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Castle Clout Hits Top 100 Games in App Store

Selectsoft’s medieval siege game Castle Clout has stormed its way into the top 100 iPhone(R) games on the App Store. Featuring exciting trebuchet action, smooth touch controls, a powerful build-and-share level editor, and fun enemy-squashing sound effects, the addictive app has also reached the top 15 in Adventure games and top 10 for the Strategy games chart.

Developed by Selectsoft in partnership with Teyon, Castle Clout for iPhone(R) and iPad(R) was recently updated and now features even better performance and improved gameplay. “It appears our last update had a huge impact,” comments Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen. The game first became a web hit in 2008, eventually garnering over 35 million online plays. Now Castle Clout has made the top charts on the App Store as well. “We’re absolutely thrilled to see Castle Clout make it to the Top 100 Games,” says Chen. “We have always felt from the start that Castle Clout had huge potential…and we are thankful to see how players have supported our app on the App Store.”

Doctor Who News App WhoNews So Much Bigger on the Inside

Paul Gee has announced the release of WhoNews 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch devices. WhoNews collates the latest news on Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures from over 120 of the top Doctor Who websites every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. This is coupled with a built in DVD & Blu ray, Games, Books and CD price comparison tool that tracks down the lowest prices for Doctor Who related goods from the top internet retailers.

Version 2.0 adds dedicated areas for blogs and podcasts and has increased the total number of websites scanned to over 120 trebling the previous number of news sources. Combined with the new push notification service which alerts Doctor Who fans of the latest news but pushing articles direct to their iOS device, WhoNews is the ultimate Doctor Who news app.

Amenities – Local Search – Now Available for iPad on the App Store

JAS Applications today is bringing their successful iPhone App ‘Amenities – Local Search’ to the iPad. Amenities uses real time location services to provide accurate, informative social data about your surroundings. The App works worldwide so wherever you are, whenever you’re there, Amenities provides one tap access to any local amenities such as Cafes, Hotels, Sports Centres and Airports. With a sleek, contemporary designed interface, easy to use Maps and custom searches, Amenities is the must have location services App.

The App launches with pre-set amenities already integrated into the App. However, with Amenities powerful keyword search you can add any amenity into the App. This provides you with customisation making the App specific to your needs. You can also even reorder amenities to make ones you use most frequently only one tap away.

Keeping kids creative: Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure, iPad Drawing App

Kidoodle Apps today is proud to announce the release of Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure with Oscar & Josephine(TM), their very first drawing, doodling, and imagining iPad app for kids. The app’s interactive pages come to life as children doodle their way on an adventure filled with animated pirates, hidden treasure, and their very own pirate ship.

Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure is an app designed to encourage children to draw, to imagine, and to have fun. It’s ideal for parents that want more than addictive casual games for their children.

Commercial Real Estate Analysis Your Way HD 2.0 for iPad

Tap Tonio has announced the release of Commercial Real Estate Analysis Your Way HD 2.0, an indispensable real estate investment evaluation product for iPad users. Commercial Real Estate Analysis Your Way HD is a comprehensive financial analysis application that analyzes the cash flow of commercial real estate investments, leases, and loans along with calculating discounted cash flow measures like IRR and NPV. It calculates IRR, NPV, and Cash on Cash before tax, after tax, before leverage, and after leverage so you can fully analyze the property.

ABC SPANISH READING MAGIC Free for iOS-Blending, Segmenting, and Reading

Preschool University today is pleased to introduce ABC SPANISH READING MAGIC 1.0 for iOS, their 15th free Education app, which provides practice in reading elementary Spanish, but also offers practice in the two prerequisite skills that are often overlooked: blending and segmentation of phonemes. Designed for young children learning to read Spanish as a native or foreign language, the app has three modes: Blending, Segmentation, and Reading.

In Blending mode children touch a row of empty rectangles consecutively, hear a sound from each one, and then blend the sounds together to form a word (touching the large empty rectangle provides audio and visual confirmation). Set to Segmentation, kids touch the illustration in the large rectangle and hear a word, then separate it into sounds, touching each empty rectangle in a row as they first speak, then hear each sound. Lastly, in Reading mode learners read the letters inside the row of rectangles, read the word, and then see the illustration and hear the word aloud. The app features touch-to-hear, audible pronunciation of whole words, or the sound of individual letters plus the complete word.

Holidays Plus 1.1 released for iPhone and iPad – Free for a limited time

Steve Development today updated their US holiday app Holidays Plus in the App Store to version 1.1. To celebrate this release the app is now temporarily available for free. Holidays Plus is the most complete, easy to use holiday app in the app store. With the Holidays Plus app you can find the date of a holiday or other notable day fast and easy and synchronize with your favorite calendar program. The update to 1.1 provides even more dates and some minor bug fixes.

Nuclear Nova releases ASCII Art for the iPad

Nuclear Nova Software today is pleased to announce ASCII Art for the iPad, available through the iTunes app store. ASCII Art is Nuclear Nova’s first graphics and media app for for the iPad, and closely mirrors the Mac version released in March. ASCII Art is a powerful generator that converts digital pictures into amazing looking text art. Output art to black/white text with a user editable character set to adjust the letters/numbers/symbols to be used. The maximum character width and size options control the finished product size. Real time previews make for easy source image tweaking, allowing for the best possible results to be obtained. To celebrate, ASCII Art is on sale for $2.99, regularly $4.99 USD.

Roomie Remote Launches with Next Generation Home Theater Control

Cyphersoft, a Silicon Valley startup specializing in home theater control and automation software, today is pleased to announce Roomie Remote 1.0 for iOS is now available on the App Store. Roomie introduces the ability to detect many home theater components automatically without additional hardware and create configurations entirely on an iOS device including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Roomie’s direct component integration delivers the holy grail of home theater control: two-way feedback. No longer must users wonder what input a receiver is on or what the volume level is. Roomie detects the information automatically to provide interactive displays. Roomie also supports traditional infrared devices with the addition of palm-sized adapters that require neither line of sight to components nor coffee table gadgetry.

“Roomie was designed from the ground up to disrupt the barriers holding back home theater control and automation,” said Will Price, Founder and CEO of Cyphersoft. “With Roomie’s support for direct IP connections, extensive library of supported devices, integrated TV listings, deep support for popular Roku and TiVo devices, easy to use interface, and high-end home theater grade adapters, we’re providing the first truly next generation universal remote solution in decades.”

Essay Writing eTextbook for iPad and iPhone Back To School Sale

Niles Technology Group today announces that Essay Czar, the most comprehensive essay writing eTextbook for college and high school students, is on sale at 30% off. Essay Czar directs students how to develop and to write over forty (40) types of essays and papers, including the SAT essay. Using a proprietary step-by-step system, students are guided to write the best essays possible in the least amount of time.

For students, writing is one of the most difficult academic tasks. Essay Czar makes writing a fluid process, irrespective of the type of essay being written. Solidly based on critical thinking pedagogy, students are taught to think reflexively and to employ logic as they write.