[Updated 18 May, 2014]

Welcome to AlliOSNews!  I’m glad that you have stopped by – stay a while and look around.  Here you will find news, information, reviews, opinions and even the occasional rumor around anything related to Apple’s iOS platform.  While there are many sites that cover iPhone, iPad and other things related to iOS, the vision for this site is to provide a deep focus just on iOS devices, the platform, accessories and using the devices.  You won’t find anything related to other platforms.  Because the marriage between iOS and OS X is so tight now, you will also find plenty of Mac related news, help and information here as well.

About AlliOSNews

AlliOSNews is owned by Clinton Fitch who has been writing, speaking, teaching and otherwise involved in mobile technology for over twelve years.  Clinton began his mobile writing at the now defunct Simply|HPC, writing reviews on the hardware and software of Handheld PCs, the predecessor of the Pocket PC.  After the demise of Simply|HPC, Clinton co-founded HPC:Factor with a handful of others from the Simply|HPC team.  The site, led predominantly by Chris Tilley, has become the #1 resource for information, news, tips and development for the long-since-gone H/PC.

In 2004 Clinton began ClintonFitch.com, a site dedicated to Microsoft based mobile technology including the Pocket PC, Smartphones and other Windows Mobile devices.  That site continued until April 2012 and saw an average of 3 million visitors per year.

Seeing the need for a site dedicated to news, reviews and information about iOS devices, Clinton began AlliOSNews in January 2011.  The site focuses just on iOS-based devices and applications with a small smattering of Mac news and information.  Not intended to be a “breaking news” site, AlliOSNews’ main goal is to expose readers to applications that they may not otherwise have heard of and show accessories for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to help them make a buying decision.  The site also has dozens of How-To articles on how to get the most from your iPhone or iPad and Mac.

Key Events of AlliOSNews

  • Founded January 1, 2011
  • 1,978 articles published (as of 18 May, 2014)
  • YouTube channel established May 2012 – 17,786 views (as of 18 May, 2014)
  • 71 Reviews of applications, devices and accessories (as of 18 May, 2014)
  • 88 How To’s for iOS and OS X (as of 18 May, 2014)
  • Award winning blogger & writer Tricia Stream became regular contributor in July 2012 with TechMomTuesday
  • First Live Stream September 12, 2012 of Apple iPhone 5 Event

There are several ways you can keep up with the news and events here at AlliOSNews: