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What We Expect From Apple on 9.9.2014

Editors Note:  This post will remain at the top of AlliOSNews through Tuesday, 9 September.  Newer news items will be below.  Clinton’s Comments are in Black while Tricia’s comments are in Red

Tuesday, 9 September 2014 could be one of the most important days in the history of Apple.  I appreciate that, as an opening line for a post, that may sound hyperbolic or drama-ish, but I stand by it.


Apple is expected to announce a series of products, software and solutions that could set their course for the next several years.  It is also an opportunity to do what Apple does best:  Change a market that nobody expected.  They have done it in the past three times:  iPod (changed how we consume music), iPhone (changed how we use and expect a smartphone to work) and iPad (changed how we casually compute and created a new category).  Will they do it again with wearables?

There is a lot of what we expect from Apple in this event.  Some of it we know (or think we do) while some of it is still speculation.  And while we at AlliOSNews try to stay above the rumour mill fray, we do pay attention and read the tea leaves just like you and everyone else.  To that end, Clinton & Tricia have put together a list of things we expect to see next Tuesday.  As we have done in the past, we give what we think is a percentage of us seeing that particular product or service based.  Sometimes we are right, some times we are not so right.  But it’s fun to speculate!

To the point of Clinton’s click-bait intro above, there is good reason to expect something big. Apple is known for meticulously planning every aspect of their announcements; this includes location. Tuesday’s event will take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, California as opposed to the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Announcements previously coming out of this more intimate venue include the original Mac (1984), Bondi Blue iMac (1998) and is the location of their annual shareholders meeting. To me this indicates a brand new category will debut.

iPhone 6 – Chance of Announcement:  100%

Make no mistake, this is an iPhone event.  And it is a huge iPhone event literally and figuratively.  Apple is expected, like last year, to announce two different iPhone 6 models.  There is expected to be the 4.7″ variety and the phablet 5.5″ version.  Both will be running iOS 8 of course and all indications are that both will support NFC for a new wallet purchasing system on the devices.  Both will be powered by the Apple A8 processor, have the M8 updated motion processor and the 5.5″ will have a sapphire front while the 4.7″ will have Gorilla Glass 3.  If the mockups we have seen are any indication, look for a thinner, rounded almost iPad Air-like look to the new iPhone.

Frankly Apple is behind a bit when it comes to screen size.  People are wanting larger displays than 4″ and I am most certainly amongst them.  Have been carrying around the Nokia Lumia 1320 for weeks, that 6″ phablet is an absolute joy to use and the screen size is beautiful.  When I go back to my iPhone 5s, the 4″ screen looks super tiny.  Because, realistically, it is in today’s market.

The real question is around delivery dates for these devices.  All indications are that the 4.7″ iPhone 6 is ready to launch and we will probably see that within 10 days of this event.  So I would expect you to be able to pre-order within a week and delivery within two.  The 5.5″ on the other hand could be a November or even December product.  Rumours point to difficulty with the sapphire displays and Apple is behind on production.  This could prove to be problematic for Apple as I personally think the 5.5″ will be in demand immediately.

I completely agree that we will welcome two new iPhones into the shiny toy collection and I’m excited about the potential for a larger screen. There are many times I’ll switch over to my iPad because navigating certain searches on my phone screen are just too much of a pain in the tushy. However, I struggle with the need for the larger phablet – isn’t that the point of the iPad? (I will readily admit to doubting the need for an iPad mini at launch, and now really want one.)

My biggest problem with the ever-increasing screen sizes is the ever-increasing device size that comes alongside those glorious viewable screens. As a woman, I am plagued by tiny pockets (if any at all). Currently my iPhone 5 will only fit in the back pocket of some of my jeans. As someone who needs my iDevice by my side at all times as a sort of technological security blanket, it can get dangerous when I have to juggle it as part of all the other TechMom gear I’m toting. Which brings me to my next point…

Sources say the phablet (tangent – can we all take a moment to agree that phablet is a stupid name?) will have the sapphire screen to decrease the potential for a shattered screen, while the iPhone 6 standard will continue to feature Gorilla Glass. One of Apple’s key differentiators in the market continues to be their beautiful hardware in addition to ease-of-use. I would love to see sapphire screens on all devices as well as water-resistant. This would allow users to shed the case (and resulting added bulk) and proudly tout their chosen iDevice in all its naked glory.

How To Move Your Dropbox Folder


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage applications out for both PC and Mac.  Tricia is a big fan as we discussed in our How We Make AlliOSNews Work post and I use it as well (although I tend to lean more towards OneDrive).  There is one aspect of Dropbox that is brilliant and that is the ability to move the Dropbox folder from a location other than your hard disk.  That means I can save those precious SSD gigabytes for other things (F1 2013 Classic) and have my important, cloud synced files on external drive.

