad_ipadstack_hires more comfortable to carry, BookBook retains its rigid spine and two hardback book covers that protect iPad while it is carried out and about. The spines feature all-new designs, helping distinguish these new models from others in the growing Twelve South BookBook collection – and keeping BookBook one of the most unique iPad cases available.

When you open up the new BookBook for iPad, the first upgrade you will notice in this multi-function case is an interior support frame that securely holds iPad in place, while showcasing the beautiful Retina display. Lift up the interior support frame and you will discover a built-in, adjustable typing stand. The interior support frame also swings further out, creating a multi-angle display stand that’s perfect for FaceTime, desktop use or watching a movie.

Now Shipping: The Marware MicroShell Folio iPad 2 Case

Marware, Inc., designer and manufacturer of innovative accessories for the mobile device market, has announced that the MicroShell Folio iPad 2 case is now shipping. The MicroShell Folio iPad 2 case is the thinnest and lightest case of its kind on the market and comes in 3 different colors.

“We are extremely excited about this product,” said Stephen Heaven, Marware’s Director of Product Development. “We’re proud to be one of the first manufacturers to introduce a functional ‘sleep/wake’ feature in our lid. The front lid provides ergonomically advanced viewing angles that increase the functionality for the consumer. There are 2 viewing angles for display and FaceTime as well as an angle for typing. But what makes this product so special is the combination of protection and performance in a design that really looks great. The 3-layer paint process helps put our MicroShell Folio head and shoulders above the competition.”

The rubberized coating on the back case offers a soft touch and feel, while also protecting against nicks and scratches. Unlike other cases of its kind, the front protective lid does not cover or block any of the display screen, enabling device navigation when folded back. This combination of protection in both the front and the back of the iPad 2 is even more impressive when considering how thin and durable the MicroShell Folio is.

* The Marware Lifetime Warranty
* Ultra thin (1.5mm), polycarbonate hard-shell back cover and foldable front protective lid
* Improved functionality with magnets that turn the device on/off and securely hold the front lid in place
* Front protective lid that also folds into a stand with 2 viewing angles and 1 typing angle
* Durable, stress-resistant hard-shell design for the back cover with slightly raised ridges to prevent scratching and enhance grip
* Camera hole cutout in the back case
* Access to all buttons and ports so you can charge and sync without removing the case
* Includes: Polycarbonite case and protective automatic sleep/wake lid

Pricing and Availability:
The Marware MicroShell Folio for iPad 2 is available in black, white and silver. This case retails for $69.99 (USD). For more information about the Marware MicroShell Folio, please visit the Marware website.

Marware: http://www.marware.com/
MicroShell Folio iPad 2: http://www.marware.com/ipad-cases-and-covers/ipad-2-cases/microshell-folio-ipad-2-case

TrendyDigital Releases Camera Friendly Waterproof Case for Apple iPad 2

TrendyDigital Design, a subsidiary of MZ Services Inc. announced new line of accessories designed for the Apple iPad 2. The first line-up is the adaptation of their highly successful waterproof case for iPad 2. The front and back cameras of iPad demand accessibility to both lenses while the iPad 2 is inside the waterproof case. WaterGuard waterproof cases have been redesigned to accommodate this camera feature. The transparent, camera-friendly material of the waterproof case yields uncompromising clarity while photos are taken by the iPad 2 while it is housed inside the case.

The PadGear Case for the iPad 2 protects the device from daily wear and scratches. There are two models for this series: The PadGear Lite and the PadGear Plus with Apple wireless keyboard compatible housing and viewing stand. The Dimension series for iPad 2 is a further extension of TrendyDigital’ innovative multi-position, multi-orientation viewing platform for the iPad. The Dimension includes both M Series and V Series. The M series use magnet as the attaching mechanism. The V series use industry strength Velcro band as the attaching mechanism.

The WaterGuard Waterproof Case Series features two models: the WaterGuard Lite and the WaterGuard Plus. Both models feature TrendyDigital’s original double waterproof sealing closure, press-and-fold seal, and button fasteners. This multi-tier sealing mechanism provides excellent protection when the iPad 2 owners use their gadget in an aqueous environment. Both models are made of camera friendly, transparent material. The photos taken while the iPad 2 is inside the case have the same crispness and clarity as those taken while the iPad is not in a case. There is no resolution compromise for the front or back lenses. In addition, the WaterGuard Plus version has padding for extra bump protection. Furthermore, the padding has been customized for back camera access. The WaterGuard PlusWaterproof Case is the world’s first and only waterproof case with padding designed exclusively for the iPad 2.

