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Apple Asks, What Will Your Verse Be in New iPad Air Ad

Apple asks a simple question in their latest iPad Air ad titled “Light Verse”.  What will your verse be?





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It is another ad highlight the versatility of the iPad Air in a wide range of environments and uses.

Review of Noreve iPad Air Case – The Professional iPad Case

The challenge with most device cases is their look.  Sure there are a lot of functional cases out there but so many of them don’t look the part when it comes to carrying your iPad Air or iPhone into a meeting.  There are a few exceptions and high on that list is the new Noreve iPad Air case.  The Traditional design from Noreve brings a look of elegance and professionalism to your iPad Air with its high quality leather construction.  This case is more than just looks though.  The Tradition B Noreve iPad Air case is functional both on the boardroom table as well as in your hands as you travel from meeting-to-meeting or through the airport or train station.  Elegance and functionality is what this case brings to your iPad Air.

For this review, Noreve sent AlliOSNews the Tradition B iPad Air case in Sable Vintage from their Exception lineup of leathers.  It is a book-style case that brings a style and elegance that looks professional and contemporary while not breaking the bank to do so.  This is the third case we have reviewed of Noreve’s here at AlliOSNews, the first being for the iPhone 5, then the iPad Mini and now this new one for the iPad Air.  In all cases we have been ecstatic with the look, feel and construction of the cases from Noreve.  The St. Topaz, France company’s tagline is Haute Couture (literally means “high sewing”) and these hand assembled cases are second-to-none and live up to that lofty tagline.

Before we start, a little background on the Exception line of leathers from Noreve.  As the company describes them

The Unboxing of a Noreve Case

The Unboxing of a Noreve Case

The Exception range harks back to France’s Glorious Thirty Years from ’45 to ’73, with its nubuck suede-like leather.
Special oils provide a used and shiny finish which is very soft to the touch. Available in a vintage yet still fashionable range of colours: dark, sable, acier, taupe, mandarine, cerise, passion, jean, menthe & prune..

The feeling of the case in your hand is suede-like in its softness but don’t let that fool you.  The Tradition iPad Air case is sturdy, solid construction that protects your iPad Air while being stylish.

The attention to detail and elegance of a Noreve case starts when you receive the Black-with-Red-Top box.  The heavy constructed box opens to the red drawstring dust cover that holds the case and protects it during shipping and is great for storing the case should you ever remove it from your device.  Opening the dust bag you get your first glimpse of the Noreve case and it never fails to disappoint every time we open one of these bags up.

Apple Releases “Your Verse Anthem” iPad Air Video

Apple has released another new video-meets-advertisement for the iPad Air.  The Your Verse Anthem video is available now on the Apple site as well as YouTube.  Apple states in the trailer for the video:

We’re humbled and inspired by what people do with iPad. So we set out to capture some of their stories. What will your verse be?

The Your Verse Anthem video highlights just some of the ways that people use their iPad Air today – from coaching hockey to DJs to engineers creating next generation wind power solutions.  In typical Apple fashion, the video is well shot with an outstanding music track and pretty inspiring if I’m honest.

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One Month Later – Why The iPad Air is The Best iPad Ever

On 1 November of this year, I like many of you made my way to my local Apple store and picked up the all new iPad Air.  It had been announced a few weeks before on the 22nd of October and the new size and speed intrigued me to upgrade my 3rd Generation iPad.  Besides, with nothing but iPad Mini’s and iPhone 5’s running around the house, my old iPad was my last 30-Pin Connector device left.  More than enough reason to upgrade on its own.

I wrote a quick review of the iPad Air that day and a few days later I followed it up with a review of the iPad Air Smart Case from Apple.  But it was after that first week I really seriously started using my new iPad in earnest.  And the more I used it, the more I loved it.  In fact I’ve told many colleagues and friends that this new iPad has re-invigorated me to the platform.  I’d kinda lost interest in the full size iPad because of its size and weight.  In fact, I told TechMomTuesday writer Tricia that I was going to get an iPad Mini with Retina display as soon as they came out because I liked the size and weight so much better than my old iPad.  But I decided to give the iPad Air a go.

Best. Decision.

Why?  Let me explain why I think the iPad Air is the best iPad ever and I can do it focusing on three key areas:  Battery Life, Speed and Portability.

Review of The Apple Smart Case for iPad Air

With the release of the iPad Air, Apple has also released an updated lineup of their Smart Case for iPad Air.  The new Smart Case has been essentially re-thought and the new look and feel of this leather case is impressive.  While it is certainly not the least expensive case on the market for your iPad Air, if you want a case that fits snuggly around your iPad Air without adding large amounts of weight and girth to this ultra light tablet, The Smart Case for iPad Air should do the job for you.

The first thing you will notice about the new Smart Case is its construction.  Previous generations of Smart Cases were

Smart Case for iPad Air

Smart Case for iPad Air

made of polyurethane with a microfiber lining on the inside of the case’s cover to clean and protect your iPad’s display.  The new Smart Case for iPad Air is made of leather and you immediately notice the look and feel difference when you touch the case for the first time.  It feels more luxurious than the older cases and doesn’t have the “shiny” plastic look of the previous generation.  The inside of the case – both the cover and the iPad Air holder itself – is lined with microfiber to prevent scratching

Inside of the Smart Case for iPad Air

Inside of the Smart Case for iPad Air

and to act as a display cleaner.  On the surface there are not massive changes between the Smart Cases for previous iPad generations and this new one for the Air.  Both were designed to add minimal bulk – which is even more important on the iPad Air – and to protect your investment.  But the construction and overall feel of this new case is superior to the previous generation in my opinion.

The AlliOSNews Review of the iPad Air

With little struggle or fanfare I walked into my local Apple store and asked for a new iPad Air and within 10 minutes walked out with a Space Grey, 32GB, WiFi only unit along with the new iPad Air Smart Case.  Having unboxed it and having used it this afternoon it can only be summed up in one word.


I would contend that the iPad Air is the biggest change to the iPad lineup since the design breakthrough from the original iPad to the iPad 2.  This new iPad Air is stunningly slim and light.  It is hard to describe how comfortable the unit feels to hold when compared to my iPad 3rd Generation.  It is as easy to hold as an iPad Mini and this evolutionary step forward by Apple is amazing.  Simply and utterly amazing.  Here then is my quick review of the iPad Air.


The iPad Air comes in the same size box as the previous generation of iPads so there isn’t really anything new to report

iPad Air Box Opened

iPad Air Box Opened

from that perspective.  It comes with all of the standard parts you would expect in the box:

  • Power Adapter (in my case for UK)
  • Lightning Cable
  • User Guide
  • The obligatory Apple decal – two of them in fact

When I powered up my iPad Air it had about 95% battery charge on it and I was immediately able to begin an iCloud restore from my old iPad to this one.

The power adapter is a 12w version which has been the standard for the iPad unlike the smaller 10w for the iPad Mini.

Look and Feel

The first thing you notice about the iPad Air is the thinness of it.  It is the same 7.5mm thin as the iPad Mini which frankly is one of the things I love about the Mini.  With the iPad Air you now have the same feel in your hands.  It is easy to hold.  The bezel surrounding the 9.7″ display of the iPad is much thinner than the previous generation so the display “look” bigger when you hold it.  This is clearly a design borrow from the iPad Mini and on this larger version it looks fantastic.

The other thing that makes the iPad Air easy to hold is the weight.  It weighs just 469 grams, nearly half the weight of the

iPad Air compared to iPad Mini thickness

iPad Air compared to iPad Mini thickness

iPad 3rd Generation.  You notice this immediately when you pick up it up.  It feels feather light in your hands and unlike the previous versions, you can hold this comfortably for much longer while reading from it.  Overall the iPad Air is smaller than previous generations, coming in at 6.6″ wide versus the 9.5″ previously.  Again, this makes holding the iPad Air much easier.

I freely admit that when I went to my local Apple store I had intended on buying a White/Silver unit but they did not have  any left in the configuration I wanted (32GB, WiFi only) so I decided to get the Space Grey.  I like it but personally I liked the black versions of old over the Space Grey.  That’s just my personal opinion – and clearly it isn’t a strong opinion as I opted to get it rather than go to another Apple Store to try to find a White/Silver unit.