Moving your Dropbox folder is actually very easy to do if you know where to look and takes just a few clicks to make happen.  Now I should warn you that Dropbox does not recommend you move your Dropbox folder from a location other than the same disk as your Operating System.  Their point is if the folder ever became unaccessible, Dropbox wouldn’t work properly.  So this How To is a bit at your own risk.  My answer to this was a non-moving media.  Remember that Nifty MiniDrive Pro review from a few weeks ago?  Yep, that’s exactly what I’m using it for on my MacBook Pro.   The 64GB MicroSD card that is in my Nifty drive is my Dropbox drive effectively.  And because this is never unplugged from my Mac’s SD slot and on flash media, it should never go away.

Lessons Learned From The iCloud Security Breach

Earlier this week you undoubtedly heard of the iCloud security breach that happened to some well know celebrities.  While Twitter and other places lit up with nudie pics of the like of Jennifer Lawerence, there were a lot of people at Apple frantically trying to find the source of the problem.  Was it a real breach?  Was there an inherent flaw in iCloud where anyone and everyone could be compromised?

The short answer is no.  This came down to, at the most basic level, a brute force attack against usernames and passwords. It was the latest in what seems to be a weekly announcement of someone having data security compromised by hackers.  The problem of course is that we all have digital data – digital footprints and fingerprints – all over the Internet.  From our Facebook account(s) to Twitter to our Banks.  Even our identification to remotely access our corporate networks.  Nobody is immune but you can protect yourself as best as possible.

Identification security is something we should all be vigilant about whether it is on our smartphones, our PCs or Macs.  Security breaches happen at the weakest point so the goal is to make it difficult to discourage but also no so difficult that you yourself are unable to access your data.  Here then are a few tips that you should consider when it comes to your personal data security.

Use Complex Passwords

The most basic thing you can do in personal data security is use complex passwords.  That is, use passwords with a mixture of:

  • Upper-Case Letters
  • Lower-Case Letters
  • Numbers
  • Special Character such as @£$%!
  • At least 8 characters long

Passwords should also not be associate with any personally identifying information such as:

  • Birthdays (yours, your spouses, your children, etc)
  • Your address
  • Your National Identification/Social Security Number

Complex passwords serve as a strong deterrent for those who would potentially try to gain access to your data.  While any password can be compromised with enough time, complex ones point hackers to easier targets.

iPhone 6 NFC and Wallet A Real Possibility

Next week all of us are anticipating the new iPhone 6 (or whatever Apple will call it) to be launched.  The September 9th event could prove to be a huge event for Apple with a new line up of iPhones being announced but also the much anticipated iWatch could be in the mix as well.  We will also get final dates for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite respective releases which shouldn’t be to far away on either.

When it comes to the iPhone 6 and iOS 8, there is an ever increasing rumour that we will also see a device with NFC (Near Field Communication) and a wallet like function for your credit cards to be stored on your iPhone.  For those who aren’t familiar with NFC, it is the technology of where you hold your device close to a NFC compatible payment terminal to pay for items.  Sometimes referred to as contact-less transactions, Android devices have had NFC functionality for quite some time with an appropriate electronic wallet to store your credit card information.

Apple has never had a NFC compatible device but as clear as it is that consumers want bigger screened devices, so to is it clear that being able to make purchases directly with your smartphone (not just with your smartphone) is becoming equally as popular.

As most of you know, I generally try to stay out of the rumour mill here on the site.  It is a constantly changing thing and while the rumours can be fun (and silly a times) I’d rather provide a different kind of content here.  However, on this one, I’m making an exception because I think it may actually have some truth to it.

Review of Camu for iPhone

One of the newest and brightest photo taking and editing apps in the App Store is Camu for iPhone.  Camu is a real time editing app that allows you to apply photo filters on-the-fly to the photos you are taking at the moment or add those effect to photos later.  It then allows you to post those creations to a wide range of social networks for sharing.  The beauty of Camu for iPhone is in its simplicity but don’t let that fool you:  This is a powerful photo editing application.

I’ve been using Camu now for a couple of weeks and I have to say I’m nothing short of impressed.  It has a nice selection of filters that you can apply to your photos (and not you don’t get nickel & dime’d to death with having to buy filters) but it is also completely gesture driven in using so there is virtually no learning curve.  This is one of those apps that truly anyone could pick up and figure out in about 5 minutes.  In fact my only real disappointment with the app is that there isn’t a native iPad version.

It is well worth your time and iPhone storage to take a look at Camu for iPhone.

Camu for iPhone – Free – Download Now

How We Make AlliOSNews Work

Editors Note:  Clinton’s comments are in Black while Tricia’s comments are in Red

Over the course of the past year there has been two common questions that have come up around this site.  There’s been plenty of others, but these seem to be the top two:

1.  How do you & Tricia coordinate your work on the site?

2.  Are you & Tricia married?

So let’s deal with the second one first.  No, we are not married.  Well technically we are both married but not to each other.  We have, to the best of our collective recollection never been married.  In fact Clinton has been married to someone other than Tricia for 25+ years while Tricia has been married to someone other than Clinton for 7 years.  We both have kids, not together, (Clinton’s kids could actually have their own TechTot age kids) and in fact our respective spouses are friends with each other.  So… no.

