How To Delete an iCloud Backup From Your iCloud Account

There are a lot of things that could improve with iCloud but one thing it does amazingly well is backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  With a simple setting your device gets backup every day when it is plugged into a power source and on WiFi.  It is exactly what a backup should be:  effortless.  Those backups obviously consume storage space in your iCloud account and as you upgrade your iPhone or iPad you may have backups for devices you no longer use or even own.  In this How To we will show you how to delete an iCloud backup from your iCloud account to save space.  Best of all, you can do this directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

From your device, go to Settings then go to iCloud and towards the bottom of the page you will see Storage & Backup

Delete and iCloud Backup to Save iCloud Storage

Delete and iCloud Backup to Save iCloud Storage

(General>iCloud>Storage & Backups).  Tap here and you will see the Total storage you have in your iCloud account, how much of it is available.  From this page you can also change your storage plan as we covered in a previous How To and you can force iCloud to do a backup of your device immediately with the Back Up Now button.  For this How To we need to go the Manage Storage section.

In the Manage Storage section you will see all of the backups for all of your devices along with the documents and data that are consuming your iCloud storage as well as your iCloud mail.  In my case I have a backup of an old iPad that I want to delete.  I tap that device (named Clinton’s iPad in my screenshot) to be brought to the details page of that backup.  This page tells me when the last backup happened and the size of the backup.  In red letters below is a button Delete Backup.  Tap this, confirm you want to do this, and presto!  The backup is deleted from your iCloud account.  No fuss.

Backups to iCloud generally are in the 300-400MB range as they don’t include your Music or any photos you may have synced to your device via iTunes.  So don’t expect gigabytes of reclaimed space.  That said, a 400MB savings from an old device if you have the free 5GB storage account from iCloud is a substantial storage savings.

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