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PhotoEdit+ for iPad 2 – advanced photo editor with effects and filters

KenigArt has introduced Photo Edit+ for iPad 2 v1.0. PhotoEdit+ is a new “all in one” photo editor for iPad 2!

For a symbolic price your will get professinal photo application with extensive list of features and addons, with convenient HD interface and very fast image processing engine!
PhotoEdit+ is recommended for all people who likes photography as professional work or like a hobby.

PhotoEdit+ is simple and easy to use app but provides powerfull professional tools for photo editing and manipulation such as image adjustments, effects applying and combining, filters library and much more!

Proceeds from Frosty Dogs Sales this Weekend Go to Cancer Research

To honor the memory of Steve Jobs, Frosty Dogs will be donating all proceeds from all product sales this weekend to fund pancreatic cancer research. “There are no early detection methods for this disease that has single-digit survival rates”, says Mike Stewart, founder of Frosty Dogs. “I hope that this weekend Frosty Dogs and its customers can help fund the research necessary to increase early detection and survival rates of this insidious disease.”

Stewart continues, “Without Steve Jobs, and the company he was a huge part of, there would be no platform on which to build Frosty Dogs. Continuing to build great software here at Frosty Dogs just did not seem to be enough to honor the inspiration that Steve encouraged at Apple. Therefore every dollar from every Frosty Dogs product sale this weekend will be donated to pancreatic cancer research in honor of Steve. Simply purchase a copy of TaskSurfer, Gym Fanatic, or PhotoFinish from now until Monday and the proceeds will go to fight pancreatic cancer.”

Gym Fanatic and PhotoFinish are available on the iTunes App Store. TaskSurfer can be purchased from the Mac App Store or on the Frosty Dogs website.

Pancreatic Cancer Research Action Network:
Gym Fanatic:

[Gym Fanatic in the App Store]

[PhotoFinish Stopwatch in the App Store]

[TaskSurfer in the Mac App Store]


The Fastest Way to Get Your Genius Bar Appointment

One of the things that makes the Apple experience so great is the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store. The Genius Bar is where you can go to get help with your Apple products from you iMac to your iPod Nano. It is perhaps the best example of retail customer support there is today.

The challenge however is getting an appointment. The typical Apple Store sees thousands of visitors per day and getting Genius Bar appointments, particularly on the weekends, can be very difficult. Typically most people go to their Apple Store, make an appointment then come back later that day (or even the next day) for the actual appointment. If you are an iOS device user however, you can save yourself time, gasoline and frustration by making your appointment through the free Apple Store app in the App Store. In talking to friends and colleagues, most people seem to know that you can buy and configure Apple products on the app but few seemed to know that you could make a Genius Bar appointment on it. Using the app makes making an appointment quick, easy and pain free.

iOS 5 Ready Apps Hitting the App Store

It appears that developers are starting to get ready for the impending iOS 5 release and Apple is starting to approve those apps.

Last night I did my normal check of updates for my iPhone and iPad and noticed this update was available for Evernote

Evernote Update 10072011

Note that the update clearly calls out “Fixes for iOS 5” in the description of what is new in the release.  This is the first app I have seen that specifically calls out updates or fixes related to iOS 5.

Have you seen others?  Leave a comment on any apps you have seen that have been updated for iOS 5


How to Show the Battery Percentage on Your iPhone and iPad

With every generation of iPhone and iPad, Apple has continually improved the battery life of the devices.  Just this week, Apple announced the upcoming iPhone 4S (Pre-Order October 7th, Available October 14th) will have 10 hours of 3G talk time.  No matter how you measure it, that’s impressive!

Since the early days of iOS, Apple has included a battery indicator in the top right corner of the device display.  It gives you at-a-glance a visual indicator of how much “juice” you have left.  But did you know there is a way to show not only the battery icon but a percentage of battery life left as well?  This is a nice, built-in feature that Apple has provided on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad 2 but it is a little bit tricky to find out how to find the setting.  That is the purpose of this How To!  I’m going to show you both on an iPhone and an iPad how to find the Battery Percentage setting so you can display it on your device.

