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How To Factory Reset your iPhone or iPad

There comes a time where your iPhone or iPad needs a swift kick to the pants.

Since your iPhone or iPad does not come with said pants, you need to find an alternative to get your point across with a misbehaving app, service or just your device being slow.  Contrary to believe, Apple products do need a reset every once in a while – just like a Windows powered device.  Just like an Android powered device.  Fortunately it is pretty easy to do on an iPhone or iPad and it doesn’t take Gangnam Style finger gyrations to make it happen like on other devices.

To be clear, there are several different types of resets you can do on an iOS device – Reset All Settings, Reset Network Settings, Reset Keyboard Dictionary, Reset Home Screen Layout and Reset Location & Privacy.  The one I’m highlighting is the Erase All Content and Settings.  Call it the Nuclear Option.  Call it a Lobotomy.  The bottom line is that your iPhone or iPad is reset to how it came out of the box.  With that in mind, a word of caution:

This will completely and utterly reset every single aspect of your iPhone or iPad to its factory settings.  It will be “like new”.  That means all your data is gone.  All your photos are gone.  All your games are gone. 

This of course leads to my reminder that you should always have a backup of your iPhone or iPad either on your Mac or PC via iTunes or in iCloud.  So before you do a reset of any type, make sure you have backed up.

To perform any of the resets I mentioned above including the Erase All Content and Settings option, on your iPhone or

Reset in General Settings

Reset in General Settings

iPad go to Settings>General>Reset.  The reset option is at the very bottom of the General page so scroll down if you don’t see it.  When you tap the Reset option you will see listed all of the reset options available to you.  The second option is the Erase All Content and Settings option.  Tap it and you will be prompted for your passcode if you have one set.  You will then get a warning stating that this option erases all data and media on your iPhone or iPad.  Tape the Erase iPhone (or Erase on your iPad) and the deed is done.  In a few moments your device will boot back up with the Welcome screen from when you initially got your iPhone or iPad.

Confirmation to Erase your iPhone

Confirmation to Erase your iPhone

Once the reset is complete you can put in the information, resynchronize your device with iTunes or iCloud and restore all your apps and content.  For most people, a complete reset from start to finish takes about 30-45 minutes but your mileage may vary.

As I said earlier, this is a complete reset of your iPhone or iPad.  Before making this drastic – but likely effective – move on your device, here are some suggestions to try first.

If you have a misbehaving app (crashing, not starting, etc), delete it and reinstall it.  90% of the time this fixes the issue.

If your iPhone or iPad is running very slow, clear the cache on it.  See this How To from 2010 on how to do this – the process is exactly the same as it was back in the iOS 3/iPhone 3GS days.

If you are having network connectivity challenges, try turning the WiFi on/off in Settings or do a Reset Network Settings on the Reset menu we have been discussing.

My point is the Erase All option should be the last option.  But if you need it, Apple has it there easily available for you to start anew.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Genius Bar Appointment

One of the things that makes the Apple experience so great is the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store. The Genius Bar is where you can go to get help with your Apple products from you iMac to your iPod Nano. It is perhaps the best example of retail customer support there is today.

The challenge however is getting an appointment. The typical Apple Store sees thousands of visitors per day and getting Genius Bar appointments, particularly on the weekends, can be very difficult. Typically most people go to their Apple Store, make an appointment then come back later that day (or even the next day) for the actual appointment. If you are an iOS device user however, you can save yourself time, gasoline and frustration by making your appointment through the free Apple Store app in the App Store. In talking to friends and colleagues, most people seem to know that you can buy and configure Apple products on the app but few seemed to know that you could make a Genius Bar appointment on it. Using the app makes making an appointment quick, easy and pain free.

How to Show the Battery Percentage on Your iPhone and iPad

With every generation of iPhone and iPad, Apple has continually improved the battery life of the devices.  Just this week, Apple announced the upcoming iPhone 4S (Pre-Order October 7th, Available October 14th) will have 10 hours of 3G talk time.  No matter how you measure it, that’s impressive!

Since the early days of iOS, Apple has included a battery indicator in the top right corner of the device display.  It gives you at-a-glance a visual indicator of how much “juice” you have left.  But did you know there is a way to show not only the battery icon but a percentage of battery life left as well?  This is a nice, built-in feature that Apple has provided on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad 2 but it is a little bit tricky to find out how to find the setting.  That is the purpose of this How To!  I’m going to show you both on an iPhone and an iPad how to find the Battery Percentage setting so you can display it on your device.

Multitasking debated and discussed at TiPB

THe myths and magic of Multitasking have seem to have taken headlines again this week thanks to HP and Blackberry.  The question though is what is “true” multitasking?  It seems that our on-again/off-again fascination with this functionality in our mobile devices makes everyone from power users to everyday users question.

Rene over at The iPhone Blog (TiPB) has a fantastically well written article posted that specifically tries to address this question of true multitasking.  It is a lengthy read but well worth the few minutes to read.  The article covers how iOS does multitasking then goes into how HP and Blackberry do theirs.

Read the article at TiPB

The Daily subscription newspaper for iOS devices coming February 2nd

The much anticipated subscription based newspaper from News Corp and Apple is coming to us on February 2nd (next Wednesday).  Invitations for a joint launch event of The Daily were sent out yesterday where News Corp Chairman & CEO Rupert Murdoch will be joined by Apple’s iTunes and App Store VP Eddie Cue to launch the first daily newspaper app for iOS devices.

There are a couple of things that are interesting about the announcement and the timing.  First, the invitation does not state anywhere if this is an iOS app, an iPad only app or an iPhone and iPad only app.  The assumption many have made – including me – is that it will be an iPhone and iPad app as it makes the most sense.  The announcement doesn’t say which it will be so we will have to wait until next Wednesday.

Secondly, subscription services are set to be a part of iOS 4.3 which I posted yesterday I think will be launched on February 10th with the iPhone 4 on Verizon (which will have iOS 4.3).  Existing Verizon customers will be able to order the device on February 3rd, the day after the launch of The Daily.  I think that leaves really only two options for News Corp and Apple:

  • They announce The Daily and the availability of iOS 4.3 in the same event
  • They announce the launch of the Daily but that it will not be available until after February 3rd/10th/mystery date when iOS 4.3 is launched

I personally think it will be the former rather than the latter.  News Corp and Apple both have seen a subscription newspaper as a key offering for some time now and I would be surprised if they announce it but don’t launch it for another week or more.

The event is 11:00 AM EDT on Wednesday and I will cover all the details of the launch after the event.

iOS 4.3 – February 10th launch?

Apple has been rapidly testing and developing iOS 4.3, much faster than previous iOS versions and if I had to guess, I’m betting February 10th is the release date.  That is the day of the launch of the iPhone 4 on Verizon here in the United States which will launch with iOS 4.3 if you believe the rumors.  Assuming that is true – a safe bet – then that would mean that Apple would have multiple iOS version out in the field.  This is something they have done in the past as they built up the code for iPad and Apple TV.  Apple has made it clear though that they want one iOS version out there for all of their devices.

If Apple decides not to release iOS 4.3 for other iPhones on other carriers, it would only be so as not to steal the limelight from their newest carrier partner – and perhaps to give those new customers a little extra love for a week or two.

One this is very clear however in all of this.  Apple has been pushing out new beta builds of iOS 4.3 to their developers every week instead of every two weeks which suggests it is on a fast track.  With tethering replaced with personal hotspot and improved multi-gestures, there aren’t massive changes to the code which is likely helping them move things along quicker.