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HealthKit Apps Begin Appearing in The App Store

One of the big things that Apple addressed in iOS 8.0.2 last week was the bug that was impacting HealthKit.  In fact it was discovered so late that developers were literally having their HealthKit compatible apps pulled from the App Store hours before iOS 8 was released.  Whatever the issue was – I’ve not seen a full disclosure on what it was exactly – it now is fixed and HealthKit apps are starting to appear in the App Store.

MyFitnessPal App for iOS Updated with Improved Navigation

The universal MyFitnessPal app has been updated with several improvements around navigation and entering food into your daily food diary.  I am a big fan of MyFitnessPal (my current daily diary logging streak is now at day 510) and it is one of the apps that has helped me lose and keep off 100lbs (45kg) over the course of the last 4 years.  If you want to follow me on MyFitnessPal, you will find me as ClintonAlliOSNews (original, I know).

The biggest change in this update of the MyFitnessPal app is around navigation.  Gone are the menu driven entries and navigation and in comes a more icon-based menu with a large, in-the-centre, Add button so you can quickly and easily track food, exercise, weight and water consumption (did you know that you should consume 2L of water per day?  Water consumption can aid weight loss and improve stamina).  This change makes it far easier to add information to the app to help you keep track of things.

MyFitnessPal (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Unexplainable Frequencies That Can Help You Heal, Grow and Change

Unexplainable Frequencies, developed by iMobLife, is a brain stimulation app that uses professionally created audio tones to promote physical and emotional healing, boost brain function, and stimulate the mind into altered states. 

Unexplainable Frequencies (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

3,2,1 Run App Updated for iOS 7 & Overall Improvements

3,2,1 Run allows novice runners and better runners to track their runs with its GPS-enabled recording, providing instant speed, distance and heart rate frequency when a heart rate strap is connected. It comes with many training plans to discover running, improve or lose weight. All training plans help the runner by indicating in audio when and how to change their pace and speed.

3,2,1 Run – SALE .99 Cents (Normally $3.99) – Download Now

Workout, Log, and Improve Fitness With Gym Log+ for iOS

Gym Log+ helps users reach their fitness goals and achieve results by offering an interactive app that simply and quickly allows users to log workouts, create new exercise routines, and track their progress. Gym Log+ provides instructions and pictures for more than 150 exercises making it simpler to stay in shape. Six different exercise routines challenge the user including full body, back and biceps, chest and triceps, shoulders and abs, legs, and cardio. Gym Log+ also allows users to create their own personalized workouts and exercises.

Gym Log+ (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

MyFitnessPal Update Brings Fitness Tracker Data Integration

MyFitnessPal has released an update that brings an even deeper level of integration between the diet and weight tracking app with fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone UP.  Further, the health & fitness app now has even better integration into the iPhone 5S’ M7 processor to make your device your steps counter throughout your day with minimal battery impact.

MyFitnessPal (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

RunKeeper Update Brings Personal Goal Dashboard to Your iPhone

RunKeeper is one of the long standing health & fitness apps in the App Store and the latest update brings more personalised information to you for your goal tracking.  The new Personal Goal Dashboard allows you to create fitness goals and check your progress on all of your Training Plans from one place within the app.  It is a streamlining of various elements of RunKeeper that use to require multiple taps on your iPhone or required that you use the RunKeeper website.

FitPRO: Workout Automator iPhone App

Independent developer, Jordan Carney has announced the release and immediate availability of FitPRO – Workout Automator 1.0 for iOS, his new app designed to automate the workout process and make routines easier to follow. FitPRO promotes complete focus during your workout by automating your workout workflow. Put in your exercise routine, or have FitPRO intelligently create a workout for you, and put on your headphones. FitPRO will provide voice notifications for the exercise and set, you should be on. You will not need to unlock your phone and see what you should be doing next. The app is your own personal trainer.

FitPRO – .99 Cents – Download Now

MyFitnessPal App Update Brings Nutrition Goals to Your iPhone and iPad

The MyFitnessPal app for iPhone and iPad has been updated to bring you more features to the app that were until now only available on the MyFitnessPal website.  The newest update now gives you the ability to track your nutrition goals in detail along with a friendlier invitation system for your friends and improved trend graphs.

The big new feature is the ability to track specific nutrition goals.  So if you require a special diet – Low Sodium for example – you can now adjust the nutrition goal for sodium to get to your doctor recommended level.  In all there are 17 nutrition goals you can set from the amount of fat and cholesterol you consume to tracking key vitamins like Vitamin C.  The ability to set these macro goals has been a part of the MyFitnessPal website but not on the mobile apps.

MyFitnessPal has also improved the invitation system that is in the MyFitnessPal app to be a bit more friendlier than in

MyFitnessPal Now Tracks Nutrition Goals

MyFitnessPal Now Tracks Nutrition Goals in the app

previous updates.  This update focuses on Facebook and before if you invited a friend from Facebook to join MyFitnessPal and link up with you, they would only see your MyFitnessPal username.  That’s fine in my case as my user name is ClintonAlliOSNews and most of my friends & family will figure out quickly enough it is me.  But if your user name GymRateMistro, nobody will have a clue who you are on Facebook.

Now when you place an invite to a Facebook friend, it comes across to them with your Facebook name so they know who the invitation has come from on their friend’s list.

MyFitnessPal (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

MyFitnessPal App Goes Universal

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I’m a big advocate for MyFitnessPal.  The app and service allows you to easily track your diet along with your weight and other measurements to help you live a healthy(ier) lifestyle.  Now if you really have been following me a while then you know that I use to weight 290lb (131kg) about 5 years ago and today (as of 4:30 this morning) I weigh 180lb (81.6kg).  It’s taken a lot of work and part of that effort has been through diet tracking.  That’s where the MyFitnessPal app comes into the equation.

Yesterday the company updated their iOS app to be a universal app across all devices, eliminating the HD version for

MyFitnessPal QUick Tips

MyFitnessPal Quick Tips

iPad.  While data had already been synchronised across devices in previous releases, the new universal app should make it easier for everyone to download the free MyFitnessPal app once and it is on all their device.

In addition the MyFitnessPal app now has a new related foods suggestion in your diary.  Now when you add food to your diary, the app will give you related items that you have paired with that food previously.  It makes adding items you eat regularly easier and quicker.  Throughout the app you will also find Quick Tips that pop up or are integrated into your timeline.  These tips are designed to give you ideas on how to use the app better or more efficiently.

The MyFitnessPal app is free as is the service and this new update requires your device be running iOS 6.0 or later on your devices.

MyFitnessPal (Universal App) – Free – Download Now