Speeches Puts Speaker’s Notes on Your iPad or iPhone

I give a lot of public speeches as part of my day job and I’m always looking for a solution that is better than a bunch of notecards or sheets of paper.  After all, this whole technology thing is suppose to help us cut down on paper usage, right?

Enter Speeches from developer Jennifer Venhorst.  Speeches helps public speakers deliver a well-timed speech without having to juggle traditional paper notes. Cue cards can be prepared on an iPhone or iPad, or imported via Mail app or Speeches for iPadDropbox. The cards are much easier to navigate than traditional notes, and a timing meter tells the speaker at a glance if they are on time.

Speeches allows customization of every speech. For example, you can choose a different font for the cue cards in each speech.

Speeches goes well beyond paper notes when it comes to keeping track of time. The onscreen timing meter shows at a glance exactly how far along the speech is. A second bar shows the progress through the notes, and comparing the two tells you immediately if your pace is too fast or too slow.

Speeches is a Universal App and is $4.99 in the App Store

Speeches (Universal App) – $4.99 – Download Now