The Best Fitness Tracker Watch


The first name that comes to mind when looking for a fitness watch is Fitbit, followed closely by an Apple Watch and third by Garmin with its Vivo watches, we will quickly analyze three, mostly for my benefit before purchasing one. Price is a factor, design and features are a must. I mostly need one to track my heart rate, steps taken, and perhaps if it has a cool interface, to monitor my diet and track my symptoms as well.

Let’s start with the Apple Watch, it has the Health Kit which basically means all it’s sensors are accessible by app developers and that means a whole bunch of apps that can now track the exact same stuff and that now its a design war. It’s more of a fashion watch that costs $699, and the battery life is not that good, so this is out.

Fitbit, the software is good, the tracking accuracy is good, the designs aren’t bad, the battery life is apparently terrible, the feature set is good enough, the price is moderate depending on which one. Might have a winner over here. I am specifically looking at the HR version.

Jawbone UP3, the app is nicer, the history on device is longer as well, it has more biofeedback available. Sleep tracking is also available.  Apparently the clasp is a problem, its not water proof and it doesn’t measure your heart rate consistently but once every 15 minutes… sounds like a deal breaker! It does look good, with its minimal stylish design.

I didn’t get a chance to review the Garmin as promised but will do so in another post, the jawbone for now seemed pretty interesting in and of it self. So far, I am still undecided and think Fitbit is winning my health tracker dollars.