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Apple Launches Revamped Support Site

Apple has launched a completely revamped Apple Support Site for their products, the first indication of an improved and streamlined support process coming from the company.  The new site which is available in multiple countries, allows iPhone, iPad, Mac and really anything Apple related users to troubleshoot issues to sort out how to resolve the issue or to schedule help with the device.  That help could be sending in a device for repair or by making an appointment at your local Apple store.

The site is the first step in a process that Apple is going through to provide more direct support and leveraging the Apple

New Apple Support Site

New Apple Support Site

Stores for a first line of defence on customer support.  More and more repairs will be done inside the local stores in the effort to save money on the repairs but also to provide a quicker, more positive customer experience.

The Apple Support Site offers 24×7 chat for customers to chat with an Apple representative to help troubleshoot an issue and in my testing of it this morning, was quite responsive.  That said, the troubleshooting steps on the site are very good and it is likely you will not need to chat with anyone.

Apple is also widely expected to change the AppleCare program to be a per-user model rather than a per device model.

To check out the site, go to and go through the step-by-step tool to troubleshoot a problem on your device or product.


Apple posts article on Do Not Disturb issue with it being fixed on 7 January

Apple has released an acknowledgement that the sporadic issues with Do Not Disturb are legitimate and are being addressed.  On the Apple Support site yesterday, Apple posted article TS4510 which outlines the problem of Do Not Disturb mode staying on even after the scheduled time for it end has passed.  The resolution to the issue is interesting:

Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.

What makes this interesting is the “resume normal functionality” statement.  Does this mean that whatever this bug is, likely algorithm related, runs its course on 7 January and things return to normal?  Or does it mean that we can expect to see a hot patch of some sort for iOS 6 to resolve the issue on 7 January?  It really doesn’t matter but the blogosphere is alight with the idea that this will be a software patch – I’m not convinced yet. :-)

A deeper question – and I’d like to hear your thoughts – is why does Apple have a difficult time with the calendar rolling to a new year and Daylight Savings Time?  They have been plagued with issues related to one or the other or both in iOS 4, iOS 5 and now iOS 6.

You can read TS4510 here and remember to turn off DND manually between now and the 7th.