Instagram Update Allows for Video Sharing From Your Photo Library

Instagram has been updated for iOS that brings a feature I’ve personally wanted to see – sharing videos from your Photo Library.

To this point, when you wanted to share a video on Instagram you had to shoot that video at that moment and from within the Instagram app itself.  That meant that any videos I shot prior to video sharing being available on the service or any video I shot using the Camera app on my iPhone is unavailable to upload to my Instagram account.

No longer the case.  Instagram 4.1 allows users to share videos they have created with the camera app on their iPhone, not

Video Uploading in Instagram

Video Uploading in Instagram

just those created within the app itself.  It is a welcome feature and means that users can shoot a video and post it later when they have better mobile coverage (I live in England.  Mobile signal is tricky sometimes) or on WiFi.

If you stick with the Instagram camera there is another new feature which automatically straightens your photos.  This straightening is instant and does not require any user intervention.  Just snap the photo and Instagram will do the rest.

For those who are Android users, the new update also brings support to Android 4.0.

There is one thing that I still want to see from the Instagram team:  iPad UI support!  It’s not in this release but I can keep hoping someday it will be.

Instagram 4.1 is available now in the App Store and is a free download.  A free account on the service is required as well.

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