What we do have in common is a passion for sharing our experiences and trying to help you the readers of this blog.  Tricia is an award winning writer and in fact has her first children’s book coming out this September.  You can read about her daily antics with her boys at Stream Of The Conscious.  Clinton on the other hand is not award winning and generally brings the high quality of language Tricia brings to the site down to that of a potty-humoured 12 year old.

Everyone has a gift.

(Tangent: I am also quite well-versed in potty talk. TechTots are 4 and potty training was sent from Satan.)

That leads to answering the first most common question of how we make AlliOSNews work.  To be fair, it is tricky sometimes.  We

What Clinton Normally Sees of Tricia at Starbucks

What Clinton Normally Sees of Tricia at Starbucks

both have a busy schedule with our own families and work (yes, as a matter of fact, we DO work for the same company in our “day job.” I write stuff there too.).  Ultimately it leads to a lot of time communicating and we do that through a variety of tools because visiting 1:1 in person just isn’t really an option.  Clinton lives in England.  Tricia lives in California. (Because we have better weather)  That is roughly 5,360 miles and 8 timezones.  In the past two years we have seen each other in person a total of 9 days.  Nine.  And what did we do when we caught up, like first thing?  Go get coffee and talk Apple stuff of course!

(Damn skippy, that’s really my laptop. And for those wondering why Snow is wearing glasses – it’s because I wear glasses, so they obviously make her cooler.)

Communication for us is key in making sure we coordinate posts, particularly the TechMomTuesday posts.  To do this we leverage Messages heavily.  Both of us are Mac, iPhone and iPad users so getting Messages no matter where we are or which device is a huge, big deal for us.  Because of the timezone differences, it is usually the beginning of the day for Clinton & the end of the day for Tricia when we do catch up on Messages or vice versa.  For us, Messages is the quickest way for us to discuss story ideas, news or things we’ve seen Apple related and of course discuss our families and drink of the day.  Clinton likes Martini’s for those interested.  Tricia, she’s a whiskey girl.

Messages is probably the most crucial component of our communication as the majority of iOS discussion takes place not in set meetings, but in off-the-cuff snark or wonderment at “shiny object” moments during our days. You may have noticed this by the subtle series of conversation screenshots sprinkled throughout posts.

22 New Wallpapers for iPad

Today we have posted 22 all new wallpapers for iPad here at AlliOSNews.  The set of wallpapers are completely free for you to download and use on your iPad and all are sized at 2048×1536, perfect for your Retina display.

The wallpapers for iPad are mostly original photos but there are some that I’ve managed to find over the years.  I’ve tried to give credit where credit is due.

You can find all of the wallpapers on the Wallpapers for iPad but I’ve created a gallery that will allow you to preview all of them.  Just read on after the break to view the gallery so those who aren’t interested can keep reading along.

OneDrive for iOS Update Brings Photo Viewer

Microsoft continues to show they are serious about being a mobile and cloud centric company through their nearly universally supported OneDrive service.  The OneDrive for iOS app is no exception and yesterday received a healthy update that brings a new photo viewer to the application for your iPhone and iPad.  Now you can have a timeline-like view of all the photos that you have stored in OncDrive in one, easy-to-navigate page.

OneDrive for iOS (Universal App) – Free – Download Now

Will We See The iWatch on 9.9.2014?

In case you missed it somehow, Apple has sent out the invitations for the next big Apple event.  September 9, 2014, 9 September 2014 or 9.9.2014.  However you want to put it, this could very well be one of the single biggest launch events Apple has had in a long time – perhaps since the original iPhone.  Why?  Two reasons.

First, Apple hasn’t had a major product release since October.  That’s a long, long time.  Given that Samsung is seemingly coming out with a new Android device every-other week, Apple’s once a year cycle is making these events bigger and more important all the time.  Frankly a year between these is too long in my opinion and while Apple can innovate, the cycles are just to long in this rapid, mobile world we live in.  So that makes the 9.9.2014 event even more important because Apple basically has to hit it out of the park with Every. Single. Thing. they announce.

iOS Fragmentation Low Compared to Android

OpenSignal, the app and service that helps locate the best areas for signal coverage for various network providers, has published a great visual report on just how significant a problem fragmentation is for Android when you compare it to iOS fragmentation.  Effectively, for iOS, there isn’t any.

Take a look at this chart from the OpenSignal report:

iOS Fragmentation versus Android

iOS Fragmentation versus Android

It is a pretty amazing view of how little iOS fragmentation there actually is today.  An amazing 91% of iOS users that OpenSignal has tracked through their app are using iOS 7.x..  And in fact, if you take in consideration iOS 6, an astonishing 99% of users are in the last two versions of iOS.  Part of this of course is the fact that Apple pushes, for free, iOS updates and does so to a very wide swath of the devices that are out there.

This is in stark contrast to Android who by every measure, have a significant problem when it comes to fragmentation.  I’ve said before that this will ultimately spell trouble for Google and Android.  The question, in my mind is when.  It may be sooner than I think.