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Plus

The PadGear Folio Case for the iPad 2 protects the device from daily wear and scratches. The PadGear case is a folio case that includes storage pockets for pens, business cards or USB Cables. The PadGear Folio case features a fitted form for the iPad 2 in the right compartment. The iPad 2 is anchored via a T structure. All the sockets on the iPad2’s side panel are fully accessible. The case is secured via a non-scratch double zipper when the iPad2 is not in use. It is both a convenient and durable solution for housing your iPad 2. For iPad 2 owners who prefer to use the Apple wireless keyboard when using their device, the PadGear Plus Folio provides an ideal solution. This case has side pocket to store the Apple Wireless Keyboard and a support stand. When the user is ready to use the iPad2 with the keyboard, simply take out the keyboard from the side pocket, open up the folio case, put the keyboard inside the folio case side panel, pop up the stand and you are ready to go. This is the only solution in the market place to incorporate both the Apple wireless keyboard and viewing stand for iPad2.

The Dimension case incorporates several original designs elements to accommodate the most natural way for different users to interact with the iPad. From the outset, it looks like a slim and well-crafted jacket for iPad. The iPad is protected in a frame case at the right side of the jacket. The frame case has openings for all the access points in the iPad. Users can interact with the iPad in this jacket setting. However, if users want to have a more intimate interaction with their device, they can easily separate the frame case from its base cover and hold the frame case at hand and interact with their device through this slim, elegant frame case. When a user is tired of holding the iPad with frame case at hand, the user can easily and securely attach the frame case to its base cover. If stand viewing is desirable, the case can be converted into a viewing stand once the frame case is attached back to its base cover. The viewing stand can be adjusted to different angles so that the most comfortable viewing position can be achieved for different people. If you prefer portrait viewing, the frame case can be attached in portrait orientation. If landscape orientation is what you prefer, the frame case supports this feature as well.

The Dimension line has two variations. The variations differ on how the attachment mechanism is implemented. The M Series use magnets as the attachment mechanism. The thin, durable frame case magnetically attaches to the base cover. The V series use industry strength velcro band as the attaching mechanism. The selected Velcro band has been rigorously tested and provides the optimize hook-and-loop combination for attaching and separating the frame case from the base cover.

“We are excited about the iPad2’s release. The rapid growth of tablet computer provides huge opportunity for us to develop new and innovative protection solution. Leveraging from our experience working with other eReader and iPad, we are able to rapidly develop a suite of protective gears for the iPad2” noted Mark Zheng, vice president of sales and marketing. “We would like to provide a broad range of stylish and protective cases when people use their devices in different environments. The WaterGuard Series for the iPad2 are built on our successful waterproof platform for Kindle and iPad and will become one of the “must have” accessories for the iPad2 owner. The PadGear and Dimension series, on the other hand, provides ideal portable solutions for iPad2 owner’s daily interaction with their favorite gadgets.

All cases can be purchased on TrendyDigital Design and Amazon.

TrendyDigital Design: http://www.trendydigital.com/
Waterproof WaterGuard Series for iPad 2: http://trendydigital.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=130
PadGear Plus Folio Cass for Apple iPad 2: http://trendydigital.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=131
Dimension series for iPad 2: http://trendydigital.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=127
Purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=trendydigital+ipad+2&rh=n%3A172282%2Ck%3Atrendydigital+ipad+2&ajr=3

Piel Frama introduces Cinema Leather case for iPad 2

Spanish case designer and manufacture Piel Frama has announced a new case for the iPad 2 that is nothing short of stunning.  The new Cinema Leather case is designed for the iPad 2 and is a book-style case where the front cover can be folded over the case to create a base to stand your iPad 2 on to watch media content.  Not only is it functional but it provides great protection for your iPad 2 and is available in a variety of colors.

Piel Frama produces some of the best cases for devices out there.  Each case is hand made and is made of the finest Spanish leathers.  Their cases are durable and stylish.  Yes they are more expensive than your garden variety case but these aren’t garden variety.  They are works of craftmanship that frankly is missing in many cases today.

Piel Frama Cinema Leather Case in Tan

Piel Frama Cinema Leather Case in Tan

Check out the wide range of color options on the Piel Frama site for the case.

