Cygnett has your iPad covered – a Review of three cases

Earlier this week I posted a review of three iPhone 4/4S cases made by the Australian company Cygnett.  Today I’m going to review three cases they offer for the iPad 2 and new iPad.  These cases provide protection for your iPad while giving you good functionality and good looks at the same time.  All three cases are great choices and are just a small sampling of what Cygnett has to offer in their case line up.

The first case is the Lavish Earth folio style case.  This case, which comes in black, sandstone or purple, is made of hard shell that is padded and wrapped in leather.  On the outside the stitching all around the case is uniform and tight showing

Cygnett Lavish Earth iPad Case

Cygnett Lavish Earth iPad Case

a well constructed product while on the inside, similar quality if found in the stitching for the sleeve that holds the iPad.  The sleeve in which you put your iPad is designed to hold it snuggly but also give you access to all of the buttons, camera and headphone jack of your iPad.  The sleeve secures your iPad within it with a strong velcro strap on the inside of the case and leather straps on the top and bottom of the sleeve secure it to the outer shell and keep your iPad in place.

The Lavish Earth case is designed to provide you the ability to view your iPad from multiple angles while in landscape mode.  On the inside of the front cover are three strips of leather sewn into the cover.  These provide a ridge for you to rest the edge of the iPad sleeve to view the screen.  This gives you the ability to view your iPad in the most comfortable position possible depending on your location and the space available.  When you have it set to the lowest angle, I found it is actually very comfortable to view the screen but also to type on the on-screen keyboard of the iPad as well.

Cygnett has done a good job in the design of the Lavish Earth case with a small but important feature.  The case has a magnetic closure thanks to small magnets on the inside edge of the front flap of the case.  This also gives the case the ability to turn your iPad on or off when you close it, much like the Apple Smart Cover and Smart Case.  So not only does it secure the front of the case to keep it closed but you don’t have to remember to turn your iPad off when you do close it.  Not many 3rd party case manufactures have taken advantage of this feature of the iPad 2 or new iPad so it is great to see Cygnett doing it.

The Lavish Earth case is $59.99 and is designed for the iPad 2 and new iPad.  You can get more information on it here.

Next is the Glam folio case.  This case is identical to the Lavish Earth case in functionality but instead of leather is it

Cygnett Glam iPad Case

Cygnett Glam iPad Case

wrapped in a metallic fabric.  For this review, Cygnett sent me a silver Glam case but you can also get it in red.  It, like the Lavish Earth, is also designed for the iPad 2 or new iPad but to make the cover on/off functionality work I had to install a provided magnet onto the case.  Clearly Cygnett had designed this case prior to the new iPad which moved the location of the close on/off magnet from the iPad 2.  The provided magnet was simple to install thanks to a very clear instruction sheet which acts as a template so you know exactly where to install the magnet.  Once it was done it worked perfectly with my new iPad.

If you have read what I wrote before the break on the Lavish Earth case then you know how the Glam case functions.  They are identical aside from the construction materials.  I do think from a gender perspective that women will be more attracted to the Glam style than men (based on my unscientific question of “would you carry this case?” to several men and women friends) but function wise they are both great.

The Glam folio case is $59.99 and available directly from Cygnett

The final case I’ll review from Cygnett is the Alumni case.  This case is different from the Lavish Earth or Glam case in that it isn’t designed for landscape viewing in a cinema-style way.  You can absolutely use the Alumni case for landscape viewing by folding the front cover of the case back behind the rear cover to form a wedge for viewing and typing.  No, this

Cygnett Alumni Cobalt iPad Case

Cygnett Alumni Cobalt iPad Case

case is more for carrying around and using in portrait mode mostly and to emphasize that point, Cygnett has built in a pocket in the inside part of the front cover.  This pocket can hold several sheets of paper (although to many will prevent the magnets from completely closing the case) and is great for those on-the-go to meetings both in and out of the office.

The Alumni case folio style case that is constructed of a protective shell covered with foam with the outer shell made of canvas and a edge binding of leather.  Like the other cases I’ve reviewed, the construction of the Alumni case is impeccable with attention to detail on all of the nice, tight stitching and solid feel of the construction.  For this review I received the Cobalt Blue Alumni case but it is also available in black, jade and pink.

Finally, the Alumni case also has the magnetic closure of the Lavish Earth and Glam cases and it also has the closure on/off functionality for the iPad 2 and new iPad (no adapting it for the new iPad was required).

The Alumni case is $29.99 in any of the colors available from Cygnett.

Without hesitation I recommend any of these cases from Cygnett.  All three have terrific look and feel, are highly functional and the construction both in materials and overall assembly is outstanding.  They are great for the price without a doubt.

You can check out the full lineup of Cgynett cases for iPads on their website.