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Vine App for iOS Update Brings Video Imports

Confession time:  I have never really gotten Vine.  Yeah, I get the idea behind it and all that but its just one of those social networks that I’ve just never really got my head around.  That’s fine, my life doesn’t feel any less complete.  When I did try out the Vine app for iOS a few times there was one really annoying issue with the app which was that I could not create a Vine post from any videos that happen to be residing on my iPhone at the time.  I had to shot the Vine video right then, right there and if I didn’t or couldn’t, it couldn’t be published.  Seemed pretty limiting to me.

That seems to have gone away now in the latest update for the Vine app for iOS.  The update, which of course is free and available now in the App Store, allows you to import a video from your iPhone, edit it down to the 6 seconds and post it on Vine.  Finally!

Vine – Free – Download Now

My World for iPad App Updated With Improved Maps

Exploring your world with the My World for iPad app! This app is fun for all ages, and has been updated with new features and improved interactions. This update, one of Laura J. White Mobile Development team’s most popular and most downloaded apps is available now in the Travel category of the iTunes App Store.

Tap around the world to explore coordinates and distances to and between your favorite places or places to plan to go to in the future. This app provides the capability to:

  • Get the coordinates of your location

    My World for iPad

    My World for iPad

  • Get the distance from your location to any other place in the world
  • Get the distance between any two places in the world
  • Get the time it will take to travel those distances by car, by plane, or by a user specified speed

This app provides shortest and equirectangular distances represented in both the Metric System (kilometers) and the US Standard System (miles). Don’t worry if you get lost, you can use the Find Me feature of this app to get back to where you started.

My World for iPad is an iPad only app and is .99 Cents in the App Store.  It requires that your iPad be running iOS 7.0 or later.

My World for iPad – .99 Cents – Download Now

Ladies, get Fashion and Lifestyle Tips with Allswomenstalk App for iOS

Girls and women around the world who want to discover the most fabulous version of their fantastic self can now download the latest version of the globally popular no-cost Allswomenstalk app, and enjoy stunning new visual improvements.

The Allswomenstalk app is the ultimate blog that keeps girls and women updated on the latest news and information in: hair, makeup, fashion, beauty products, dating, travel, dieting, money, movies, bags, cooking, food, gardening, jewelry, love, lifestyle news, celebrity gossip, health and wellness, and much more. New content and categories are being added on a regular basis, and users are invited to send in their requests for future updates.

Plus, users can post, comment and interact with Allswomenstalk community members around the world, and ensure that they stay on top of everything new, hot, interesting and useful.

Allswomenstalk (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Apps Playground Releases 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids iBook

Apps Playground, the UK-based children’s app reviews site, today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids, its first e-book for iPad, offering parents a guide to the best iPad apps from 2013.

Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids: 2013 Edition breaks down the site’s favourite apps of last year by category: Creative, Education, Stories, Playful and Games. The e-book aims to provide an accessible guide to apps for iPad-owning parents, including explaining their prices clearly and, if they use in-app purchases, how those work and how much they cost.

The selected apps include releases by well-known children’s entertainment brands like Disney, Nickelodeon and CBeebies, apps from new digital brands like Toca Boca, Duck Duck Moose and Sago Sago, and a host of independent developers.

Apps Playground’s 100 Best iPad Apps for Kids – $2.99 – Download Now

MileBug App Updated for 2014 IRS Mileage Rules

Independent app developer, Izatt International has announced the launch of the new MileBug app for iOS. This new release for the New Year contains the new 2014 IRS mileage rates and sorting options for Favorite Trips. The Favorite Trips list can now be sorted alphabetically A-Z or Z-A, as well as a custom, user-defined order.

The award-winning and highly ranked Finance mileage log app, MileBug, can be found in the Finance section of both the iPhone and the iPad App Store. This iPhone trip log lets users track miles driven for business use and get their deduction or reimbursement.

Compatible with the markets most popular mobile devices, MileBug is the perfect electronic mileage logger and expense tracker generating logs that export beautifully for ease of use come tax time.

The MileBug app is not only the perfect companion to keep track of the miles you drive for your business, charity, personal or medical reasons – it also aids you in keeping track of your expenses. With MileBug you are not only helping the environment by conserving paper, you also spare yourself from grief and calculating headaches as the app includes a plethora of great features, all wrapped in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

MileBug (Universal App) – $2.99 – Download Now

Dooing App Helps Manage Team Tasks

Dooing has announced the launch of their Dooing app, its mobile field service management platform for iPhone. It’s difficult to dispatch field operations for businesses that have tasks on many locations. Finding the closest available employee or getting the status updates of the task is challenging.