The Piel Frama Cinema Leather case is 130 € or approximately $184 US and takes approximately 15 days for delivery

Speck keeps pace with the iPad 2

PALO ALTO, CA — March 15, 2010 – Thinner. Lighter. Faster. Better. With the iPad 2®, Apple has seriously stepped up its game—at Speck, we decided we needed to step it up too. So we’ve updated and redesigned some of our favorite iPad cases as gotta-have iPad 2 accessories—like the two-layer hard-shell CandyShell Wrap with a flip-close cover that converts to a stand, and FitFolio, our ultra-lightweight, custom-fit folio case that’s ideal for reading, working, gaming and lots more.

And we’re releasing more amazing all-new cases for iPad 2: Speck’s super-sleek glossy-matte PixelSkin HD Wrap case for iPad 2 ramps up our award-winning, pixel-pattern design to iPad size. And our iconic iGuy makes a triumphant return as a web-only exclusive: this freestanding foam case for iPad and iPad 2 is the perfect way for kids (and wanna-be kids) to give their tablet some personality while keeping it totally protected.

Review of Speck Fitted Case for iPad

Speck Products has a long line of great iPhone and iPad cases and recently sent AlliOSNews several to review.  The first case to be reviewed is the Speck Fitted Case for iPad which adds a great look and feel to your iPad while also offering added protection for the device.  Designed to be held in your hand, the Speck Fitted Case adds virtually no size or weight to your iPad and securely surrounds the device thanks to a tightly locking front edge strip that locks securely into the back portion of the case.  It is a solid design and is easy to install and remove from your iPad.

The case itself is made up of two parts:  The back shell which fits snuggly around your iPad and the afore mentioned plastic edging that goes around the front edge of the device.  Your iPad slips easily into the back shell but it is perfectly sized for the device.  There is no wiggle room for your iPad once it is in the case and Speck did a great job of paying attention to the exact dimensions to assure a snug fit.  Once your iPad is in the shell, the plastic edging goes around the sides and front of your iPad, securely holding it inside the case.  The edging locks into the sides of the shell and you will here it snap into place all around the edging (it isn’t just in the corners).

The outer edge of the Speck Fitted Case for iPad snaps into place over your iPad (Click to Enlarge)

The outer edge of the Speck Fitted Case for iPad snaps into place over your iPad (Click to Enlarge)

The multiple locking points of the case add to the snug fit around your iPad and assure it won’t accidentally “pop” open and risk you dropping your iPad.  Once installed you will have a small edge frame around the front of your iPad which gives you an extra bit of grip if you are holding the device with one hand.

Edge framing around the front of the iPad with the Speck Fitted Case installed (Click to Enlarge)

Edge framing around the front of the iPad with the Speck Fitted Case installed (Click to Enlarge)

If the fitted design of the case itself doesn’t get you excited then the fabric look and feel of the back of the case should do the trick.  Speck has put a matte polyester fabric coating on the back of the case which gives the case a great look but also a nice tactile feel.  When you hold the case it doesn’t feel like it will slip out of your hand and I think gives you a greater grip as well.  Speck makes several different looks to the case so be sure to check out their website for the one that appeals to you the most.

Polyester fabric backing of the Speck Fitted Case for iPad (click to enlarge)

Polyester fabric backing of the Speck Fitted Case for iPad (click to enlarge)

If you notice in the photo above, access to all of the buttons on your iPad is available thanks to Speck designing this case with notches and cutouts for those buttons and the 30-pin connector.  You don’t have to remove the shell from your iPad to access any of them nor to charge the device.  If you use the iPad Dock or the Dock Keyboard however you will need to remove it to use those as it adds just enough thickness to the device for them not to work.  It is not adding much thickness to the device though – only 2mm – so it does not add any bulk to the device at all and weighs only 3 ounces.

Having used this case for several weeks it has become a permanent part of my iPad.  It fits great and looks great while still giving me full access to my iPad.  The fabric backing gives added grip and doesn’t have a “geek” look to it.  It is stylish yet functional.

The Speck Fitted Case for iPad is $49.95 and available directly from Speck and other retailers including many of your local Apple retail stores.

Link to Speck Cases for iPad

Speck releases wrap around Candyshell case for iPad

Speck Products has released another new iPad case, this time bringing the popular Candyshell look and feel in a wrap around design that is beautiful and functional.

Speck Candyshell Wrap Around case for iPad

Speck Candyshell Wrap Around case for iPad

Keep reading after the break for the full Press Release along with some additional images