The 9.7″ Retina display is the same as previous models so nothing new here but it is stunning as ever while the volume controls, mute and power buttons are all identical to those of the iPad Mini.

The camera of the iPad Air is a 5MP unit and photo quality is better than the iPad 3rd and 4th Generation.  In snapping a few photos with it there is a marked improvement in the photo quality and with HDR enabled it helps that much further.  The iPad Air still won’t be the first device I think of when it comes to camera

ZAGG Folio Keyboard for iPad Air Now Available

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten with the launch of the iPad Air – a question I don’t recall getting that often before now – is “Can I use this as my main computer?”

The answer is yes.  I use my iPad as my main computing device about 80% of the time.  The only time I’m on my Mac is when I’m doing some intense work in Keynote or Numbers but mostly that has come down to a keyboard being needed for my own comfort.  I solved this problem with my ZAGG Folio Keyboard for my current iPad and they have just updated it for the new iPad Air.

The ZAGG Folio Keyboard is a black leatherette case with a super thin, island-key style keyboard built into the front cover.

ZAGG Folio Keyboard for iPad Air

ZAGG Folio Keyboard for iPad Air

The keyboard is designed for comfort and has a blue tinted backlight so you can type easily in low light situations.  ZAGG has designed the case with a 130-degree viewing angle so it is easy to share and view your iPad Air screen from just about any where.  The really impressive part of this case however is the battery life.  ZAGG claims that if you use the keyboard for two hours per day (a reasonable number in my estimation) that the built-in LithiumION battery charge will last for 3 months between charges.

The new ZAGGkeys Folio is a mere 7.6mm thin, just more than a quarter of an inch, and only 17.7mm, or about two-thirds of an inch, when holding your iPad. This makes it one of the thinnest keyboards available. But while it is smaller and easier to carry, it actually offers 30% more typing room than the competition. In addition, it features a pivoting hinge that allows you to place your iPad at virtually any viewing angle, just like a laptop screen. Open it up, set it to your preferred angle, and off you go typing in comfort.

If you are looking for a keyboard case for your new iPad Air that won’t add a huge amount of bulk then the ZAGG Folio Keyboard is for you.  It is $99.99 and available now from ZAGG.

ZAGG Folio Keyboard – $99.99 – Purchase Now


Which iPad Air Are You Getting Tomorrow?

Editor Note:  This poll will remain at the top of the AlliOSNews page throughout 31 October – 1 November.  Newer articles and updates can be found directly below.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Starting tomorrow you can order your new iPad Air or go to your local Apple store or reseller and pick up it up.  All indications are there will be plenty of stock so finding the one you want should not be overly difficult.  Which leads to our poll of the day!

Which iPad Air are you getting tomorrow?

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Apple Releases New Mac Pro Video and iPad Air Video

Coming from the Apple Special Event last week, Apple has released the new Mac Pro video and iPad Air video that they debuted at the event.  These two videos are two of four Apple released related to the event and all four of them can be viewed right here on AlliOSNews.

The first video is the Apple production video of the iPad Air featuring Sir Jony Ive.  This is classic Apple as Ive discusses the design thoughts and principles behind the making of the newest iPad.  Apple does this type of video for every event and to date has been the only way we get to hear the genius behind Apple’s design speak.

YouTube Preview Image

Apple Special Event Video Now Available

For those who missed the Apple Special Event, there are now two ways for you to view the special event video from your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone.

First, you can stream the video directly from your AppleTV by going to the Apple Special Events section.  This will allow you to stream the video directly from Apple without having to actually download it.  Likewise, you can stream the video in HD from YouTube on the Apple YouTube channel.  For Apple fans, this is a channel to subscribe to as you can see all of the Apple special events and adverts in one place.

YouTube Preview Image

Second, you can subscribe to the Apple Special Events podcasts in iTunes.  This will allow you to download the SD or HD version of the broadcast to your PC or Mac then use iTunes to copy it to your iPhone or iPad for viewing on that device.  Likewise, you can setup the Podcast app on your iPhone or iPad to automatically download the latest videos Apple posts to the podcast straight on your device and bypass iTunes synchronisation.

Here are all the links that you need in order to view the Special Events video on your iPhone or iPad: