How To Turn Off Parallax in iOS 7 and Save Battery Life

One of the cool eye candy features of iOS 7 is the parallax on the Home screen.  This allows you to see around the icons on your Home screen and see more of your wallpaper.  It is a really fun and cool feature that gives the impression of depth in iOS 7.  But that cool factor comes at a cost, namely your battery life.  In this How To we are going to show you how to turn off parallax in iOS 7 so you can save your battery life while on-the-go.  This setting is a bit buried in iOS 7 so follow

Turning Off Parallax in iOS 7

Turning Off Parallax in iOS 7

along closely.

Start by going into Settings on iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad then navigate to General then Accessibility (Settings>General>Accessibility).  Navigate about midway down the settings sheet and you will see an option for Reduce Motion which is by default off.  Tap this to go into the Reduce Motion settings.  By enabling this you will reduce the amount of motion on the user interface which includes the parallax effect on icons and alerts.  Turn this on and you have turned off parallax.

If you want to re-enable the parallax effect simply reverse these instructions.

The only real benefit of disabling parallax is the saving of battery power but conversely you could argue if you really need  parallax in the first place.  After all, we’ve been using iOS this long without it!  But it is cool, especially if you have a trippy wallpaper to show off the effect.

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