New Geography Puzzle App Aims to Teach Kids and Adults the Whole World

Free Range Eggheads, a developer of educational iOS apps for children, today is excited to announce the release of their newest app, Puzzleography. Available for the iPad, Puzzleography is the first puzzle style geography game that includes the entire world and multiple levels of play.

Puzzleography includes nine maps: the continents of the world, the USA, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America, North America, and a “hidden” bonus map accessible from the main screen. Players will leave the game knowing the location, shape, English pronunciation, relative size, and spelling of every continent and country in the world and every state in the USA.

Jaw-Dropping Garfield iPad App Launches Today – Garfield BooClips

Technology, art, and humor come together in Garfield’s BooClips app available today from Israel-based Castle Builders (IL). This stunning digital children’s book application takes full advantage of Jim Davis’ GARFIELD via an original screenplay written by Davis. Garfield’s Pet Force leaps off the pages in this iPad storybook using rich multimedia, video clips, vivid animations and music from the original movie.

The BooClips(TM) app offers a wide array of fantastic features such as word-for-word narration, voiceover recording, HD video, 3D interface, touch capabilities, sign language interpretation, translation to different languages, easy navigation between pages, an animated magnifying glass, a dynamic bookmark that remembers where the reading was stopped for the next time the app is running, and other features easily accessible with the touch of a finger. The Garfield BooClips app is now available not only for the iPad, but also for the PC and the Mac, via Castle Builders’ new digital book store, which was launched earlier this week.

How To Customize Spotlight Search in on Your iPhone and iPad

On of the great features of iOS is the Spotlight Search.  By tapping the Home button from your Start screen, you are brought to Spotlight Search on your iPhone or iPad and can start typing virtually anything in the search box and iOS will find anything with that name:  Contacts, Documents, Apps, Messages, eMail, Notes and so forth.  This is a great way for example to find an app that you have installed on your device but you can’t quite remember which folder or page you have put it on.  With Spotlight Search it is quick and easy to find it without having to swipe-and-search.

By default, Spotlight Search searches a wide range of items on your iPhone or iPad but if you are like me, you only really need to search a handful of things.  Take podcasts for example.  I generally do not load podcasts on my iPhone but do on my iPad so having iOS search through my iPhone for potential podcasts is not necessary as there are none to be found.  Fortunately Apple has made it just as quick and easy to change not only what Spotlight Search searches for on your device but also the order in which they are displayed.  In this How To I will show you where to adjust the Spotlight Search function to make it better match your needs.

TwitterStream HD for iPad – New, Where Tweets and Twittering Become Zen

Announcing that WhereMark LLC, the developers of TwitterStream HD has released the 2.0 version of their unique product for iPad users. This is a new launch in the App Store that turns Twitter chaos into a peaceful Zen experience. TwitterStream features a gorgeous, realistic, interactive stream with soothing sounds. Users are able to relax and watch their tweets float by on leaves in the water, move them around or fling them off the screen. The app features full Twitter support, so users are able to send and receive tweets, login, retweet, search and follow.

Castle Clout Hits Top 100 Games in App Store

Selectsoft’s medieval siege game Castle Clout has stormed its way into the top 100 iPhone(R) games on the App Store. Featuring exciting trebuchet action, smooth touch controls, a powerful build-and-share level editor, and fun enemy-squashing sound effects, the addictive app has also reached the top 15 in Adventure games and top 10 for the Strategy games chart.

Developed by Selectsoft in partnership with Teyon, Castle Clout for iPhone(R) and iPad(R) was recently updated and now features even better performance and improved gameplay. “It appears our last update had a huge impact,” comments Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen. The game first became a web hit in 2008, eventually garnering over 35 million online plays. Now Castle Clout has made the top charts on the App Store as well. “We’re absolutely thrilled to see Castle Clout make it to the Top 100 Games,” says Chen. “We have always felt from the start that Castle Clout had huge potential…and we are thankful to see how players have supported our app on the App Store.”