The Dooing app improves the communication between mobile team members in small to medium-sized businesses. The platform aims to help team managers save time and increase productivity by assigning location aware tasks to the closest available employee.

Dooing – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Yahoo! Gives Yahoo Sports a Major Update Just in Time for The NFL Playoffs

If you haven’t been paying attention, let me you in on a little secret.

Yahoo! is back and they have some great apps.

The company than many – including me – wrote off as dead just two years ago has come back with a vengeance, focusing on apps and services that continue to impress.  The latest update to Yahoo Sports is another fine example.

The update, released today, brings an all new iOS 7 look & feel to the app that brings you not only new and information about US centric sports but worldwide sports information.

One of the best new features of Yahoo Sports is the new Loops feature.  Think of it as an animated GIF that allows you

Yahoo Sports for iPhone

Yahoo Sports for iPhone

to add captions, effect and comments to a moment in a game.  While it is only available on select games on iPhone and best experienced with WiFi, the Loops feature gives you the creativity to create your own highlight of the game.

Other improvements and features include:

  • Clean, beautiful redesign for iOS7 with dozens of new features and improvements. If Brady and Gisele made a sports app, it might not be as good looking as this.
  • New team and player pages with cover photos and easy access to the latest news.
  • Improved football scores page with redzone and scoring play indicators.
  • Personalize your league nav in the order you want with the leagues you want. You’ll never have to look at [insert sport you don’t like] again!
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs and a few crashes. Sorry those were there in the first place.

Yahoo Sports is a free app and it is a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.  This new update requires that your device be running iOS 7.0 or later.

Yahoo Sports (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Add Video Comments to Your Photos with the oPhoto App

KROSS Unlimited has released their oPhoto app for the iPhone and iPad, its innovative new app that lets users quickly embed video commentary and narrations into still photos. Ideal for both personal and professional use, a user simply: (01) selects a photo to enhance, (02) records a short video commentary or narration, (03) positions the embedded video, and (04) shares and/or saves their oPhoto creation.

Feature Highlights:

  • Apply photo filters
  • Adjust brightness & contrast
  • Add colorful text
  • Draw (lines, squares, circles) or sign your name on the screen
  • Change the border color of the embedded video

Options in Experimental Mode:

  • Stitch multiple photos together
  • Search the web for a background photo
  • Add photos within photos
  • Make audio-only oPhotos

Check out the overview video on the oPhoto app to get an idea of how it works

YouTube Preview Image

oPhoto (Universal App) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

MyBloc App Brings Social Networks to 3D Cube on Your iPhone

Today the MyBloc app, a unique social networking app for iPhone, has been updated with improved search functionality.  MyBloc is the very first app that allows users to view all of their social networks in a single three-dimensional cube. The attractive and easy-to-use app sports the most unusual and innovative way to view social networks, with everything based around a three-dimensional cube.

MyBloc combines Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts into a single, easy-to-view app. Each side of the Bloc features a different post from one or more social network accounts, although it is not necessary to have all accounts to use the MyBloc app. Users have the option of viewing all three network accounts at once, with the newest post rotating; alternately, users can filter posts by going to each individual network and flipping to the bottom of the cube.

With each face of the Bloc showing a different network, it’s easy to stay up to date on all social media fronts at once. The Facebook side displays the news feed, wall, photos, and status; and the Instagram side displays the feed, My Photos, Popular, and Nearby. The Twitter Bloc displays the feed, My Tweets, Mentions, and Retweets. The Bloc will rotate on its own through the most recent feeds.

MyBloc – .99 Cents – Download Now

Track Your Goals and Resolutions with Strides App for iPhone

Pure Signal, the team behind Slide Contacts (featured on and part of their app incubator) presents “Strides,” featured by Apple as one of the top “Best New Apps” in the Productivity category. Strides for iPhone ($2.99) makes it easy to track all your goals and habits in one place, with custom reminders and beautiful charts to keep you motivated and on track.

As the Quantified Self movement grows beyond productivity enthusiasts and life hackers, anyone interested in better managing their health, money and habits is in need of a goal tracker that’s powerful, yet easy to use. Strides aims to fulfill that need. So what sets it apart from other goal tracking apps?

1. Flexible: Track anything you can imagine with 4 powerful tracker types.

2. Reminders: Use custom recurring alerts that repeat however you want.

3. Dashboard: See how you’re doing on all your goals and habits in one view.

Here is a preview of what the Strides app can do for you

YouTube Preview Image

Strides: Goals & Habits Tracker – $2.99 – Download Now